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Houghton Chardonnay Verdelho
"Fruity & vibrant" "Not fan" "Quite different" More>>

Houghton Chardonnay Verdelho $7.95
Cotes du Rhone
"Good but a bit watery at the end" "Fruity, light - lovely" "Blended, very good" More>>

Cotes du Rhone $8.99
Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda
"Fruity, nice with spicy sausages" "Firey" "Super dry - Needs meat" More>>

Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda $14.25
Cave de Lugny Cremant de Bourgogne
"Good nose - Perhaps not the pedigree of last. But finishes well" "Unusual - a bit chocolate or nougat" "Falling over the edge" More>>

Cave de Lugny Cremant de Bourgogne $15.00
Mockingbird Hill - Slate Lane - Polish Hill Rider
"Fruity, soft" "Lovely & green" "Tanged out" More>>

Mockingbird Hill - Slate Lane - Polish Hill Rider $15.00
Mad Fish Gold Turtle Margaret River Chardonnay
"Very light, fresh" "Goes well with food - and just goes well" "Light, no red aroma, another easy drink" More>>

Mad Fish Gold Turtle Margaret River Chardonnay $15.20
Tempus Two Copper Series - Wilde Chardonnay
"Grassy & Limey" "Very Refreshing" "Nice & a bit oaky, Chardy??" More>>

Tempus Two Copper Series - Wilde Chardonnay $15.20
De Bortoli Rocco Premium NV Cuvée
"Very nice, easy going down," "Crisp & refreshing" "Easy to drink" More>>

De Bortoli Rocco Premium NV Cuvée $15.90
La Boheme Act Four Syrah Gamay
"Smooth, full bodied red" "Liquorice & smoky" "Good tannin - good drinking" More>>

La Boheme Act Four Syrah Gamay $15.90
Wolfberger Riesling
"Light & sparklier for a still" "Young but complex. Lovely" "No body, very light even watery" More>>

Wolfberger Riesling $18.00
Irvine Spring Hill Merlot
"Red and Beautiful" "Chalky, pleasant" "Light merlot. Great, very drinkable" More>>

Irvine Spring Hill Merlot $18.10
Henley Farm Riesling
"A bit green but very nice" "Quite tart but refreshing" "Tart & green" More>>

Henley Farm Riesling $18.70
Campbells Muscat
"Orange sponge cake" "Liquid velvet" "Too die for" More>>

Campbells Muscat $19.00
Spring Vale Gewurztraminer
"Schweeeet!" "High Sticky, yum" "Too sweet for me" "Delicious with baked goodies" More>>

Spring Vale Gewurztraminer $19.90
Blackstone Paddock Shiraz
"Big, bold, red" "Smoky, Very smoky" "Great Berries i.e. Shiraz" More>>

Blackstone Paddock Shiraz $19.99
Pepper Tree Shiraz Wrattenbully
"Cracker. Berry rich & peppery" "Wow! Big & bold" "Could drink it all night" More>>

Pepper Tree Shiraz Wrattenbully $19.99
Bago Vineyards Tannat
"Dead!! Cats piss" "Nah :(" "Insipid" More>>

Bago Vineyards Tannat $20.00
Douglas Vale Heritage Red
"Smoky, horse poo aroma, taste better then smells" "Beautiful. Cedar smells not hard." "Berryish" More>>

Douglas Vale Heritage Red $20.00
Serafino Cabernet Sauvignon
"Smooth and easy to drink" "Sleeping bag" "Bit rough for me" More>>

Serafino Cabernet Sauvignon $23.50
Zuccardi Q Malbec
"Sensational nose. The Hayne Plane is flying" "Big legs, bold but still smooth enough" "Earthy, Rusky red" More>>

Zuccardi Q Malbec $23.80
Domäne Wachau Terrassen Federspiel
"Crisp & had a tang" "Not sure whats missing. Lots going on, but going nowhere" "Nice & fresh, went well with the Thai fish cakes" More>>

Domäne Wachau Terrassen Federspiel $23.99
Teusher Joshua GSM
"Very fruity, easy to drink" "Full bodied, rich berry" "Rich, a bit too much tannin" More>>

Teusher Joshua GSM $24.90
Cassegrain Chardonnay Pinot Noir
"Green, citrus" "Brutty" "Lime & lemon add a touch of frost" More>>

Cassegrain Chardonnay Pinot Noir $25.00
Cassegrain Sparkling Chambourcin
"Strawberry, berry, light, sparkling" "Fruity & nice bubbles" "Very friendly. Let the kids have it" More>>

Cassegrain Sparkling Chambourcin $25.00
First Creek Semillon
"Well structured, slightly oiley" "Sweet for a Semillon" "Nice young fresh but not too acidic" More>>

First Creek Semillon $25.00
Marcel Martin Téte de Cuve
"Too frothy" "Light & very drinkable" "Crisp & Fruity" More>>

Marcel Martin Téte de Cuve $25.00
"Fruity velvet. Cab Sav?" "Big Aussie red. Fantastic" "Very fruity and rich flavours" More>>

Tscharke - The Master
"Pleasant drinking, Not very complex" More>>

Tscharke - The Master $25.00
Scotchman's Hill Chardonnay
"Gorgeous Gold" "Acidy - Straight from barrell" "Funny end taste" More>>

