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Angove Chardonnay
"Lot going on here. Like a Chardonnay but not.", "Conversational, convivial, just perfect.", "Light on smell clear taste", "Light on smell. Light flavour, though pleasant drinking", "Delightful", "Chardy party", "Chardonnay (Chris?) Yummo!" More>>

Angove Chardonnay $14.95
Aresti Reserva Carmenere
"Good", "Great nose. My learned friend suggests South Africa?", "I think it’s a shrimp nice", "Red syrup", "Brilliant! Subtle smell, soft flavours,", "Light and overborn by the Zinfandel", "Coffee nose? Nice drop.", "Nice and smooth", "Ok" More>>

Aresti Reserva Carmenere $25.00
Bollinger Special Cuvée
"V. Nice in these unprecedented times.", "Very creamy yum", "Not many bubbles but not bad", "Best wine ever at a wine tasting this year", "Fresh and pleasant to drink", "Nice limey bubbles.", "French I think? Nice", "Light on bubbles. Great summer champers", "Crisp fresh and very nice ¿" More>>

Bollinger Special Cuvée $80.00
Botobolar Shiraz
"Sweet soft mild", "That’ll do pig.", "Not a deep flavour", "Excellent ¿", "Bitter, taste like burnt berries.", "Big yet not too bold", "Shiraz pazzaz", "¿¿" More>>

Botobolar Shiraz $19.00
Bunnamagoo Chardonnay
"Tart", "It’s got bones. Good bones.", "Bet my right ball it’s a chardy¿¿", "A little sour.", "Tasty", "Clean and minerally.", "No idea", "Easy drop", "A little acid after taste not as smooth as some" More>>

Bunnamagoo Chardonnay $24.50
Bunnamagoo Riesling
"A little acidic", "Clean and crisp. A little time left to develop.", "Not as good as 1", "Younger", "Soft, easy an d flavoursom", "Lovely", "Nice and subtle", "Same wine different older vintage.", "A bit young", "A little light" More>>

Bunnamagoo Riesling $24.00
Burramagoo Tempranillo
"Nearly as good gear.", "High quality nice tannins", "Not a fan", "Deep delight", "See #1 comments. Think this is older.", "Not as smooth as no 1" More>>

Burramagoo Tempranillo $22.00
Chalmers Nero D’Avola
"Tannins", "Pales against the Grenache. A mere featherweight .", "Nice", "Acidly taste and aftertaste", "A fruity red", "Wonderful and deep currents. Yum.", "Cheap wine?!", "Nice red", "Nice ¿" More>>

Chalmers Nero D’Avola $27.95
Chandon Brut 1
"Lite", "Basement beauty", "A bit tart", "Refreshing", "Lovely", "Very nice bubbles", "So nice to be back and quaffing quality sparkling wine! ¿¿¿" More>>

Chandon Brut 1 $22.00
Chandon Brut 2
"More bubbly", "Special bouquet when opened. Still gorgeous", "Ready dreamy", "Smells and taste buttery!", "Clean and lovely", "Dreamy and creamy", "Creamy" More>>

Chandon Brut 2 $22.00
Colpasso Fiano
"Nice but a bit watery.", "Interesting, great legs, shame about the.........?", "Another great wine", "Not sure what white it is, but very drinkable", "Soft, easy drinking", "Delicious", "Interesting and complex white. Nice bitter and yum.", "Can’t guess the grape. Masanne?", "Chardy ?" More>>

Colpasso Fiano $13.30
Coriole Piquepoul
"Nice, long after taste", "Generous and delicious!", "Love this wine", "Very subtle", "Very soft drinking:", "Lovely ¿", "Quiet lime. Very nice.", "Awesome oysters AND wine", "Dry and fresh" More>>

Coriole Piquepoul $28.00
Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc
"Crisp and tart", "Unprecedented nose. Perhaps Sav Blanc?", "Not my cup of tea", "Sweet, very fruity nice", "Passion fruit x 2", "Huge frontal smell. Followed by distinctive taste leading to a great wine.", "Very Lucious with super passion fruit smell", "Agree re passion fruit. Sav Blanc?", "Very fr ... More>>

Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc $29.00
Croser NV Sparkling
"Great", "Chardy with bubbles", "Nice but a bit sweet", "Soft flavours with a little spice, possibly related to the spicy sausage just sampled!", "Slightly sweet but with a lime hit. Nice.", "Small bubbles. Nice n toasty. French", "Very easy to drink", "Hard to say...just brushed my teeth" More>>

