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1. Daosa Blanc de blanc
"Light", "Beautiful bouquet. Well better than my armpits!", "Loved it", "Great strong sparkling", "Punchy and acidic slightly", "Raisin on the nose", "Big malo and then a bit watery", "The most french", "Not my taste", "Sweeter and nicer than b" More>>

1. Daosa Blanc de blanc $42.50
10. Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon
"Much smoother", "Haven’t thought much about this one, but it’ll do .", "Older I think less berry flavour", "A little acidic. Club wine", "Agree with peppery, enjoyable, would purchase 2 bottles", "Gorgeous fat pepper. I like.", "So equally good.but the extra 1:2 point is the quintessential part. ", ... More>>

10. Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00
2. Tyrrell’s HV Chardonnay Pinot Noir
"First taste quite firm but second taste a bit lighter.", "It’ll get ya where ya wanna go if ya don’t hafda share it!", "Nice", "lighter than previous & not as strong ", "Pleasant drinking ", "Drinkable and Light", "Lovely soft finish. Lighter oak", "Less French to me. ", "More for me", "Ok a bit w ... More>>

2. Tyrrell’s HV Chardonnay Pinot Noir $28.80
3. Voyager Estate Chardonnay
"What Michael said. A big fat woody hunter Chardonnay.", "This is great chardy. Bring it on.", "A little industrial but still nice", "Gorgeous chardy", "Traditional chardy", "Lime and a mystery undertone", "Big fat classic Chardonnay. Probably Hunter", "Great Aussie example", "Growing on me", "Nice ... More>>

3. Voyager Estate Chardonnay $38.25
4. Tapanappa Tiers 1.5M
"Wow woody woody woody", "Leave me off this one.", "It’s a very steel vat flavour", "Bit yuckyish", "Unusual flavour, though interesting", "Funky , b.o on the nose", "Very strange. Bitterness and not right.", "Unusual & I liked it.", "Not me", "Different . Unusual", "Yuk" More>>

4. Tapanappa Tiers 1.5M $42.50
5. Just Red Merlot
"A bit tart", "Cheeky little number. Good value", "Very smooth I like", "Lovely smooth merlot", "Smith drinking", "Nice", "Nice gentle quaffer", "Hard to pick varietal", "Turning?", "A bit dry", "Nice berries Shiraz ?." More>>

5. Just Red Merlot $12.75
6. Watershed Shades Merlot
"Smooth a little acidic", "That’s better. More complex, good with food. Where’s my lasagne.", "Another nice wine", "Not quiet as nice as other", "Chalky dry red", "Lovely and I’m not a fan of this variety", "Extra rich flavour with great berries.", "V nice", "Dry", "Smooth", "Ok a bit boring" More>>

6. Watershed Shades Merlot $17.00
7. Ocean Eight Pinot Noir
"Great with schezuan a bit too spicy for a Pinot", "Liked it", "Punchier than a.", "Not a fan", "Slightly sweet Pinot", "Def the other. I’m not a big fan of Southern Hemisphere pinots.", "Medicinal", "Preferred B but it was close", "Cloudy looking but a nice drop ¿" More>>

7. Ocean Eight Pinot Noir $46.75
8. Picardy Pinot Noir
"Much smoother than the other one", "Nice", "Smother than b", "Lovely", "A little more complicated", "More depth to my palate", "Not a fan", "The winner", "A bit like cough medicine" More>>

8. Picardy Pinot Noir $33.90
9. Blue Pyrenees Shiraz
"Not my best", "Not quite up to scratch sorry, for my favourite Shiraz variety.", "Lots of berries", "Typical flavour ok drinking", "Lovely, rich but not decadent- would buy a bottle or three", "Berry good.", "Shiraz but not quintessential to me. Nice wine tho. I’m getting berry notes. ", "Good", "N ... More>>

