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Albert Bichot Viré-Clessé Burgundy ChardonnayNew Product
"A bit sour", "Not sure about this", "French wine", "Light, pleasant", "Sharp finish", "Yum and soft.", "¿" More>>

Albert Bichot Viré-Clessé Burgundy Chardonnay $48.00
Beechworth ChardonnayNew Product
"Rounded taste with a slight acid after palate", "Mystery wine", "Ice chardy", "sour aftertaste", "Oaky", "Lime and sweet.", "Another great white" More>>

Beechworth Chardonnay $42.00
Bernard Defaix Chablis 1er Cru Côte de LechetNew Product
"Odd finish after an interesting start.", "Not sure", "Not keen", "A little flat", "Too flowery for me", "Interesting but an odd finish. As it opens up it settles though and improves.", "At first a burst then it changed. No idea of variety", "Not SB", "Average" More>>

Bernard Defaix Chablis 1er Cru Côte de Lechet $84.00
Borsao Viña Borgia Garnacha OrganicoNew Product
"Has some bite", "Big", "Love it", "Tasty. Light. Pinot?", "Awesome", "Nice and dry" More>>

Borsao Viña Borgia Garnacha Organico $3.50
Chambers Old Vine MuscadelleNew Product
"Beautiful", "So smooth nice", "Sweet without being sickly", "Tasty", "Really nice." More>>

Chambers Old Vine Muscadelle $30.00
Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen RousanneNew Product
"More traditional. Aussie?", "Another nice one", "Light flavour, light taste", "Apricot", "Super lime", "Chardy? A bit green." More>>

Chambers Rosewood Rutherglen Rousanne $13.00
Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen Durif & ShirazNew Product
"Chambourcine?", "Deep red", "A little heavy in petroleum, though pleasant enough", "A little empty", "Huuuuuge", "Can’t get the variety. Dark but seems younger." More>>

Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen Durif & Shiraz $20.00
Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen GouaisNew Product
"Well I’m stumped. But it’s fascinating.", "A golden colour nice", "Lovely aroma, taste great.", "Very lightly oaked and lovely", "Super dry lime.", "A bit green. Can’t figure the variety. Nice.", "Dry but Sophisticated" More>>

Chambers Rosewood Vineyards Rutherglen Gouais $20.00
Château de Pierreux BrouillyNew Product
"A bit grainy", "Unusual but not Australia n", "Smoother", "Rich and tobacco", "Pinot? A bit tart", "Like this" More>>

Château de Pierreux Brouilly $25.70
Clonakilla Shiraz VoignierNew Product
"Intriguing", "Oddball goodball", "It has a matured quality", "Chalky easy and high quality", "Slight strange taste. Menthol or licorice. Odd and thin.", "Tricky. Younger. Good legs. Oz.", "Pinot Noir" More>>

Clonakilla Shiraz Voignier $110.00
Crittenden Estate Geppetto Pinot NoirNew Product
"Tannins", "Very nice", "Stronger in flavour", "Touch of acid", "SMOOTH", "A bit bitey. Still an elegant Pinot.", "A bit harsh" More>>

Crittenden Estate Geppetto Pinot Noir $24.00
Domaine-Thomson Explorer Pinot NoirNew Product
"Great aroma", "Yum", "Complex and tasty", "Smells superb. Fine and still bitey. Would be good in a few hours.", "Another Pinot" More>>

Domaine-Thomson Explorer Pinot Noir $32.00
Dominique Portet Blanc De BlancNew Product
"Lots of bubbles, acidic and yeasty", "Big nose sparkling.", "Soft bubbles", "Acidic nice", "Gorgeous bubbles", "Gorgeous creamy bubbles. Great lime.", "Gets better and better", "Great flavour & so easy to drink." More>>

Dominique Portet Blanc De Blanc $54.00
Dopff Au Moulin Pinot NoirNew Product
"Pinot noir de Australie", "Another overseas brand", "Old, mellow,", "Smooth", "A little mineral salty. Strong tannins on finish.", "I think South Pacific Pinot noir", "Ok" More>>

Dopff Au Moulin Pinot Noir $29.00
Dubonnet AperitifNew Product

"A Dubonnet cocktail was also served as part of the royal theme. The Queen’s Cocktail. Two parts Dubonnet, one part gin. A slice of lemon and ice. Not rated but yummy."


Dubonnet Aperitif $41.99
D’Arenburg The Custodian GrenacheNew Product
"Big and bold", "Red rustic", "Smooth", "Very nice and berryfull", "V nice. Italiano. /?", "Dry" More>>

D’Arenburg The Custodian Grenache $19.00
Forest Hill Highbury Hills Sauvignon BlancNew Product
"Great foodie wine. Maybe French?", "Nice and suttle", "Don’t know what it is but it’s beautiful", "Absolutely gorgeous! Smells great. Buttery.", "Luscious and a bit oily", "Really nice! VErmintino?", "Vermintino savanagh wines" More>>

