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A.R. Valdespino Sherry
"Very nice" "Smooth oily lollies" "musky sultanas, like drinking raisins, lovely" "Great with ice cream" "I love this stuff" More>>

A.R. Valdespino Sherry $25.95
Bannockburn Chardonnay
"Smokey bacon" "Soapy, peachy" "Not much taste" "Appears to be Chardy but its here at Cheryls place" "Toasty and lovely" More>>

Bannockburn Chardonnay $45.95
"Fresh and lively" "High quality - nice after flavour" "Soft with a hit" More>>

Baron $6.00
Beujolais Villages
"A bit thin and tart" "Changing in the glass" "Yikes, big thumbs down for this one. Yuk" "Very weird" "Chutney nose" More>>

Beujolais Villages $35.00
Brands Reisling
Old, spirity, mellow. Smocky, citrus, success. Works for me. MMmmmmmmmmmmmm, yellow. More>>

Brands Reisling $23.95
Celebration Sparkling
"Great sparkles dancing on your tongue" "Toasted flavour with honey golden colour" "Great starter" "It d give those frogs a run for their yen" More>>

Celebration Sparkling $11.00
Coldstream Hills
Great moofie, nice vine too. Wee rounded. Ballsy aussie. Woops forgot, outstanding More>>

Coldstream Hills $29.99
"Extremely well balanced" "Crisp dry, residual sweetness" "Smooth as fruit nectar, Beautifulllllllllll" More>>

Crabtree $24.00
"Golden straw, strong mouth feel" "Structure" "Ok , not exciting" "Um, very watery" More>>

Crabtree $24.95
Domaine Chandon
"Dark plum red in colour. Robust, well rounded, vibrant flavours" "Berry flavour, nice" "Brown tinge on edge, sweet" More>>

Domaine Chandon $22.99
Domaine Chandon
"Beautiful melon flavour - lots of bubbles" "Gorgeous" "Great stuff , lovely colour" "Lots of bubbles, good yellow colour" More>>

Domaine Chandon $24.99
Domaine Chandon
"Dark plum red in colour. Robust, well rounded, vibrant flavours" "Berry flavour, nice" "Brown tinge on edge, sweet" More>>

Domaine Chandon $22.99
Domaine Chandon Brut Rose
"Lovely pink. A bit yeasty" "Washed out red" "Loses flavour quickly" "Dry Finish" "Yeasty" More>>

Domaine Chandon Brut Rose $28.99
(Purchased in US - $45). Bold and some good fruit. Strong, yet restrained. More>>

Flowers $60.00
Giant Steps Sexton
Young, vibrant and Strong. Big and Busy. Fruity, strawberry, well rounded More>>

Giant Steps Sexton $27.95
Grande Maison
"Rich, sweet" "Its stickey , so it must be good" "Oh, la, la" "great colour" More>>

Grande Maison $36.95
Janz Sparkling
"A bit tart / sharp" "Lots of bubbles - thats good" "Direct and clear . very fab" More>>

Janz Sparkling $42.00
Kalleske Shiraz
"Smooth, lots of legs, deep red" "Very satisfying" "Cracker" "A boofy red, nice" More>>

Kalleske Shiraz $42.95
Lake George Pinot
Tastes really old. Murky. Older than me. Defintely old flavoured - nice! More>>

Lake George Pinot $45.95
"Beautiful , slightly buttery beast" "Tropical fruit" "very floral" "Well yummied" (a technical term - Ed.) More>>

Margan $20.95
Margan - Certain Views
"Deep yellow colour, buttery, rich" Bit greeny - but nice" "Young, fresh herbaceous" More>>

Margan - Certain Views $25.00
Marsh Estate
"Tangy, with slight buttery overtones" "A bit tart" "Greeny pastures" "Confusing" More>>

Marsh Estate $23.00
"Noice, Kel, Noice!" "Good whyne" "Brick-brown red, medium bodied, mintiness on nose, tobacco and chocolate" More>>

McGuigan $35.00
McWilliams Elizabeth
has the age, the colour - my type of wine. Old, with lots of spirit. AGolden, a little weak on palate. Tastes newer than it is. More>>

McWilliams Elizabeth $30.00
Mitchell Watervale Riesling
"Pale straw with hint of green dry finish" "green" "New young thing , very refreshing" "Green" "Barking good grog" More>>

Mitchell Watervale Riesling $18.95
Moss Wood
A regular happiness. Odd aroma, floral sweet well rounded. Interesting, Sem by any other name. More>>

