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Teusner G Grenache (9.3)
"Chocolatey", "Delicious", "Excellent", "Sweet drinkable", "A complexion of flavours. Georgous after flavour!", "Perfect", "Outstanding. Light in colour but tastes massive.", "Sophistocated", "Very smooth", "Lovely drinking. Fantastic", "Chocolatey ¿¿" More>>

Teusner G Grenache $29.95
Chandon Brut 2 (9.1)
"More bubbly", "Special bouquet when opened. Still gorgeous", "Ready dreamy", "Smells and taste buttery!", "Clean and lovely", "Dreamy and creamy", "Creamy" More>>

Chandon Brut 2 $22.00
Domaine Naturiste Cabernet Sauvignon (8.9)
"Big bold and beefy! Sensational.", "Soft red", "Very smooth", "Soft, easy drinking. Nice.", "Great aroma. Slightly old taste and push to astringent finish.", "Wine of the night. Big n bold. Very nice.", "Good shiraz", "Delicious" More>>

Domaine Naturiste Cabernet Sauvignon $23.00
Angove Chardonnay (8.8)
"Lot going on here. Like a Chardonnay but not.", "Conversational, convivial, just perfect.", "Light on smell clear taste", "Light on smell. Light flavour, though pleasant drinking", "Delightful", "Chardy party", "Chardonnay (Chris?) Yummo!" More>>

Angove Chardonnay $14.95
Wente Zinfandel (8.8)
"Nice aroma, smooth lingering taste", "Very berry.", "Has a mature taste", "Strong berry flavours not bad", "Red berry tasty", "Soft red with light flavours", "Wonderful smoky and barrel aged taste.", "Yep like it. Overseas. I was thinking cab sav or Zinfandel.", "A chemical after taste ?", "Very mu ... More>>

Wente Zinfandel $22.00
Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon (8.8)
"Bold", "Cracking good wine.", "Flavours plus; vanilla, tabacco", "Gorgeous", "Gorgeous deep messiah.", "Love it. Can’t get variety", "Very smooth", "Blackberry taste" More>>

Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon $57.00
St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml (8.7)
"Easy drinking, better once a bit warmer", "Very fruity nice", "Unusual unique flavour. Lovely", "Lovely and slightly sweet", "Sweet then dry. Strange and unique.", "Hmmm. Euro. Kind of Sauternes like but guessing vermentino?", "Fruity and dry" More>>

St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml $4.75
First Creek Chardonnay (8.7)
"Much better with food but still not Me", "Chardy", "Lots of spicy flavour.", "Tastes like an unoaked charddie. Like it.", "A nice chardy & the food pairing yum.", "Sweet but easy to drink", "Chardy, Chris?" More>>

First Creek Chardonnay $17.50
Zontes Footstep Violet Beauregard Malbec (8.7)
"Cherries?", "Great nose, but,,,,,less on the palate,", "Sweet delight", "Soft red", "Light red with after tannin burn.", "A great stand alone red", "Smell is outstanding 10/10. It fades a little on the taste.", "As good as the 1St white", "Grenache", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Zontes Footstep Violet Beauregard Malbec $24.95
Aresti Reserva Carmenere (8.7)
"Good", "Great nose. My learned friend suggests South Africa?", "I think it’s a shrimp nice", "Red syrup", "Brilliant! Subtle smell, soft flavours,", "Light and overborn by the Zinfandel", "Coffee nose? Nice drop.", "Nice and smooth", "Ok" More>>

Aresti Reserva Carmenere $25.00
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