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Arrowfield Show Reserve Petit Verdot
ick!. red and a bit more red. inky purple, slight dusty musky aroma, minty palate. nice different, a little dry. More>>

Arrowfield Show Reserve Petit Verdot $18.00
Charles Sturt Uni Chardonnay
Buzz, Buzz. Sweet, honey tasting. Never would pick for a chardonnay. More>>

Charles Sturt Uni Chardonnay $poa
Cockfighters Ghost Shiraz
good flavour, at a loss for words. dark bright red, nothing distinctive on nose, nice flavour bit young. vanilla. More>>

Cockfighters Ghost Shiraz $25.00
Cockfighters Ghost Shiraz
mid-red, some berries on palate. bitter. slightly brown and cloudy, cigarbox, smooth taste. red, no legs, in the middle. More>>

Cockfighters Ghost Shiraz $25.00
Cockfighters Ghost Shiraz
light red to brown on edge, earthy aroma, mushrooms. unfortunately a bit old & dead. musty initially. earthy brown, some sweetness. More>>

Cockfighters Ghost Shiraz $25.00
Gryphon Merlot
Light and easy going. cold climate wine of dubious name. Cowra breakout - liked it but didn't pick it. Yum gets better after a few sips. grows on you. More>>

Gryphon Merlot $poa
Hardys McLaren Vale Shiraz
not bad! clean easy to drink. purple red, berry flavours, medium bodied. fruity & nice. yum. More>>

Hardys McLaren Vale Shiraz $10.90
Ivanhoe Chambourcin
Bit smokey and rough. Rough stuff that mellowed after a few sips - much improved. Berry Berry nice. More>>

Ivanhoe Chambourcin $poa
Lindemans Hunter Valley Semillon Reserve Bin 8850
smells nice and goes well with the squishy creamy cheese. golden in colour, tropical fruits on nose. Oaky, buttery taste. smooth, rich. More>>

Lindemans Hunter Valley Semillon Reserve Bin 8850 $29.50
Moorilla Estate Gewurztraminer
yukish. slippery. green. light greeny gold, floral nose, intense flavours. thumbs down. More>>

Moorilla Estate Gewurztraminer $30.00
Mount View Estate Liquer Verdelho
golden, luscious. a golden dream, yum. beautiful smooth, not too sweet - love it. More>>

Mount View Estate Liquer Verdelho $18.00
Peppertree Vin De Vie
a delightin my bike pants. bloody awesome - yay, my all time fave dessert. sweet without being sickly. sweet & lovely. bloody bloody awesome. sweet, fairly light, luscious orange colour. More>>

Peppertree Vin De Vie $40.00
Petaluma Viognier
green tang, green flavour. more flowers in semll but a touch greener. So complex, sit with this wine and you'll experience 10 different seasons, starts off a bit fresh, but then peaches and fruit salad, an hour late still smells of sweetness. More>>

Petaluma Viognier $40.99
Rosemount Chardonnay Orange
light colour, big taste. metho tangs, crisp unusual taste at first, good after taste. Citrusy taste, light golden, full bodied. More>>

Rosemount Chardonnay Orange $poa
Rothvale HV Lukes Shiraz
earthy on nose, deep purple, pepper on palate. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, honey money. bitey but nice. good stuff. More>>

Rothvale HV Lukes Shiraz $25.00
Seldom Seen Cabernet Sauvignon
a little thin, dark inky colour. very tasty fruity, light. light fruity. light easy. More>>

Seldom Seen Cabernet Sauvignon $8.35
Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz
wow, huge bubbly red. bitter unpleasant. old - mould. burnt - can't stand it. musty, "in the cupboard for years" More>>

Seppelt Show Sparkling Shiraz $54.95
Tatachilla Pinot Noir Brut NV
fine bead, light & crisp, slight blush colour. lovely bubbles, great colour More>>

Tatachilla Pinot Noir Brut NV $19.99
Terrace Vale Gewurztraminer
green, very distinctive flavour. greenish. very nice - couldn't guess it. green pungent flavours, dry, aged. light, aromatic, floral bouquet, slight sweetness on finish. More>>

Terrace Vale Gewurztraminer $18.50
The Gorge Pinot Grigio
soft but sweet. light yellow, very clean, strong bouquet, tastes good. great flavour - can't pick the style. lemon, clean flavour with a great bouquet. More>>

The Gorge Pinot Grigio $16.95
Thorn-Clarke Sandpiper Pinot Gris
fresh straw finish. mild grassy refreshing. green aspect and reasonsable flavour. light in flavour & aroma, though pleasant. More>>

Thorn-Clarke Sandpiper Pinot Gris $15.99
Wine Society Sparkling Shiraz NV
light red, medium body, good mouth feel. good drinking - too easy (just heard the price - bargain). cheap quaffer. More>>

Wine Society Sparkling Shiraz NV $7.95
WineWorks Downunder Chilli & Lime
Fire. A way to wake up the taste buds! the subtle sledgehammer of chilli, the most unusual wine ever tasted. Wow - how amazing. More>>

WineWorks Downunder Chilli & Lime $poa
WineWorks Downunder Lychee
Lovely fruit juice, like a sticky. Light, fruity and one of the best this year. Nice - reminds me of a sticky! More>>

WineWorks Downunder Lychee $poa
WineWorks Downunder Rosella
tangy number with acidic aftertaste. Bit too light - almost watery. Ligther than Kookaburra. Much lighter veriosn of a Rose. More>>

WineWorks Downunder Rosella $poa
Wynns Connawarra Cabernet Sauvignon
sale price $19.90 (instead of $34.95), strong, heavy - got better the more you have. strong - full bodied. inky dark red, smooth, full bodied. well rounded, slightly brown, strong aroma. More>>

Wynns Connawarra Cabernet Sauvignon $19.90
Zilzie Bulolce Reserve Petit Verdot
reddish purple, dark, very elggy, licorice minty flavours. itsy bitsy. smooth & lovely. yeah, well. More>>

Zilzie Bulolce Reserve Petit Verdot $7.99
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