Scotchman's Hill Chardonnay $25.65
Peter Lehman Margaret Semillon
"Too Light" "Very smooth" "Smooth. More of a taste punch" More>>

Peter Lehman Margaret Semillon $26.58
Josef Chiromy Pinot Gris
"Frizzante and sweet" "In Newie we say 'Tinging on the Tangie'" "Viscous beauty" More>>

Josef Chiromy Pinot Gris $26.60
Wallington Cabernets
"Excellent Fav!!!" "Spectacular" "Berrylicious. Very tasty." "Deep flavours with some chalk" More>>

Wallington Cabernets $30.00
Symphonia Saperavi
"Strong & confident & berry" "Cranberry, dry, full" "Not bad boys, fruity" More>>

Symphonia Saperavi $31.00
Oakridge Guerin Vineyard Chardonnay
"Bit limey" "High quality quaffer with cheese/fruit" "Crisp & misleading" More>>

Oakridge Guerin Vineyard Chardonnay $33.00
Barwang 842 Chardonnay
"Great - Unique" "Woody, a little sweet - nice" "Strange aroma - nice taste" More>>

Barwang 842 Chardonnay $34.99
Moutard Pére et Fils Prestise Rose
"Pleasant rosé style, bubbly. Not too sweet." "a great Rosa Bubbles" "Fruity, smooth, light on the bubbles" More>>

Moutard Pére et Fils Prestise Rose $34.99
Pipers Brook Pinot Noir
"Fairly light in colour, but full bodied flavour" "Tastes like port!" "Deep red - Great with red meat" More>>

Pipers Brook Pinot Noir $35.15
Fraser Gallop Estate Ice Pressed, Chardonnay
"LOVE IT" "Sweet & light" "Apple, Bitter/Sweet yum" More>>

Fraser Gallop Estate Ice Pressed, Chardonnay $35.95
Kreglihger Chardonnay Pinot Noir
"Very smooth and light" "Lovely bubbles, wouldn't expect anything else at chez wood" "Beautiful - lovely & gentle" More>>

Kreglihger Chardonnay Pinot Noir $38.00
Suavia Massifitti Trebbiano di Soave
"Almost whiskery-ish" "Excellent" "Sweet, lemon & lime" More>>

Suavia Massifitti Trebbiano di Soave $38.95
Mumm NV Champagne Brut Cordon Rouge
"Good balance, not to sweet and good bubbles" "Light on fizz, bordening on sour" "Smokey, honey, lovely drop" More>>

Mumm NV Champagne Brut Cordon Rouge $39.80
Ceretto Langhe Blange Arneis
"Nice finish (any left??)" "Light lunchtime drink" "Lively, creamy, nice." More>>

Ceretto Langhe Blange Arneis $40.00
Crawford River Riesling
"Nicely balanced - pretty good" "Looks young but has lots of flavour" "Very different" More>>

Crawford River Riesling $40.00
Scarborough White Label Chardonnay
"Good beefy drop, lots of flavour" "Buttery, Oaky" "I'd give it an 8.5 but not big on the woody Hunter Valley" More>>

Scarborough White Label Chardonnay $40.00
St Hugo Shiraz Cabernet
"Fruity - good length" "Cab Sav & great with chocolate" "Nice with chocolate" More>>

St Hugo Shiraz Cabernet $41.00
Mollydooker Estate Blue Eyed Boy
"Exceptional" "Fantastic" "Velvety smooth. Best of the night" More>>

Mollydooker Estate Blue Eyed Boy $43.40
Augusti Torella Mata Cava
"Creamy" "Wonderful, bubbly vanilla" "Buttery!" More>>

Augusti Torella Mata Cava $44.95
Stefano Lubiana Pinot Noir
"Bit hard, but nice" "Deep party wonder. Nice, fine" "A bit tart, not sure" More>>

Stefano Lubiana Pinot Noir $47.00
Penfolds Max's The Promise
"Piss elegant" "No good" "Alright" More>>

Penfolds Max's The Promise $50.00
Orlando Lawsons Padthaway Shiraz
"Vanilla, honey, red & fantastic" "Still dark but a light taste" "Not a lot of late palate. Vanilla x 3" More>>

Orlando Lawsons Padthaway Shiraz $55.00
Arras Blanc de Blanc
"Quite, citrusy & delicate easy drinking" "Green, young tasting" "Good. Tangy. Blanc de Blanc" More>>

Arras Blanc de Blanc $56.99
Vasse Felix Heytesbury
"Musky. big, smooth, curious" "So different their anything we have had in a long" "The age is fantastic" More>>

Vasse Felix Heytesbury $60.00
Paringa Estate Pinot Noir
"Soft but with guts" "Bitter Mellowing with sips" "Lovely & light" More>>

Paringa Estate Pinot Noir $60.80
OakRidge Chardonnay 864
"Smoky and strange" "Really smoky on the nose, nice" "Floral, Fruity & Fab" More>>

OakRidge Chardonnay 864 $61.75
Viticoltore Mauro Molina Barolo
"Smooth to drink" "Light, clear, berry flavour" "Very very nice" More>>

Viticoltore Mauro Molina Barolo $74.95
Mollydooker Carnival of Love - Shiraz
"McLaren Shiraz or something. A bit tart" "Over vanillary, single flavour" "Very deep. Nice" More>>

Mollydooker Carnival of Love - Shiraz $80.00
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