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Wines from July 2021 to June 2022


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Arras Brut Elite
"Pleasant bubbly", "Nice", "What a starter to meeting in person!", "Acidic, though nice and fresh", "Light and a little citrus", "Limey. Small smooth bubbles", "Nice. Reckon it’s French.", "Excited the taste buds… I mustn’t have Covid!" More>>

Arras Brut Elite $47.50
Beyond the Wilderness Sparkling
"Strong bubbles", "Heaps Aussie…..maaaate!", "Very fresh", "Has to b aussie", "Buttery and pleasant to drink. Nice aroma.", "Awesome", "Nice Demi-sec brut. Fine an no astringency", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Beyond the Wilderness Sparkling $25.00
Bress Bressecco
"Extremely sweet", "Soft bitter sweet", "Lovely bubbles", "Green apple fresh. I like it a lot.", "Well I think euro bubbles." More>>

Bress Bressecco $28.80
Brown Brothers Patricia Noble Riesling
"Too sweet" More>>

Brown Brothers Patricia Noble Riesling $37.95
Brown Brothers Prosecco
"A sweet bubbles", "bubbles, soft, nice.", "Sweet and bubbly", "Very soft", "French I think. Nice.", "Delicious" More>>

Brown Brothers Prosecco $14.25
Cassegrain Fromenteau Reserve Chardonnay
"Not my style of this type of wine", "One of my favourite flavours", "Bitter verging on sour", "Semillon me thinks.", "Maybe blend from europe" More>>

Cassegrain Fromenteau Reserve Chardonnay $60.00
Cassegrain Reserve Falerne
"Nice", "Getting bolder", "Bitter/bland", "Nice on the nose. Variety???", "Maybe Shiraz but a bit mineral in taste" More>>

Cassegrain Reserve Falerne $55.00
Chateau Ducluzeau Listrac-Medoc
"Bold slightly sweet red, some age", "Light tannin. Very drinkable.", "Smooth not bad", "Smooth", "Gorgeous Smokey Shiraz.", "Sophisticated", "I thought smooth at first then a few sips later a bit harsh ? Can’t explain" More>>

Chateau Ducluzeau Listrac-Medoc $39.00
Cháteau Pâto Chardonnay
"A bit harsher than the previous Chardonnay", "Better Chardonnay", "Different chardy never knew", "Nice", "Very ¿ nice", "Limey and bit bitter for me", "Young", "Very smooth" More>>

Cháteau Pâto Chardonnay $38.95
Château Pâto Shiraz
"As good as the other one but different", "Not too sure……but 2018.", "Lighter in flavour", "Soft drinking", "Dryer red", "A little sharp. Would be great with veal.", "Dry", "Peppery" More>>

Château Pâto Shiraz $43.95
Covalli Amarone della Valpolicella
"Old age faved flavours", "Bitter, tannin,", "Mouthy, ambitious and then empty", "Superb and then settles. Would be great with an rustic Italian stew.", "Nice twist on theme. I can feel a spat bol coming on." More>>

Covalli Amarone della Valpolicella $57.72
Dalwood Estate Chardonnay
"Nice full flavoured", "Average", "Chardy for sure", "Yummy smell. Pleasant drinking. Easy on the pallet.", "Lively white", "Great oaky Chardonnay", "Refined", "Very nice." More>>

Dalwood Estate Chardonnay $29.99
Dalwood Estate Shiraz
"Smooth bold rounded", "Big and ballsy. Where do we go from here?:)", "Very bold lots of berry flavour", "Plum", "Smooth red", "Wow. Explosion of tobacco and spice. Stunning.", "Not chardy", "Berries and chocolatey" More>>

Dalwood Estate Shiraz $38.95
David Hook Pinot Grigio
"Very unusual", "Sour notes with light acidity", "Tart", "Lime and lemons. Would be great with fish.", "A bit green. Can’t identify grape. Don’t love." More>>

David Hook Pinot Grigio $15.60
Deep Woods Hillside Chardonnay
"Woody chardy", "Another crisp but more astringent great wine.", "Best chardy for a long time", "Chardy", "Bitter sweet", "Gorgeous", "Lovely classic Chardonnay", "Young. A bit of sweetness. Chardy but not very woody.", "Chardy for sure" More>>

Deep Woods Hillside Chardonnay $23.95
DogRidge Butterfingers Barrel Aged Bâtonnage Chardonnay
"Absolutely gorgeous colour. Tastes like a mid-old Chardonnay" More>>

DogRidge Butterfingers Barrel Aged Bâtonnage Chardonnay $30.00
Fox Creek Postmaster GSM

"Nice deep ruby red. Yum."


