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Chris and Manny.

Naked Small Winemakers.

Brian Fletcher Signature Wines El Cid TempranilloNew Product
"A tart red wine, astringent possibly a Tempranillo", "Victorian, er er er WA Tempranillo .....and probs about 25 bucks made by Brian I think?", "Not the sea-this I thought", "Bloody beautiful manny", "Bold", "Pretty ok.", "Well Spain. Temparanillo?", "Not bad", "Great red", "A bit tart but quite ta ... More>>

Brian Fletcher Signature Wines El Cid Tempranillo $25.00
Champagne MoulinNew Product
"Bold bubbly", "Sharp clean lovely starter.", "Quite fresh for a sparkling", "Great starter", "Excellent champagne", "Good musical bubbles", "I guess French judging by the music et musicians.", "Love the start", "Nice bubbles", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Champagne Moulin $68.99
Four Men in a Shed Small Batch Trials MontepulcianoNew Product
"That’s an OK Italian style red", "V.B.good.", "Deep red", "Nice, berry flavours", "A gorgeous red", "Ok. Fades a bit and slight astringent", "That’s Amore;", "Not sure", "Nice red", "Nice and dry ¿" More>>

Four Men in a Shed Small Batch Trials Montepulciano $25.00
Gentle Annie Vineyard ShirazNew Product
"Very sweet", "Climbing the stairway to heaven.", "Not that traditional but nice", "Smells like an old classroom on return from the Xmas holidays, but tastes fantastic", "A little dry but full of flavour", "Very cherry", "Not my fav Shiraz.", "Shaking good", "Great MERLOT", "Nice berries ¿" More>>

Gentle Annie Vineyard Shiraz $27.00
Heart and Bones Angeli Cabernet SauvignonNew Product
"Cab sav", "Good. Moving on now! It’s 10.15......", "Not too bad", "bloody beautiful", "Highly alcoholic", "Still fresh. Could be mellower.", "Well must b cab sav. I’m thinking oz.", "Cab sav as per video", "Cab sav ?", "Nice ¿" More>>

Heart and Bones Angeli Cabernet Sauvignon $25.00
Heart and Bones Angeli ChardonnayNew Product
"Another old yella, not as smooth as the last one", "Drinkable but doesn’t have ne sais quoi", "Nice but not as complex as the previous one", "Another beautiful wine", "Delicious", "Nice. Slightly bitter. Maybe ageing and over the edge. ", "Another chardy pretty sure but could be viogner ... More>>

Heart and Bones Angeli Chardonnay $24.00
Lay of the Land Ben Morven Farm Pinot NoirNew Product
"Quite good", "Pinot arse! Noir by far!", "Not bad but not any complexity", "Not a fan", "So Pinot", "A little fruity and different for a pinot", "Wonderful berries and delicate Pinot", "A South Pacific Pinot noir.", "A bit off beat", "I love Pinot noir yum", "Nice berries" More>>

Lay of the Land Ben Morven Farm Pinot Noir $22.00
Montvalley ChardonnayNew Product
"Old Yella", "Champion cardy. Very very complex and good.", "The chardy I love", "Chardy, sensational,Chris,", "My fav", "Lovely", "Gorgeous Charddy.", "Very nice perfect example for me.", "Music to my palate", "Very nice. Great aroma also", "Brilliant ¿¿" More>>

Montvalley Chardonnay $18.00
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