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Andrew Thomas Synergy SemillonNew Product

Andrew Thomas Synergy Semillon $17.95
Andrew Thomas Synergy ShirazNew Product

Andrew Thomas Synergy Shiraz $21.25
Armand de Chambray Blanc de BlancNew Product
"French. Very nice.", "Has a butter taste lovely", "Quite fruity", "Easy drinking", "Slightly sweet with a hint of honey up front with a dryer finish, very nice", "Very toasty n tasty w big bubbles. Tastes French but the bubble size throwing me.", "Best start ever!", "Noice", "Crisp n cool just what ... More>>

Armand de Chambray Blanc de Blanc $14.99
Ballewindi Pinot NoirNew Product

Ballewindi Pinot Noir $20.00
Brian Fletcher Signature Wines El Cid TempranilloNew Product
"A tart red wine, astringent possibly a Tempranillo", "Victorian, er er er WA Tempranillo .....and probs about 25 bucks made by Brian I think?", "Not the sea-this I thought", "Bloody beautiful manny", "Bold", "Pretty ok.", "Well Spain. Temparanillo?", "Not bad", "Great red", "A bit tart but quite ta ... More>>

Brian Fletcher Signature Wines El Cid Tempranillo $25.00
Brygon Reserve Small Batch Oak Aged ChardonnayNew Product
"Good example of this type of wine", "The perfect chardy", "Chardy", "Industrial flavour. Chardy.", "Really enjoyable", "Big boofy classic.", "Well has to be a classic chard. Very nice." More>>

Brygon Reserve Small Batch Oak Aged Chardonnay $51.95
Cambria Estate Winery Katherine’s Vineyard ChardonnayNew Product
"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.", "I’m sure it’s a Chardy", "Chardy, nice", "Chocolate flavoured wine,!", "Smooth", "Well mayb an unwooded chardy", "Buttery ? Chardy", "Young Chardy ?", "Ok" More>>

Cambria Estate Winery Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay $39.99
Cape MentelleNew Product
"Not my style", "Not as good as the ice champers", "Bitter punch with a sour finish", "Not for me", "I dunno", "Easy to drink", "Sweet Chardonnay ??" More>>

Cape Mentelle $21.90
Champagne MoulinNew Product
"Bold bubbly", "Sharp clean lovely starter.", "Quite fresh for a sparkling", "Great starter", "Excellent champagne", "Good musical bubbles", "I guess French judging by the music et musicians.", "Love the start", "Nice bubbles", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Champagne Moulin $68.99
Clare Wine Co Watervale RieslingNew Product
"Struggling to match the wasabi on the jalapeño bread. But most would.", "Not my favourite a bit green", "Nice first taste. Hits with a punch. Let’s you know it’s there.", "Exceptional As per MB, oysters please", "Super limey", "Dry crisp bring on summer", "Liking it better than the previous one" More>>

Clare Wine Co Watervale Riesling $24.50
Clarence Hill Cabernet SauvignonNew Product
"Pleasant solid wine", "Another different blend nice", "Strongish", "Chalky dry with character", "Big and with a liquorice finish. Would love to have it again.", "Very drinkable And the red is absolutely beautiful", "Very smooth and easy as well thanks to everyone" More>>

Clarence Hill Cabernet Sauvignon $13.95
Claymore Joshua Tree Watervale RieslingNew Product

Claymore Joshua Tree Watervale Riesling $20.00
Corduroy Watervale RieslingNew Product
"Big bold white, touch of tartness on the back pallete . Not really my thing.", "Just a little oil young flavour", "Um", "Young flavour, easydrinking with unusual aftertaste", "Mouth candy in a white, a unique and pleasant experience.", "Limey again.", "Young. Crisp. Variety?" More>>

Corduroy Watervale Riesling $23.95
Cupio Dry Sparkling RoseNew Product
"It has a real honey flavour with a touch of blush", "Not from France.", "A little bitter, sweet smell", "Balanced light and lovely", "Well I like the other better but small bubbles on this mayb champagne region not oz.", "Next best", "Love the freshness", "Refreshing at first but then got a bit aci ... More>>

Cupio Dry Sparkling Rose $17.99
Dutschke St Jakobi Vineyard Cabernet SauvignonNew Product
"Red, a bit lite and simple", "Very smooth easy to drink nice", "Not bad", "Tobacco! Just smoked a cigar.", "Light and pleasant red", "An aniseed taste in this one but really brings out the berries", "Cab sav I love ¿ this" More>>