Fox Creek Postmaster GSM $25.00
Heritage Estate Club Red Shiraz Muscat
"Very odd. Sweet but sour", "Great…….tokay…..okay!", "A port type wine", "Very sweet", "Porty, sweet, dates!", "Interesting sweetness", "Semi sweet, Cherry and sultanas.", "Late harvest? Light. Can’t pick it.", "Muscat" More>>

Heritage Estate Club Red Shiraz Muscat $19.00
James Busby Vineyard Series Pinot Noir
"Nice", "Divine wine. Make it mine!", "Overseas Light red", "Bitter flavours, old, good wine", "Smooth like everything else this evening", "Light and slightly bitter finish", "Very smooth", "Maybe a Pinot ?" More>>

James Busby Vineyard Series Pinot Noir $40.00
Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir
"Good full flavoured", "Another Pinot, from the bastard cousins?", "Nice red", "Slight bitter flavours, has after character, changing tones:", "Loved it", "Nice balanced wine." More>>

Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne Pinot Noir $51.00
Joseph Perrier Champagne
"Clean, light bubbles, toasty", "Very nice. European perhaps Gaullist", "Very nice", "Gorgeous", "Limey and beautiful small bubbles", "Easy", "Not many bubbles but very easy drinking.", "Fruity" More>>

Joseph Perrier Champagne $60.00
La Chablisienne Le Finage Chablis
"Tart", "Australian chardy.", "Not my thing", "Old burnt flavours, with a stable acidity that tries to deceive its age.", "Light oaky and lovely", "Nice Chablis" More>>

La Chablisienne Le Finage Chablis $40.00
Little Yering Pinot Noir
"Smooth", "Smooth Pinot", "It’s very clear with a smooth flavour", "Nice & soft", "Mono flavour, lacks caracter", "Light and a little French in flavour", "A pinot of some type. A bit light for me.", "Light. Thinking Pinot. Victorian.", "Great red to start" More>>

Little Yering Pinot Noir $19.95
Majella Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon

"Nice", "Rich and luscious.", "Nice", "Chocolate has enhanced the flavour!", "Awesome red", "Deep red and smooth red. Obvs Canberra. Gorgeous.", "Divine. Nothing like a big bold red.", "Bold"


Majella Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon $29.00
Margan Timbervines Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz
"Smooth rich red", "Vanilla, berries, purple edge,", "Light", "Super rich and big berries. An Italian variety I reckon.", "Tasty. Grape unknown.", "Choc berries" More>>

Margan Timbervines Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz $33.00
Martinborough Home Block Chardonnay
"A big woody buttery chardy . Good but not for me. ¿", "Interesting…. I like.", "Chardy", "Scarborough chardy", "Tangy, burnt butter flavours", "Delicious", "Great classic Chardonnay. Nice oak.", "Buttery" More>>

Martinborough Home Block Chardonnay $50.00
Patritti Rare Fortified Chardonnay
"A good oporto", "Lost 0.5 for no cigar:)", "Such a long time for fortified vine", "Raisins", "Raisin and nashi", "Tongue coating doona. Fabulous", "Honey tones", "Smooth", "Like candy!!" More>>

Patritti Rare Fortified Chardonnay $35.95
Penfolds Bin 311 Chardonnay

Penfolds Bin 311 Chardonnay $53.20
Pol Roger Reserve Brut

Pol Roger Reserve Brut $73.20
Scarborough Semillon
"A bit tart after taste", "Tropical fruits , young, fresh, but great.", "Sav Blanc", "Noice", "Bitter initial palate, needs food", "Smooth", "A bit light and watery for me.", "Tricky. Young. A bit grassy. Semillon?", "Sav Blanc when I don’t know what it is" More>>