Forest Hill Highbury Hills Sauvignon Blanc $19.00
Freycinet Pinot NoirNew Product
"Ok", "Light fruity dry", "Tannic Pinot noir. Possibly just past it.", "Tasty Pinot. Bigger goer for Southern Hemisphere.", "Not for me", "A little dry but Romantic overtones" More>>

Freycinet Pinot Noir $69.00
Frogmore Creek Iced RieslingNew Product
"Lovely.", "A real sweet wine = nice", "Sweet, nice", "Sweet delight.", "Sweet" More>>

Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling $27.00
Furlan Prosecco DOC TrevisoNew Product
"Very very nice .", "A lot more bubbles", "Smells great, creamy texture", "Dry and neutral", "I do like this. Fine beads and yum.", "Lots of little bubbles. Euro but newer than last one." More>>

Furlan Prosecco DOC Treviso $50.00
Gallo Family White ZinfandelNew Product
"Undecided….not really! :)))", "Strawberries and cream", "Strawberry and lime. Is this wine ?", "Too sweet or fruity for me but with the pork better.", "Honey tones", "Sweet honey" More>>

Gallo Family White Zinfandel $10.00
Grosset Polish Hill RieslingNew Product
"Minerals and motorheads. Great", "Nice Reisling", "Lively", "Nice Riesling. Perfect with spicy cheese and spicy art.", "Fantastic Riesling.", "Crisp", "Beautiful" More>>

Grosset Polish Hill Riesling $79.99
Hardys Eileen Hardy ChardonnayNew Product
"Cardonnay", "Wholesome and divine", "Big arsed Chardonnay", "Excellent", "ABC", "The best not ABC" More>>

Hardys Eileen Hardy Chardonnay $80.00
Heemskerk Georg Jensen Hallmark CuvéeNew Product
"Nice start on the balcony.", "Very refreshing", "Smooth, flavoursome", "Lovely", "Very nice", "So excited to be back - everything is amazing!!!!", "Nice and crisp" More>>

Heemskerk Georg Jensen Hallmark Cuvée $33.95
Koehler-Ruprecht Pinot Noir Kabinett TrockenNew Product
"Great nose but strong tannins with weak after taste", "Improves with time.", "This one Has some age", "Bitter , with a touch of patroleum", "Another nice Pinot. Slightly watery but restrained as well.", "My least fave" More>>

Koehler-Ruprecht Pinot Noir Kabinett Trocken $44.00
Krondorf Barossa Cabernet SauvignonNew Product
"Nicely done", "Nice", "Deep flavour to match its colour", "Smooth and light", "Wonderful deep berry taste. A walk down the back of the winery.", "A big inexpensive cab sav rather nice", "European", "Nice" More>>

Krondorf Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon $14.00
La Esencia SangriaNew Product
"Love my sangria.", "Front of the palate and flavourful", "Sweet, spicy and tasty aperitif", "Original idea. Love the meat balls.", "Benadryl...", "Jamie Oliver would think it’s his mulled wine not heated for 8 hours" More>>

La Esencia Sangria $8.00
Les Jamelles Pinot NoirNew Product
"Smooth with a well rounded bold aftertaste", "Pinot noir and not too shabby.", "Nice for the first red of the night", "Tricky, easy drinking with a touch of tobbacco", "Fruity", "Superb. Deep flavour of chewed pencil, which I like.", "Pinot?" More>>

Les Jamelles Pinot Noir $25.00
Louis Latour Mâcon-Villages ChameroyNew Product
"Good gear.", "Nice", "Yum", "Smooth and rich", "rich flavour very nice chardy", "Bigger and richer than the last - more my style!" More>>

Louis Latour Mâcon-Villages Chameroy $29.99
Louis de Camponac Pinot NoirNew Product
"Slightly odd? Not sure", "Light red", "Light red light flavours", "Voluptuous red", "A bit light. Pinot like.", "Nice. Can’t pick variety" More>>

Louis de Camponac Pinot Noir $17.00
Maison Louis Latour Les Terrasses Pinot NoirNew Product
"Pinot noir", "Very different", "Vanilla! Yum", "Black Forest", "Light. But still tasty", "French", "Dry" More>>

Maison Louis Latour Les Terrasses Pinot Noir $17.99
Michele Chiarlo Palás Gavi CorteseNew Product
"It’s ok", "Different", "Would have been great with food", "A bit green for me. Young." More>>

Michele Chiarlo Palás Gavi Cortese $19.00
Mitolo G.A.M. McLaren Vale ShirazNew Product
"Best wine tonight", "Wine of the night", "A great wine", "Delicious", "A bit burny for me. Tannins too big.", "Fab. The best. Cab sav?", "Nice ¿" More>>

Mitolo G.A.M. McLaren Vale Shiraz $69.40
Mount Pleasant Hunter Valley SemillonNew Product
"Pinot Gris?", "Dry little flavour", "Great flavour.", "Tastes like the best day of spring", "Very light" More>>

Mount Pleasant Hunter Valley Semillon $22.99
Mount Pleasant Philip ShirazNew Product
"Still good.", "This is a nice wine", "Beautifully old and stable", "Big", "My fav", "Woah. Bigger and richer!" More>>