Dutschke St Jakobi Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon $32.95
D’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier MarsanneNew Product
"Not sure it was nicer when it warm up", "Sensational", "Nice smell. Pleasant flavour. A good wine.", "Yummy classic charddy. Rounded and goes down like a Santa at a kids party.", "A great Chardonnay I’d say.", "Very easy to drink", "Unusual. Really like it." More>>

D’Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne $15.90
Eden Road P3 Noir Meunière GrisNew Product
"Good big Aussie rose with fantastic drinking from the jump. Drink this till my sides are red like the plucky mountain pony.", "A lovely soft but deep in flavour", "Sensational. Unusual burnt flavours.", "Get a bottle ASAP", "Interesting - a slight bitterness", "Beautiful very easy to drink", "Great ... More>>

Eden Road P3 Noir Meunière Gris $32.00
Elephant Hill Merlot MalbecNew Product
"This is the dogs bollocks. GSM ish", "Deep and smooth to the end", "To be taken with chocolate.", "Ordering up some now", "Falls away a bit", "Excellent to finish. Yummy", "Ooh la la this is classy shit" More>>

Elephant Hill Merlot Malbec $34.50
Fincas de Ganuza Reserva RiojaNew Product
"This has a rich flavour and a hint of chocolate", "Beautiful", "Chalky and dry", "Smooth and dry", "Trouble again guessing. Euro style.", "Nice", "Nice drop" More>>

Fincas de Ganuza Reserva Rioja $59.99
First Creek Botanica Pinot NoirNew Product
"Goddam lovely pinot.", "Hangs on in tanan way", "Grenach llllllll", "Sticky on the tongue ~ predictable", "Light colour and a little sweet.", "Light Pinot noir", "Good starter on the reds…but I’m drunk now and having trouble uven seeing the keys I’m meant to type on this too fycken fancy casual win ... More>>

First Creek Botanica Pinot Noir $37.00
Four Men in a Shed Small Batch Trials MontepulcianoNew Product
"That’s an OK Italian style red", "V.B.good.", "Deep red", "Nice, berry flavours", "A gorgeous red", "Ok. Fades a bit and slight astringent", "That’s Amore;", "Not sure", "Nice red", "Nice and dry ¿" More>>

Four Men in a Shed Small Batch Trials Montepulciano $25.00
Fresco FrizzantiNew Product
"A very convivial bubbly of the times.", "A great starter and not so goof after a few", "Refreshing, a little sweet at the end", "Fruit tingle bliss- would love to conceive of a good food pairing", "Beautiful. Sweet but limey. ", "A little sweet. And what Megan said.", "Frizzy froo froo, but pleasan ... More>>

Fresco Frizzanti $15.00
Gaba do Xil MenciaNew Product
"Not too fussed about this. Slightly odd.", "Has a lingering tasre", "Tobacco/", "Fruity dry a reasonable vino", "Leather spiced away.", "Nice", "Very smooth and easy as well as simple and smooth but nice ¿" More>>

Gaba do Xil Mencia $36.00
Gentle Annie Vineyard ShirazNew Product
"Very sweet", "Climbing the stairway to heaven.", "Not that traditional but nice", "Smells like an old classroom on return from the Xmas holidays, but tastes fantastic", "A little dry but full of flavour", "Very cherry", "Not my fav Shiraz.", "Shaking good", "Great MERLOT", "Nice berries ¿" More>>

Gentle Annie Vineyard Shiraz $27.00
Heart and Bones Angeli Cabernet SauvignonNew Product
"Cab sav", "Good. Moving on now! It’s 10.15......", "Not too bad", "bloody beautiful", "Highly alcoholic", "Still fresh. Could be mellower.", "Well must b cab sav. I’m thinking oz.", "Cab sav as per video", "Cab sav ?", "Nice ¿" More>>

Heart and Bones Angeli Cabernet Sauvignon $25.00
Heart and Bones Angeli ChardonnayNew Product
"Another old yella, not as smooth as the last one", "Drinkable but doesn’t have ne sais quoi", "Nice but not as complex as the previous one", "Another beautiful wine", "Delicious", "Nice. Slightly bitter. Maybe ageing and over the edge. ", "Another chardy pretty sure but could be viogner ... More>>

Heart and Bones Angeli Chardonnay $24.00
Henschke Henry’s SevenNew Product
"Has some Shiraz nice", "Berry Berry", "Bitter mix, old closet flavours with mothballs,", "Beautiful and soft.", "A nice blend of 4 red grapes.", "Very nice", "Love a gsm" More>>

Henschke Henry’s Seven $35.00
La BoscanaNew Product
"Interesting blend from our man sommelier. Go son.", "Unusual but nice", "Light flavour, pleasant to drink. Unusual taste. Worth a try.", "Lovely", "Not my cup of tea.", "Very nice", "Great smooth white" More>>