9. Blue Pyrenees Shiraz $18.70
Akarua Rosé Brut NV
"A meaty ‘rose’ bubbles", "Cheeky little rose pinky. Very fine bubbles", "Sweetly starter", "Tasty - refreshing", "Lively Rose bubbles", "A bit like soft drink", "Bubbles that disappear. I like it.", "A rosy start", "Delicious fruity bubbles" More>>

Akarua Rosé Brut NV $41.95
Alkoomi Franklin River Cabernet Sauvignon
"¿ nice", "Big bold and beautiful.", "Another smooth red yum", "GSM? Nice", "Red red", "Light red with monotone flavour", "Well could b another c sav but ???", "Very nice", "Red" More>>

Alkoomi Franklin River Cabernet Sauvignon $28.00
Arthur Metz Alsace Riesling

Arthur Metz Alsace Riesling $22.00
Ashton Hills Piccadilly Valley Rosé

Ashton Hills Piccadilly Valley Rosé $43.00
Bethany Chardonnay
"Ok", "Not really distinctive compared with the previous 2. Better nose as it warms. Italian varietal?", "At bit harder in flavour", "Taste young, nice", "Strong", "Smooth creamy wine. Nice", "Minerally and ok", "Young. Not wooded. Didn’t guess variety & not my cups.", "A bit acidy.", "Nice" More>>

Bethany Chardonnay $18.00
Blind Corner Chenin Blanc
"Odd flavour, bitter sweet", "Very unusual", "Unusual flavour, bitter", "Interesting! Really, love it.", "Bitter, limey.", "I like it ... riesling.", "Cuts and cleanses the palate", "Nah!" More>>

Blind Corner Chenin Blanc $27.95
Caledonia Pinot Noir
"Gets sweeter with each taste", "Really, Really good.", "Fruity, sweety, lighty.", "Light, pleasant.", "Smooth. Ruby. Nice.", "Pinot classic. Smell is sensational.", "Very nice example of Oz pinot.", "Medicinal - Benadryl taste.", "Fruity and delicious." More>>

Caledonia Pinot Noir $36.95
Chandon Vintage Brut
"Easy drinking with a hint of residual fruit", "¿¿this. Uber start to proceedings.", "Very nice", "Bubbles", "Fresh , buttery yum", "A lovely bubbles", "Nice. Big bubbles.", "Liked it. Think French very pleasant", "¿good & easy drinking", "Nice bubbles" More>>

Chandon Vintage Brut $41.00
Chateau Pato Shiraz
"Bold.", "Yum", "Yum, great flavours.", "Consistent. Another great wine.", "great peppery shiraz", "Somewhat classic Hunter shiraz.", "Another 'blinder'", "Lots of umph!" More>>

Chateau Pato Shiraz $39.95
Chateau Pâto Shiraz
"Fruity tannins bold wine ¿", "Quintessential Hunter Shiraz in one of the great years. Say no more", "A shuttle Shiraz love ¿ it", "Fantastic sensational is the other word", "Wow", "Yum, more like a Grenache.", "My favourite red of the night.", "Ripper", "Awesome", "Very nice" More>>

Chateau Pâto Shiraz $38.00
Chateau Tanunda The Whole Dam Family
" have excelled again. Great batch of vino.", "It’s like blackberry jam with a touch of age", "Sensational!", "Love it", "Good. And still some length left.", "This ones gotta b a pinot", "Older, smoky", "Nice and smooth" More>>

Chateau Tanunda The Whole Dam Family $24.00
Cookoothama Darlington Point Chardonnay
"Simples", "Interesting", "Sweet without being sweet. Flattens with after taste.", "A sweet, smooth wine with a sharp end", "Multi-level but subtle", "Didn't guess the grape. Legs.", "High EtOH % for a white", "Light and fruity" More>>

Cookoothama Darlington Point Chardonnay $14.95
Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique
"Sweet", "Licorice and a glass", "Unusual red", "What can I say Pete absolutely fantastic", "Very strong", "Chalky and unusual", "Bold and beautiful", "Slight sweetness towards the end of the palate", "Big bold beautiful", "Can’t guess the variety", "Shiraz" More>>

Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique $41.95
Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique
"Very drinkable.", "Acidie. Has bite.", "I love it. However I can no longer rate.", "hey, really good.", "OK only to me.", "A great finisher", "Nice." More>>

Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique $41.00
Coriole Fiano
"Different mouth feel, oily? Young. Perhaps SavBlanc?", "Not sure but a bit oily", "Maybe better if it was a bit warmer", "Buttery, a little on the metho side, though ok", "Watered down pineapple, different but nice.", "Nice and crisp. Would be perfect with seafood.", "Love it chilled", "Good summer ... More>>

Coriole Fiano $28.95
Draytons Heritage Vines Cabernet Sauvignon
"Smoooooooth", "wow and yeah! Gimme more!", "Berry chocolate", "Yum. My favourite red.. Give me a steak.", "A different red. Not sure", "Can't pick it. Maybe a younger shiraz.", "Cab Sauv or Merlot." More>>

Draytons Heritage Vines Cabernet Sauvignon $60.00
Draytons Hunter Blue
"Ok for a blue wine. Bit too sweet for my taste.", "Very interesting. Total sensory saturation.", "Interesting Blue.", "A lovely surprise - nice.", "Without a doubt the best blue wine I've tasted.", "I appreciate the uniqueness - it blue me away. Taste? Not so much.", "Very blue" More>>

Draytons Hunter Blue $24.00
Draytons Semillon
"Young and a bit bitter", "Good", "Young - yellow colour", "Punchy - flavoursome. Talks to you.", "Pineapple and light", "Its not doing it for me", "Green and young", "Na" More>>

Draytons Semillon $30.00
Draytons Susanne Semillon
"Better than the other one", "Good a bit", "Older - yellow colour", "Not as good as the other one", "Lime - green", "Neither is this", "Nice" More>>

Draytons Susanne Semillon $60.00
Draytons Williams Shiraz
"What she said.", "Absolutely fabulous. Go Patsey!", "Red plus blue = velvet", "Powerful colour / deep.", "A lovely red - smooth.", "Another cab?", "Thank goodness you finished on a good note! Shiraz.", "Delicious, peppery" More>>

Draytons Williams Shiraz $60.00
Hawkesbury Estate Akitu A2
"Very pleasant Pinot", "Great drinking. far!", "A great one usually a bit and miss for quality", "Amazing flavours¿", "Sweetish", "Absolutely lovely", "Bold for a lighter style red", "Nice and slight bitter, alcoholic finish.", "Pinot ! .?.NZ", "Very nice pinot", "Delicious Pinot ¿" More>>

Hawkesbury Estate Akitu A2 $59.95
Howard Park Margaret River Merlot
"meaty", "Softly merlot", "Cab Sav. Nice.", "Fantastic. Love it.", "Falls away", "Well this wine was FAB", "Well textured - the braille is in the bottle", "Nice :-)" More>>

Howard Park Margaret River Merlot $34.95
La Collina Viognier
"Not sure about this one. chardy though?", "Chardy for sure", "Chardy, Chrip and fruity", "Lovely burnt flavour", "A solid white", "Nice and fruity", "Too much for my young palate", "Very drinkable", "Ok. Average" More>>

La Collina Viognier $52.95
Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Wild Fermented Pinot Noir
"A nice Pinot", "Pinot or bust!", "Point noir typically", "A Pino very nice", "Very drinkable", "Slightly chalky rolling into a pleasant drinking experiance", "Wonderful and murky Pinot", "Got variety not region. Nice for a Southern Hemisphere. ", "A bit sharp, but it’s wine so always drinkable. ¿", ... More>>

Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Wild Fermented Pinot Noir $35.00
Marchand & Burch Cremant de Bourgogne
"Pleasant bubbles with some depth", "Very pleasant, easy to drink. No bells and whistles though.", "Has the bubbles that delight", "¿ nice fruity flavours", "Bruty", "Fresh", "Sweet bubbles", "Tastes familiar. A classic.", "Citrus I think", "Nice bubbles", "Nice and crisp , fruity and bubbly ¿" More>>