Mount Pleasant Philip Shiraz $22.99
Mumm BrutNew Product
"Pleasant light bubbles, easy to drink", "Nice burnt butter", "Sweet bubbles", "Nice, limey and yum", "Cotton candy notes. Could be euro small bubbles.", "Easy drinking", "Fairy floss notes :)" More>>

Mumm Brut $77.00
Newblood Non-Alcoholic ChardonnayNew Product
"Not sure what they’re trying to do with this.", "Too sweet for me", "Milky texture. UmIque flavour", "Too sweet for me. Like an apple juice.", "A little sweet" More>>

Newblood Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay $15.00
Next Destination Alcohol Removed ShirazNew Product
"Might be getting a bit generous here?", "A bit tart", "Vanilla, washed out,", "Not for me. Sweet. Table wine." More>>

Next Destination Alcohol Removed Shiraz $20.00
Nyetimber Classic CuvéeNew Product
"Like heaps classier than the last!", "Great flavour_", "Refreshing, lots of bubbles", "Very very nice", "Also very nice rated the same", "Even better than the last (but it is also 10 years since I last scored a wine at TCOP),", "Nice" More>>

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée $79.99
Patient Cottat The Pebble Sauvignon BlancNew Product
"Cheaky little number.", "Sweet with a hint of fruit", "Too sweet for me", "Blunt punch.", "Not to my taste", "Very odd taste. I reckon some sort of odd European grape.", "Pleasant. Smells like sav Blanc but might be a Pinot Grigio", "Yep white" More>>

Patient Cottat The Pebble Sauvignon Blanc $15.00
Porta Dante ProseccoNew Product
"Eighty percent is good for me.", "Nice bubbles", "Tastes great. Very refreshing.", "Lovely bubbles", "Limey but smooth. Would be perfect with oysters", "I think this is domestic", "Undecided", "Tasty bubbles", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Porta Dante Prosecco $14.00
Punt Road ChardonnayNew Product
"Nice east drinking", "Tasty.", "Cool flavour", "Buttery, flavoursome", "Delicious", "Oily. Slight bitterness. Sem Or Riesling I think.", "Great progression" More>>

Punt Road Chardonnay $24.00
Shaw + Smith M3 ChardonnayNew Product
"Getting better chardy.", "Bit more flavour than the previous one", "A little plain. Basic flavour", "Nice wine.", "Maybe a chardie" More>>

Shaw + Smith M3 Chardonnay $51.00
St Hugo Barossa ShirazNew Product
"Go Sheila. You little beauty,", "A traditional red", "Bitter, mothballs", "Yum. Lovely fruit rich berries. Superb.", "Love it", "Cab sav" More>>

St Hugo Barossa Shiraz $40.00
Taylor’s Jaraman ChardonnayNew Product
"Chardy", "Mystery wine", "Nice immediate flavour.", "A thin Chardonnay", "A young sth oz Chardonnay below $27. Wild guess Taylor’s. Clare Valley.", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Taylor’s Jaraman Chardonnay $26.00
Taylor’s Jaraman ShirazNew Product
"Nice well rounded and fruity", "Shyrah……¿", "A true red", "Cab sav ¿¿¿¿¿", "Pleasant flavour.", "Yum and Ruby", "Delish. No idea of variety.", "Nice and fruity", "Shiraz" More>>

Taylor’s Jaraman Shiraz $25.50
Tenuta Di Arceno Chianti ClassicoNew Product
"Big", "Big red", "Yummy and rich", "Really great/", "Matches ¿", "Nice" More>>

Tenuta Di Arceno Chianti Classico $35.00
Theleme Black Creek Farm RoseNew Product
"Sweet and dry, odd.", "Rose ole", "Has a taste of pink", "Rose, basic flavours", "Nice gentle rose", "Very nice", "Rosey ¿¿" More>>

Theleme Black Creek Farm Rose $32.00
Thomson & Scott Noughty Organic Sparkling ChardonnayNew Product
"Industrial. Good for an austerity budget night.", "Clean flavour nice", "Smooth, beautiful soft flavour", "A little sweet but a good starter", "Love it for bubbles" More>>

Thomson & Scott Noughty Organic Sparkling Chardonnay $25.00
Vigneti Del Sole SoaveNew Product
"Another easy to drink wine", "Smooth", "Sharp fruity", "Nice and fruity", "Sav Blanc nz?", "Unsure?", "No idea what it is . Young ?" More>>

Vigneti Del Sole Soave $12.99
Villa Antinori Chianti Classico DOCG RiservaNew Product
"Gettin real good", "Different", "Such a good red!", "Bit sharp", "Red, dry, nice" More>>

Villa Antinori Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva $47.99
Wandin Blanc de BlancNew Product
"Very nice", "Italian sparkling", "Pleasant", "Sweet and light", "Limey and fine bubbles", "French? Smells good. Toasty.", "Bubbly start" More>>

Wandin Blanc de Blanc $49.00
Yarra Burn SparklingNew Product
"Champagne view", "Great after taste", "Lifestyles of the rich and famous", "Low on bubbles" More>>

Yarra Burn Sparkling $20.00
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