La Boscana $14.00
Lay of the Land Ben Morven Farm Pinot NoirNew Product
"Quite good", "Pinot arse! Noir by far!", "Not bad but not any complexity", "Not a fan", "So Pinot", "A little fruity and different for a pinot", "Wonderful berries and delicate Pinot", "A South Pacific Pinot noir.", "A bit off beat", "I love Pinot noir yum", "Nice berries" More>>

Lay of the Land Ben Morven Farm Pinot Noir $22.00
Moet and Chandon Ice ImperialNew Product
"Nice with the icecube", "Very ¿", "Icey bubbles", "Mellow, pleasant, small bubbles", "Super interesting and especially nice with ice. Smash a few of these on a hot summers afternoon.", "Hmmm. A kinda Cath n Kim moment with the ice. Having trouble figuring out the mystery.", "Very nice my fav champa ... More>>

Moet and Chandon Ice Imperial $76.00
Montvalley ChardonnayNew Product
"Old Yella", "Champion cardy. Very very complex and good.", "The chardy I love", "Chardy, sensational,Chris,", "My fav", "Lovely", "Gorgeous Charddy.", "Very nice perfect example for me.", "Music to my palate", "Very nice. Great aroma also", "Brilliant ¿¿" More>>

Montvalley Chardonnay $18.00
Nocton Vineyard NV SparklingNew Product
"Pleasant Champagne... or similar", "Very nice slightly Lemmon in taste", "Gorgeous", "Lovely. Buttery, creamy!", "A lovely bubbles", "Nice limey bubbles", "Smooth subtle" More>>

Nocton Vineyard NV Sparkling $34.95
Old Jarvie The Enforcer Shiraz Malbec MataroNew Product

Old Jarvie The Enforcer Shiraz Malbec Mataro $17.00
Penfolds Bin 311 ChardonnayNew Product
"A hint of chardy", "Got to be a blend Sheila?///‘/", "A little vanilla, sour finish that finishes quickly", "Slightly sweet, maybe too much.", "Similar taste to last but got that wrong. So mayb its Viognier-? Blend.", "A little dry", "Previous one was better." More>>

Penfolds Bin 311 Chardonnay $40.00
Ross Hill Pinnacle Series Cabernet FrancNew Product
"Bold red", "A bold red without the Acer taste very smooth berries", "Soft but bitey", "Yum, lots of berry flavours leaning towards sherry", "Love this red", "Wonderful huge boofster. Deep berry delights.", "Big n bold. Like it." More>>

Ross Hill Pinnacle Series Cabernet Franc $42.95
Salomon Groovy Grüner VeltlinerNew Product
"Back to wine phew", "Yep very nice", "Fresh, creamy", "A nice wine", "Struggling identifying - younger.", "Easy", "A blend ?", "Refreshing after hipster beer mouthwash" More>>

Salomon Groovy Grüner Veltliner $21.99
Simonnet-Febvre Bourgogne ChardonnayNew Product

Simonnet-Febvre Bourgogne Chardonnay $20.00
Stanton and KilleenNew Product
"Wine of the night", "Bloody beautiful", "Gorgeous Smooth Vines", "Smells good, taste even better, yum.", "Wonderful porty style and super depth. Gorgeous.", "Very nice. Big n bold.", "Very smooth FM", "Liquid velvet" More>>

Stanton and Killeen $21.95
Tyrrell’s Vat 8 Shiraz CabernetNew Product
"Lots of berries", "Excellent", "Smooth, light drinking", "A big full red", "Another euro style hard to distinguish.", "No comment", "My fave tonight" More>>

Tyrrell’s Vat 8 Shiraz Cabernet $80.00
Wayward Brewing Ripasso Rosso Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale Fremented on Shiraz SkinsNew Product
"It’s completely different I’d say it’s beer turned up on the wrong night", "Boot polish wine", "Point for presentation", "Beer with a twist", "Points for intrigue rather than taste. Lot of flavours going on", "It’s turned!", "Alright for a beer. Good for a hot day in Bali", "You know I love u Micke ... More>>

Wayward Brewing Ripasso Rosso Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale Fremented on Shiraz Skins $13.00
Woods Crampton GracianoNew Product
"It has a smooth taste of a different variety", "Power taste. Strong flat flavours.", "Tastes mature and smooth then has a lollipop like finish- changes as it sits in the glass", "Hard to pick again. Not oz?", "It evolves", "After taste is unusual" More>>

Woods Crampton Graciano $20.00
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