Croser NV Sparkling $25.00
Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz
"Tannic", "Simply the best! Woohoo!", "High quality, though high in spirit", "Big up front then a light finish", "Bitter and high on acid", "By the law of averages a Malbec. Nice.", "Nice shiraz", "Nice blackberries" More>>

Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz $62.70
Domaine Naturiste Cabernet Sauvignon
"Big bold and beefy! Sensational.", "Soft red", "Very smooth", "Soft, easy drinking. Nice.", "Great aroma. Slightly old taste and push to astringent finish.", "Wine of the night. Big n bold. Very nice.", "Good shiraz", "Delicious" More>>

Domaine Naturiste Cabernet Sauvignon $23.00
Domäne Wachau Riesling
"Bold", "Complex Chardy. V good.", "Chardy, nice", "Older", "Lovely and full bodied", "Nice vibrant Chardonnay Bitey and young.", "Younger of the two. Think mayb Semillon.", "Older & tastier", "Excellent reisling", "Wundarbar" More>>

Domäne Wachau Riesling $28.50
Dupperrey Champagne Brut
"Overpowering nose. Bit bitter. Probably a vintage", "Honey bouquet. Half meade, half sparkling.", "Lots of bubbles", "Old age burnt flavours", "Light creamy with a note of fruit tingle", "Fizzy busy", "Full flavour" More>>

Dupperrey Champagne Brut $50.00
First Creek Chardonnay
"Much better with food but still not Me", "Chardy", "Lots of spicy flavour.", "Tastes like an unoaked charddie. Like it.", "A nice chardy & the food pairing yum.", "Sweet but easy to drink", "Chardy, Chris?" More>>

First Creek Chardonnay $17.50
Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc
"Light red sparkling", "A very blackberry taste love it", "Champers", "Singular in flavour. Need a comparable food to enhance it.", "Dry, bubbly, not for me", "Nice current sparkly red.", "Nice to see a sparkling red! Got initial sulphur smell. Peterson’s?", "I can’t drink red bubbles", "Delicious" More>>

Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc $24.00
Heirloom Vineyards Riesling
"I should know this? Sadly my memory fails me!", "It’s has a Lemmon Swist", "Unusual taste - not a chardy", "Typical Chardonnay. Slightly industrial, though a nice example.", "Super lime. Perfect to cut through a creamy tart.", "Likely a sav Blanc?", "Nice cab sav I think ?", "Beautifully paired wit ... More>>

Heirloom Vineyards Riesling $30.00
Josef Chromy Pinot Gris
"Simple easy to drink", "Soft, light flavoured", "Fresh and lively", "Nice. Oily. Good.", "Very nice chardy me thinks", "Refined !", "Very nice", "Interesting with lovely taste & mouth feel.", "Dry" More>>

Josef Chromy Pinot Gris $26.40
Little Giant Grenache
"Bold and bitey", "Fresh for the biggest red tonight.", "Nice", "Bitey", "Sour aftertaste, not complex,", "A slightly sweet red", "Slightly sweet. Goes down well.", "Least fav but still ok.", "Dry and rich" More>>

Little Giant Grenache $17.00
Ministry of the Clouds Tempranillo Grenache
"Pinot Noir", "Smooth", "Bloody beautiful", "Not complex. Though a drinkable wine.", "Nice berries and finishes gently.", "Pinot.?", "Very smooth" More>>

Ministry of the Clouds Tempranillo Grenache $32.00
Paco & Lola Albariño
"Fresh. Semillon.?", "Unusual I cannot pick the variety", "Nice after taste, very drinkable", "Not Bollinger Not passion fruit", "Softer unique flavour. Nice.", "Nice crispy very well made . Barely oaked but that’s a good thing.", "Hmmm. Euro. Not really my thing. Has a “high alcohol” taste.", "Nice ... More>>

Paco & Lola Albariño $35.00
Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz
"Well rounded, a bit meaty", "A flat red sparkling in flavour", "Fizzy Reddie", "A sparkly with a mono flavour that works. A pleasant experience!", "Rich red sparkles.", "Nice and tasty. Nice red and spicy.", "Prob like this better. Mayb a Shiraz?", "Sparkling Shiraz?" More>>

Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz $42.99
Rolene and John
"Gets smoother the more you drink", "Watery.", "Nice", "A little acid aftertaste,", "Tidy little red drinking nicely", "Yum berry stuff", "Very nice. Can’t get grape.", "Nice and a bit dry" More>>

