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Chris and Manny


September 2018

Draytons Heritage Vines Cabernet Sauvignon
"Smoooooooth", "wow and yeah! Gimme more!", "Berry chocolate", "Yum. My favourite red.. Give me a steak.", "A different red. Not sure", "Can't pick it. Maybe a younger shiraz.", "Cab Sauv or Merlot." More>>

Draytons Heritage Vines Cabernet Sauvignon $60.00
Draytons Hunter Blue
"Ok for a blue wine. Bit too sweet for my taste.", "Very interesting. Total sensory saturation.", "Interesting Blue.", "A lovely surprise - nice.", "Without a doubt the best blue wine I've tasted.", "I appreciate the uniqueness - it blue me away. Taste? Not so much.", "Very blue" More>>

Draytons Hunter Blue $24.00
Draytons Semillon
"Young and a bit bitter", "Good", "Young - yellow colour", "Punchy - flavoursome. Talks to you.", "Pineapple and light", "Its not doing it for me", "Green and young", "Na" More>>

Draytons Semillon $30.00
Draytons Susanne Semillon
"Better than the other one", "Good a bit", "Older - yellow colour", "Not as good as the other one", "Lime - green", "Neither is this", "Nice" More>>

Draytons Susanne Semillon $60.00
Draytons Williams Shiraz
"What she said.", "Absolutely fabulous. Go Patsey!", "Red plus blue = velvet", "Powerful colour / deep.", "A lovely red - smooth.", "Another cab?", "Thank goodness you finished on a good note! Shiraz.", "Delicious, peppery" More>>

Draytons Williams Shiraz $60.00
McLeish Estate Dwyer Rose
"Quite full bodied rosé", "Nice. Really nice starter.", "Not very blue - it's red.", "Light and alcoholic", "Would buy another bottle.", "Right up my alley. Shiraz rose?", "Delicious rose?" More>>

McLeish Estate Dwyer Rose $18.00
Oldbury Road
"Bold, big flavour", "Wow. What's left to sample on the rainbow?", "Bitey Pink.", "Nice, full body, flavoursome", "Fruity. I detect sav blanc - a good one ?", "Nah" More>>

Oldbury Road $24.00
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