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Michael and Lee-Anne

Blade Runner November

Armand de Chambray Blanc de BlancNew Product
"French. Very nice.", "Has a butter taste lovely", "Quite fruity", "Easy drinking", "Slightly sweet with a hint of honey up front with a dryer finish, very nice", "Very toasty n tasty w big bubbles. Tastes French but the bubble size throwing me.", "Best start ever!", "Noice", "Crisp n cool just what ... More>>

Armand de Chambray Blanc de Blanc $14.99
Cambria Estate Winery Katherine’s Vineyard ChardonnayNew Product
"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.", "I’m sure it’s a Chardy", "Chardy, nice", "Chocolate flavoured wine,!", "Smooth", "Well mayb an unwooded chardy", "Buttery ? Chardy", "Young Chardy ?", "Ok" More>>

Cambria Estate Winery Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay $39.99
Cupio Dry Sparkling RoseNew Product
"It has a real honey flavour with a touch of blush", "Not from France.", "A little bitter, sweet smell", "Balanced light and lovely", "Well I like the other better but small bubbles on this mayb champagne region not oz.", "Next best", "Love the freshness", "Refreshing at first but then got a bit aci ... More>>

Cupio Dry Sparkling Rose $17.99
Fincas de Ganuza Reserva RiojaNew Product
"This has a rich flavour and a hint of chocolate", "Beautiful", "Chalky and dry", "Smooth and dry", "Trouble again guessing. Euro style.", "Nice", "Nice drop" More>>

Fincas de Ganuza Reserva Rioja $59.99
Salomon Groovy Grüner VeltlinerNew Product
"Back to wine phew", "Yep very nice", "Fresh, creamy", "A nice wine", "Struggling identifying - younger.", "Easy", "A blend ?", "Refreshing after hipster beer mouthwash" More>>

Salomon Groovy Grüner Veltliner $21.99
Tyrrell’s Vat 8 Shiraz CabernetNew Product
"Lots of berries", "Excellent", "Smooth, light drinking", "A big full red", "Another euro style hard to distinguish.", "No comment", "My fave tonight" More>>

Tyrrell’s Vat 8 Shiraz Cabernet $80.00
Wayward Brewing Ripasso Rosso Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale Fremented on Shiraz SkinsNew Product
"It’s completely different I’d say it’s beer turned up on the wrong night", "Boot polish wine", "Point for presentation", "Beer with a twist", "Points for intrigue rather than taste. Lot of flavours going on", "It’s turned!", "Alright for a beer. Good for a hot day in Bali", "You know I love u Micke ... More>>

Wayward Brewing Ripasso Rosso Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale Fremented on Shiraz Skins $13.00
Woods Crampton GracianoNew Product
"It has a smooth taste of a different variety", "Power taste. Strong flat flavours.", "Tastes mature and smooth then has a lollipop like finish- changes as it sits in the glass", "Hard to pick again. Not oz?", "It evolves", "After taste is unusual" More>>

Woods Crampton Graciano $20.00
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