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Lee-Anne and Michael

"TCOP Travels"

October 2018

Chandon Vintage BrutNew Product
"Easy drinking with a hint of residual fruit", "¿¿this. Uber start to proceedings.", "Very nice", "Bubbles", "Fresh , buttery yum", "A lovely bubbles", "Nice. Big bubbles.", "Liked it. Think French very pleasant", "¿good & easy drinking", "Nice bubbles" More>>

Chandon Vintage Brut $41.00
Chateau Tanunda The Whole Dam FamilyNew Product
" have excelled again. Great batch of vino.", "It’s like blackberry jam with a touch of age", "Sensational!", "Love it", "Good. And still some length left.", "This ones gotta b a pinot", "Older, smoky", "Nice and smooth" More>>

Chateau Tanunda The Whole Dam Family $24.00
Mcleish MerlotNew Product
"Pleasant", "You little beauty,", "Soft red very nice", "Interesting", "Musty, old closet, leather shoes!", "A great red", "Gorgeous old fella. Falls away late probably due to age.", "Pinot noir I’d say from vic?", "My wine, no bubbles", "Good with a steak. A little dry", "Nice and a bit earthy" More>>

Mcleish Merlot $25.00
Mesh RieslingNew Product
"On the nose.....don’t recognise this at all. It’s a mystery to me. Next wine please.", "Lots of fruit flavour quite nice", "Different level", "Excellent", "Different a lovely fresh fruity party that ends quickly on the taste buds", "Amazing fruit salad aroma", "I’m getting floral nose. Can’t figure ... More>>

Mesh Riesling $27.00
Peterson’s Sparkling ShirazNew Product
"A little musty a little sweet", "Exceptional. to get back to drinking it.", "A punchy old sparkling red love it", "Red bubbles", "Bold with a touch of anasead and licorice", "Muscat style sparkles-an interesting experience", "Raspberry sparkles.", "Always a fav. Aussie. Peterson’s.?", ... More>>

Peterson’s Sparkling Shiraz $45.00
Scarborough Yellow Label ChardonnayNew Product
"A heavy Chardonnay?", "Like the smell of snags on the barbie, takes me home to the place, I belooooong, Chardy mumma. ...", "Yum yum Chardonnay", "Chardy all the way", "Unusual taste, slight medicine taste though pleasant,", "Chardonnay or an Oakes semillon- lovely", "Wonderful classic big Chardonn ... More>>

Scarborough Yellow Label Chardonnay $23.00
Tscharke Savagnin Girl TalkNew Product
"A little bit too sweet", "Pleasant but unremarkable.", "Another young wine but very shuttle", "Yum", "Slight acid, though pleasant drinking", "Smooth and clean", "Super lime and fruit juice.", "I think this ones a sav Blanc.", "Likeable, a bit fruity", "Tastes like a chardy" More>>

Tscharke Savagnin Girl Talk $19.00
Yarra Yarra The Yarra YarraNew Product
"Portish this is nearly as old as me ¿¿¿¿¿", "Undoubtedly good in its prime. Perhaps just past that point?", "It’s not my favourite I think it’s on the verge of turning", "Requires a great red steak! Angus in particular.", "Big old not sure if it’s my perfect match - interesting", "Wine of the nite ... More>>

Yarra Yarra The Yarra Yarra $75.00
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