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Adrian and Sonia

May 2019

Ashton Hills Piccadilly Valley Rosé

Ashton Hills Piccadilly Valley Rosé $43.00
Coriole Fiano
"Different mouth feel, oily? Young. Perhaps SavBlanc?", "Not sure but a bit oily", "Maybe better if it was a bit warmer", "Buttery, a little on the metho side, though ok", "Watered down pineapple, different but nice.", "Nice and crisp. Would be perfect with seafood.", "Love it chilled", "Good summer ... More>>

Coriole Fiano $28.95
La Collina Viognier
"Not sure about this one. chardy though?", "Chardy for sure", "Chardy, Chrip and fruity", "Lovely burnt flavour", "A solid white", "Nice and fruity", "Too much for my young palate", "Very drinkable", "Ok. Average" More>>

La Collina Viognier $52.95
Montevecchio Rosso Field Blend
"Not doing anything for me? MOTR", "Has an old flavour not sure of the variety", "Beautiful, may I have some more", "Acrylic flavour,", "A lovely red, spicy and full bodied with a good finish", "Good but a little weakly.", "Not sure", "Good Shiraz?" More>>

Montevecchio Rosso Field Blend $23.95
Tellurian GSM
"Nice drop, getting silly. V tired.", "A nice red", "Sensational", "Chalky with character. A nice wine.", "Fruity and interesting, I like it", "Freaking Awesome. Big alcohol hit and berry good.", "Fruity", "Mmmm Merlot ? I like that", "Goes well with chocolate ¿" More>>

Tellurian GSM $29.99
Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz
"Good gear comes out and I have to go home.", "So smooth with lots of fruit", "Full fruity flavours very nice", "Yum. Berries, flavours, great aroma", "Awesome", "Wonderful berries and great depth of flavour.", "Great but I have a rusty palate", "All class", "Nice and full bodied" More>>

Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz $55.95
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