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2022 Peter - Local

Cháteau Pâto Chardonnay
"A bit harsher than the previous Chardonnay", "Better Chardonnay", "Different chardy never knew", "Nice", "Very ¿ nice", "Limey and bit bitter for me", "Young", "Very smooth" More>>

Cháteau Pâto Chardonnay $38.95
Château Pâto Shiraz
"As good as the other one but different", "Not too sure……but 2018.", "Lighter in flavour", "Soft drinking", "Dryer red", "A little sharp. Would be great with veal.", "Dry", "Peppery" More>>

Château Pâto Shiraz $43.95
Dalwood Estate Chardonnay
"Nice full flavoured", "Average", "Chardy for sure", "Yummy smell. Pleasant drinking. Easy on the pallet.", "Lively white", "Great oaky Chardonnay", "Refined", "Very nice." More>>

Dalwood Estate Chardonnay $29.99
Dalwood Estate Shiraz
"Smooth bold rounded", "Big and ballsy. Where do we go from here?:)", "Very bold lots of berry flavour", "Plum", "Smooth red", "Wow. Explosion of tobacco and spice. Stunning.", "Not chardy", "Berries and chocolatey" More>>

Dalwood Estate Shiraz $38.95
Patritti Rare Fortified Chardonnay
"A good oporto", "Lost 0.5 for no cigar:)", "Such a long time for fortified vine", "Raisins", "Raisin and nashi", "Tongue coating doona. Fabulous", "Honey tones", "Smooth", "Like candy!!" More>>

Patritti Rare Fortified Chardonnay $35.95
Two Rivers Cuvée
"Bright and fresh", "Light sparkling, just a tad less than lemonade.", "Very brut", "Fresh,nice", "Light and lovely", "Yummy sweet bubbles", "A bubbly start", "Yum", "Nice" More>>

Two Rivers Cuvée $17.95
Tyrrell’s Belford Hunter Valley Semillon
"Ok but not outstanding", "Not distinguished by anything really.", "Nice chardy", "Sooo Vermentino", "A substantial acid base. Very fresh.", "Ooh very nice", "Cardy. Limey. Fresh.", "Got to be a chardy" More>>

Tyrrell’s Belford Hunter Valley Semillon $38.95
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