Rolene and John $11.40
Rosnay Shiraz
"Nice smooth", "Chalky, nice aroma!", "Sweet lovely red", "Wahwah Pinot noir", "¿¿ lots of flavour" More>>

Rosnay Shiraz $25.00
Running with Bulls Tempranillo
"Big bold red", "Good.", "Smooth after 5 mins", "Nice tannic hit", "It’s got legs. Struggling with variety. Younger than 2 I think.", "Yum" More>>

Running with Bulls Tempranillo $20.00
St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon
"Reasonable red", "A suttle flavor a ti t of age i think", "Nice with chocolates", "Chemical sub flavour, a little petroleum.", "Nice light friendly red", "A bit sweet and non-descript.", "Nice drop. Pinot?", "No bubbles", "Nice blackberries and dark chocolate" More>>

St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon $6.95
St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml
"Easy drinking, better once a bit warmer", "Very fruity nice", "Unusual unique flavour. Lovely", "Lovely and slightly sweet", "Sweet then dry. Strange and unique.", "Hmmm. Euro. Kind of Sauternes like but guessing vermentino?", "Fruity and dry" More>>

St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml $4.75
Stephano Lubiano Chardonnay
"It tastes like something", "I think it’s a chardy for the tenth time", "Very drinkable", "Has character with a nice flavour", "A little bitter", "Lemony. Ok. But kind of odd.", "Does not compare to the 1St one", "A bit like a semillon" More>>

Stephano Lubiano Chardonnay $60.00
Tasca Lamuri Nero D’Avola
"Seriously mysterious varietal wine night. Been greatly interesting.", "Interesting taste not sure what it is", "Strong & corky", "Has complexity, would go well with a steak!", "J", "Yum. Nice bitter berries.", "Big. Smooth. What is it?", "Powerful stuff", "Licorice flavour" More>>

Tasca Lamuri Nero D’Avola $23.00
Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon
"Bold", "Cracking good wine.", "Flavours plus; vanilla, tabacco", "Gorgeous", "Gorgeous deep messiah.", "Love it. Can’t get variety", "Very smooth", "Blackberry taste" More>>

Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon $57.00
Temata Awatea Cabernets/Merlot
"Astringent", "Good gear.", "This one might be a shirz", "Smooth", "Acidic. Not aromatic as such.", "A little pale and needs bodies", "Earthy. Robust. Euro.", "Nice wine to finish", "¿" More>>

Temata Awatea Cabernets/Merlot $38.00
Teusner G Grenache
"Chocolatey", "Delicious", "Excellent", "Sweet drinkable", "A complexion of flavours. Georgous after flavour!", "Perfect", "Outstanding. Light in colour but tastes massive.", "Sophistocated", "Very smooth", "Lovely drinking. Fantastic", "Chocolatey ¿¿" More>>

Teusner G Grenache $29.95
Tyrrell’s Old Hut Hunter Valley
"Big bold red ¿", "Very dry but nice", "Petroleum trend on flavour. With right food, it will work well", "Dry red, merlot?", "Nice and peppery" More>>

Tyrrell’s Old Hut Hunter Valley $45.95
Victoire Champagne
"Interesting flavours, bitter mid palate", "Very impressive", "Lovely", "Gorgeous", "Yum,", "Lovely full bubbles", "Nice limey bubbles", "Tastes wonderfully French to me!", "Nice and a bit buttery" More>>

Victoire Champagne $95.00
Wente Zinfandel
"Nice aroma, smooth lingering taste", "Very berry.", "Has a mature taste", "Strong berry flavours not bad", "Red berry tasty", "Soft red with light flavours", "Wonderful smoky and barrel aged taste.", "Yep like it. Overseas. I was thinking cab sav or Zinfandel.", "A chemical after taste ?", "Very mu ... More>>

Wente Zinfandel $22.00
Xanadu Chardonnay
"Nice complex", "Big Hunter Semillon. Mothers milk.", "Not sure has a different taste", "Bitey & different", "Smooth with tank. Nice", "Interesting fruity white", "Very acidic and crisp. Possibly too green apples.", "Can’t guess grape. I like it. Euro I’d say.", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Xanadu Chardonnay $32.00
Zontes Footstep Violet Beauregard Malbec
"Cherries?", "Great nose, but,,,,,less on the palate,", "Sweet delight", "Soft red", "Light red with after tannin burn.", "A great stand alone red", "Smell is outstanding 10/10. It fades a little on the taste.", "As good as the 1St white", "Grenache", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Zontes Footstep Violet Beauregard Malbec $24.95
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