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Campbell and Sally - Damiens Best

August 2018

Akarua Rosé Brut NV
"A meaty ‘rose’ bubbles", "Cheeky little rose pinky. Very fine bubbles", "Sweetly starter", "Tasty - refreshing", "Lively Rose bubbles", "A bit like soft drink", "Bubbles that disappear. I like it.", "A rosy start", "Delicious fruity bubbles" More>>

Akarua Rosé Brut NV $41.95
Blind Corner Chenin Blanc
"Odd flavour, bitter sweet", "Very unusual", "Unusual flavour, bitter", "Interesting! Really, love it.", "Bitter, limey.", "I like it ... riesling.", "Cuts and cleanses the palate", "Nah!" More>>

Blind Corner Chenin Blanc $27.95
Caledonia Pinot Noir
"Gets sweeter with each taste", "Really, Really good.", "Fruity, sweety, lighty.", "Light, pleasant.", "Smooth. Ruby. Nice.", "Pinot classic. Smell is sensational.", "Very nice example of Oz pinot.", "Medicinal - Benadryl taste.", "Fruity and delicious." More>>

Caledonia Pinot Noir $36.95
Chateau Pato Shiraz
"Bold.", "Yum", "Yum, great flavours.", "Consistent. Another great wine.", "great peppery shiraz", "Somewhat classic Hunter shiraz.", "Another 'blinder'", "Lots of umph!" More>>

Chateau Pato Shiraz $39.95
Cookoothama Darlington Point Chardonnay
"Simples", "Interesting", "Sweet without being sweet. Flattens with after taste.", "A sweet, smooth wine with a sharp end", "Multi-level but subtle", "Didn't guess the grape. Legs.", "High EtOH % for a white", "Light and fruity" More>>

Cookoothama Darlington Point Chardonnay $14.95
Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique
"Very drinkable.", "Acidie. Has bite.", "I love it. However I can no longer rate.", "hey, really good.", "OK only to me.", "A great finisher", "Nice." More>>

Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique $41.00
Howard Park Margaret River Merlot
"meaty", "Softly merlot", "Cab Sav. Nice.", "Fantastic. Love it.", "Falls away", "Well this wine was FAB", "Well textured - the braille is in the bottle", "Nice :-)" More>>

Howard Park Margaret River Merlot $34.95
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