Moss Wood $29.60
Old Kent River
Vivacious. Big and Bold. Squishy and Chocolately. Smooth and deep. More>>

Old Kent River $69.99
Paringa Estate - Estate Shiraz
"Purply, robust" "A pleasant young red" "Leafy nose, minty, purplish" "Full of fruit - Put it down" More>>

Paringa Estate - Estate Shiraz $48.95
Penfolds Reserve Bin 00A
"Pale straw, yellow, powerful butter taste" "has the legs" "smells like heaven, chardy heaven" "peach and melon nose" "over priced, though certainly smooth" More>>

Penfolds Reserve Bin 00A $69.95
Penfolds St Henri
Smooth full flavour/ Top stuff. Goes off like a red rod throbber. Deep, big mouth feel More>>

Penfolds St Henri $59.99
Pennys Hill Malpas Road
"Well rounded, but a bit young" "Berry nose, medium bodied, well-balanced" "Yum, yum, pigs bum" More>>

Pennys Hill Malpas Road $24.00
Petaluma Coonawarra Unfiltered
"Smooth must be a merlot so soft" "Smooth" x 2 "Not bad, but Im pissed now so cat piss would taste great" More>>

Petaluma Coonawarra Unfiltered $49.95
Petaluma Hanlin Hill
A light cumquat undertone. Floral nose and front palate. Greenish tinge, residual sweetness. More>>

Petaluma Hanlin Hill $21.85
Piper-Heidsieck Champagne
"Beautiful buttery number with just enough bubbles" "Buttery and well-apricotted" "Lovely golden yellow in colour" More>>

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne $57.95
Quails Gate Icewine
"Beautiful nose, very sweet" "Real good" "Tastes like a downhill luge" "Yeah, its sweet" More>>

Quails Gate Icewine $75.00
Robertsons Well
"Bitey, not the flavour I like" "Big and Beautiful - made for beef wellington" "Gorgeous" "Its times like this ...." More>>

Robertsons Well $23.95
Saint Emilion Grand Cru Chateau La Grace Dieu
($140 retail - purchased at auction). "Dark full bodied red - pretty good" "A see-saw - stop and go" "Soft" "Berry nose, dry, fine , very dark" More>>

Saint Emilion Grand Cru Chateau La Grace Dieu $50.00
Seppelt Show Olorosso DP38 Sherry
"Clean stains" "So strong its a sherry" "tastes like crap or my taste buds are on holiday" "toffee flavours" More>>

Seppelt Show Olorosso DP38 Sherry $18.95
Seppelts Chalambar
Smooth berry flavours. Lovely, smooth, vanilla. Yes, nice - my buds are off or shiraz is changing. Yeah nice, very, very nice More>>

Seppelts Chalambar $16.00
Tamar Ridge
Light, pale straw colours. Well this looks like water but goes with figs magnificently. More>>

Tamar Ridge $15.70
Tapestry Verdehlo
"Grassy green, with a bit of acid" "Pale yellow, strong odour - woody" More>>

Tapestry Verdehlo $21.95
Tempus Two
"Luscious." "Golden sweet. Citrus sweetness, light golden, reasonably clean on back palate." "Cheap attempt a high marks!" More>>

Tempus Two $20.00
Tyrrells Future Selection
Over the crest, but lumpy and in a good way. Smooth, smell of berries More>>

Tyrrells Future Selection $50.00
Tyrrells Future Selection
Over the crest, but lumpy and in a good way. Smooth, smell of berries More>>

Tyrrells Future Selection $50.00
Tyrrells Hunter River Shiraz
(From Peters collection - purchase year unknown) "Gets better with every sip" "I cannot believe how good this is for a wine nearly as old as me (I wish)" More>>

Tyrrells Hunter River Shiraz $40.00
Vino Gusto Verdelho
"Beautiful balance and flavour - love it" "Perfectly balanced" More>>

Vino Gusto Verdelho $4.69
Wandin Valley Reserve
Real wine - a cracker. Love those Hunter Semi-trailers. Pleasant flavour. More>>

Wandin Valley Reserve $16.50
Woop Woop - The Black Chook
Yum smell - raspberry pudding. tastes good. Chooks are lousy vignerons. Good stuff - slightly over carbonated. More>>

Woop Woop - The Black Chook $19.95
Yellowglen Perle
"Well rounded flavour" "Easy drinking, nice colour" "Loved it" "Lovely bubbles - soft and yummy" "Do we really read the comments" More>>

Yellowglen Perle $23.99
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