Marchand & Burch Cremant de Bourgogne $34.95
Margan Breaking Ground Barbera

Margan Breaking Ground Barbera $36.00
Margan Cabernet Sauvignon

Margan Cabernet Sauvignon $40.00
Margan Chardonnay

Margan Chardonnay $48.00
Margan Ripasso

Margan Ripasso $60.00
Margan Vermouth Off dry Semillon
"Full marks for originality" More>>

Margan Vermouth Off dry Semillon $40.00
McLeish Estate Dwyer Rose
"Quite full bodied rosé", "Nice. Really nice starter.", "Not very blue - it's red.", "Light and alcoholic", "Would buy another bottle.", "Right up my alley. Shiraz rose?", "Delicious rose?" More>>

McLeish Estate Dwyer Rose $18.00
Mcleish Merlot
"Pleasant", "You little beauty,", "Soft red very nice", "Interesting", "Musty, old closet, leather shoes!", "A great red", "Gorgeous old fella. Falls away late probably due to age.", "Pinot noir I’d say from vic?", "My wine, no bubbles", "Good with a steak. A little dry", "Nice and a bit earthy" More>>

Mcleish Merlot $25.00
Mesh Riesling
"On the nose.....don’t recognise this at all. It’s a mystery to me. Next wine please.", "Lots of fruit flavour quite nice", "Different level", "Excellent", "Different a lovely fresh fruity party that ends quickly on the taste buds", "Amazing fruit salad aroma", "I’m getting floral nose. Can’t figure ... More>>

Mesh Riesling $27.00
Miles from Nowhere Cabernet Sauvignon
"A bit bitter to me", "Yeah......its red. Like my nose. But I love it.", "Cab sav very nice", "You told me before I could quests it", "Strongish", "Very light cap sav. Not too complex, though a pleasant wine.", "Wonderful aroma, taste doesn’t quite follow.", "Wa cab sav", "Very nice Shiraz x", "Shir ... More>>

Miles from Nowhere Cabernet Sauvignon $22.00
Montevecchio Rosso Field Blend
"Not doing anything for me? MOTR", "Has an old flavour not sure of the variety", "Beautiful, may I have some more", "Acrylic flavour,", "A lovely red, spicy and full bodied with a good finish", "Good but a little weakly.", "Not sure", "Good Shiraz?" More>>

Montevecchio Rosso Field Blend $23.95
Moss Wood Amy’s
"Fruity", "Richman luscious best one so far for me .", "Not bad", "Beautiful wine and 8 out of 10 should be more of that Pete", "Totally covering the tongue", "Taste nice, but looses its complexity fast.", "Hearty", "Wonderful big powerful red", "Growing on me", "Very nice smooth to drink", "Nice li ... More>>

Moss Wood Amy’s $38.95
Oldbury Road
"Bold, big flavour", "Wow. What's left to sample on the rainbow?", "Bitey Pink.", "Nice, full body, flavoursome", "Fruity. I detect sav blanc - a good one ?", "Nah" More>>

Oldbury Road $24.00
Paringa Estate ‘Estate Pinot Gris’
"Another pleasant wine", "This is very nice. I’d happily drink this any day.", "Excellent loved it", "Loved it to, good price", "Very fresh", "Flavoursome, with character", "A really lovely creamy white", "Dry and tasty", "An easy drinking white", "Great summer wine", "Great goes really well with ch ... More>>

Paringa Estate ‘Estate Pinot Gris’ $28.95
Penfolds Max’s Chardonnay
"Sharper than the previous one", "Delicious. Slightly oily? Riesling", "Excellent chardy", "Very nice could drink this watching a fire", "So not a chardy", "A nice Chardonnay with fresh beginning followed by traditional chardy flavours", "Oaky and Oilie.", "Loved it. Guessed it right ¿", "Woody and ... More>>