Scarborough Semillon $19.95
Schloss Vollrads Riesling
"An old German Riesling is my guess", "Very very interesting. Can’t put my finger on it exactly.", "Very sweet", "Interesting citrus fuel feel. Sweet smells.", "Definitely German", "Sweet and lovely with the sausage", "Nice but no idea what it is" More>>

Schloss Vollrads Riesling $28.00
Soumah Yarra Valley Pinot Grigio
"I know what it is nice", "Acidic base", "Interesting, a little floral", "Great with blue cheese", "Very pleasant. Pinot gris maybe?" More>>

Soumah Yarra Valley Pinot Grigio $23.90
South Point Estate Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling

South Point Estate Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling $5.00
Taylors Cabernet Sauvignon

Taylors Cabernet Sauvignon $19.00
Taylors Estate Label Chardonnay

Taylors Estate Label Chardonnay $15.10
Tbilvino Alazani Valley Red Medium Sweet
"Not bad", "The brother of the previous wine", "Easy drinking. Chalky", "¿¿ wrong. Can’t identify.", "Nice sweet Pinot Noir ?", "Sweet" More>>

Tbilvino Alazani Valley Red Medium Sweet $20.00
Tbilvino Tbilisi
"Sherry like", "Unusual cannot pick the wine not bad", "Light flavoured. Woody", "Bitter initially. Not sure of variety.", "Very different not sure but not chardy", "¿¿¿¿¿" More>>

Tbilvino Tbilisi $17.00
Three Ponds Holman Nero D’Avola
"Not as rich as the other", "Old and deep.", "Nice", "Probably too sweet for me.", "Good nose. Kind of light but big." More>>

Three Ponds Holman Nero D’Avola $37.10
Two Rivers Cuvée
"Bright and fresh", "Light sparkling, just a tad less than lemonade.", "Very brut", "Fresh,nice", "Light and lovely", "Yummy sweet bubbles", "A bubbly start", "Yum", "Nice" More>>

Two Rivers Cuvée $17.95
Tyrrell’s Belford Hunter Valley Semillon
"Ok but not outstanding", "Not distinguished by anything really.", "Nice chardy", "Sooo Vermentino", "A substantial acid base. Very fresh.", "Ooh very nice", "Cardy. Limey. Fresh.", "Got to be a chardy" More>>

Tyrrell’s Belford Hunter Valley Semillon $38.95
Usher Tinkler Death by Semillon
"Very bad aroma, taste got a bit better after a while", "The most different wine ever the smell is on the nose", "Dull bitter. Unique smell.", "Love the taste. Not the smell.", "Sorry not for me" More>>

Usher Tinkler Death by Semillon $30.00
Usher Tinkler Enneagram
"A bit to sweet", "Very nice clean and fresh", "Fresh with raspberry flavours", "A quite red rosè", "Enjoyable summer drink maybe rose with a hint of floral", "Nice fresh and rosey ¿" More>>

Usher Tinkler Enneagram $30.00
Usher Tinkler La Volpe Prosecco
"Light fruity and bubbly", "Overseas", "Sweet and sour", "Tough to Where from as has small bubbles but not exactly the taste of toast.", "Lots of bubbles, French ?", "Very unusual", "Delicious" More>>

Usher Tinkler La Volpe Prosecco $38.00
Verve Clicquot NV Champagne
"Vintage? Brut.", "More bubbles", "Little bit of acid with a balance fruitness", "Lots of eservesance", "Lovely", "Slightly better than the previous. A nice balanced dry sparkling" More>>

Verve Clicquot NV Champagne $73.00
Voyager Estate Chardonnay
"Buttery and soft", "My favourite just a bit industrial", "A little tarte after the German sweetness", "Oily and odd. Almost Oakey", "? French", "Chardy ? I am not doing a nudie run if it isn’t" More>>

Voyager Estate Chardonnay $45.00
Zenzen Glühwein
"Warm wine quite nice", "One night only…..:)", "Better than I thought", "Lovely", "Deep, dark and warm.", "It was nice to drink something different and the fruitcake matched well", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Zenzen Glühwein $10.00
d’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz

"Tart", "Strong red", "Another chocolate red", "Aged"


d’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz $75.00
d’Arenberg The Dead Arm Shiraz

d’Arenberg The Dead Arm Shiraz $65.00
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