Penfolds Max’s Chardonnay $32.00
Peos Estate Four Jacks Sauvignon Blanc
"Quite light and easy drinking, better after aired and warmer", "Lovely little summer wine. Knock over a few bottles easy as!", "Very smooth and had a mature flavour", "Nice with a dry finish", "Greenish", "Smooth, well balanced.", "Nice lime and apricots", "Great younger tasting for age", "A nice l ... More>>

Peos Estate Four Jacks Sauvignon Blanc $18.00
Peterson’s Sparkling Shiraz
"A little musty a little sweet", "Exceptional. to get back to drinking it.", "A punchy old sparkling red love it", "Red bubbles", "Bold with a touch of anasead and licorice", "Muscat style sparkles-an interesting experience", "Raspberry sparkles.", "Always a fav. Aussie. Peterson’s.?", ... More>>

Peterson’s Sparkling Shiraz $45.00
Printhie MCC Chardonnay
"Very industrial", "So different to the last wine. Little bit thin?", "So Chardy", "Chardy, nice and crisp flavours", "Unsure", "A beautiful wine with a Industrial after finish", "A hint of pineapple. Very pleasant", "Tastes murky and musty", "Dry white maybe, not me", "Easy to drink", "Chardy ?" More>>

Printhie MCC Chardonnay $29.95
Scarborough Yellow Label Chardonnay
"A heavy Chardonnay?", "Like the smell of snags on the barbie, takes me home to the place, I belooooong, Chardy mumma. ...", "Yum yum Chardonnay", "Chardy all the way", "Unusual taste, slight medicine taste though pleasant,", "Chardonnay or an Oakes semillon- lovely", "Wonderful classic big Chardonn ... More>>

Scarborough Yellow Label Chardonnay $23.00
Serafino GSM
"¿¿", "Another Pinot for me.", "Excellent very smooth", "Not bad, maybe another Pino", "Bit bitey", "A blend r That makes the grade. Pleasant drinking.", "Wonderful depth", "Another Pinot. Oz. Not bad. ", "Lovely", "Very ¿" More>>

Serafino GSM $28.00
Tellurian GSM
"Nice drop, getting silly. V tired.", "A nice red", "Sensational", "Chalky with character. A nice wine.", "Fruity and interesting, I like it", "Freaking Awesome. Big alcohol hit and berry good.", "Fruity", "Mmmm Merlot ? I like that", "Goes well with chocolate ¿" More>>

Tellurian GSM $29.99
The Lane Block IA Chardonnay
"Bit too sharp", "Can’t decide on this.? No idea basically. Chardy?", "Not my type a bit young", "Chardy, must be the theme........", "Light green, though a nice wine.", "Mid-strength Chardonnay", "Have no idea of variety. Not bad. A bit woody?", "Nice", "Great" More>>

The Lane Block IA Chardonnay $25.00
Tscharke Savagnin Girl Talk
"A little bit too sweet", "Pleasant but unremarkable.", "Another young wine but very shuttle", "Yum", "Slight acid, though pleasant drinking", "Smooth and clean", "Super lime and fruit juice.", "I think this ones a sav Blanc.", "Likeable, a bit fruity", "Tastes like a chardy" More>>

Tscharke Savagnin Girl Talk $19.00
Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz
"Good gear comes out and I have to go home.", "So smooth with lots of fruit", "Full fruity flavours very nice", "Yum. Berries, flavours, great aroma", "Awesome", "Wonderful berries and great depth of flavour.", "Great but I have a rusty palate", "All class", "Nice and full bodied" More>>

Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz $55.95
Yarra Yarra The Yarra Yarra
"Portish this is nearly as old as me ¿¿¿¿¿", "Undoubtedly good in its prime. Perhaps just past that point?", "It’s not my favourite I think it’s on the verge of turning", "Requires a great red steak! Angus in particular.", "Big old not sure if it’s my perfect match - interesting", "Wine of the nite ... More>>

Yarra Yarra The Yarra Yarra $75.00
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