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Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz (8.5)
"Good gear comes out and I have to go home.", "So smooth with lots of fruit", "Full fruity flavours very nice", "Yum. Berries, flavours, great aroma", "Awesome", "Wonderful berries and great depth of flavour.", "Great but I have a rusty palate", "All class", "Nice and full bodied" More>>

Wild Duck Creek Springflat Shiraz $55.95
Chateau Pâto Shiraz (8.4)
"Fruity tannins bold wine ¿", "Quintessential Hunter Shiraz in one of the great years. Say no more", "A shuttle Shiraz love ¿ it", "Fantastic sensational is the other word", "Wow", "Yum, more like a Grenache.", "My favourite red of the night.", "Ripper", "Awesome", "Very nice" More>>

Chateau Pâto Shiraz $38.00
Howard Park Margaret River Merlot (8.3)
"meaty", "Softly merlot", "Cab Sav. Nice.", "Fantastic. Love it.", "Falls away", "Well this wine was FAB", "Well textured - the braille is in the bottle", "Nice :-)" More>>

Howard Park Margaret River Merlot $34.95
Tellurian GSM (8.2)
"Nice drop, getting silly. V tired.", "A nice red", "Sensational", "Chalky with character. A nice wine.", "Fruity and interesting, I like it", "Freaking Awesome. Big alcohol hit and berry good.", "Fruity", "Mmmm Merlot ? I like that", "Goes well with chocolate ¿" More>>

Tellurian GSM $29.99
Draytons Williams Shiraz (8.2)
"What she said.", "Absolutely fabulous. Go Patsey!", "Red plus blue = velvet", "Powerful colour / deep.", "A lovely red - smooth.", "Another cab?", "Thank goodness you finished on a good note! Shiraz.", "Delicious, peppery" More>>

Draytons Williams Shiraz $60.00
Chateau Tanunda The Whole Dam Family (8.1)
" have excelled again. Great batch of vino.", "It’s like blackberry jam with a touch of age", "Sensational!", "Love it", "Good. And still some length left.", "This ones gotta b a pinot", "Older, smoky", "Nice and smooth" More>>

Chateau Tanunda The Whole Dam Family $24.00
Chateau Pato Shiraz (8.1)
"Bold.", "Yum", "Yum, great flavours.", "Consistent. Another great wine.", "great peppery shiraz", "Somewhat classic Hunter shiraz.", "Another 'blinder'", "Lots of umph!" More>>

Chateau Pato Shiraz $39.95
Margan Cabernet Sauvignon (8.0)

Margan Cabernet Sauvignon $40.00
Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique (8.0)
"Sweet", "Licorice and a glass", "Unusual red", "What can I say Pete absolutely fantastic", "Very strong", "Chalky and unusual", "Bold and beautiful", "Slight sweetness towards the end of the palate", "Big bold beautiful", "Can’t guess the variety", "Shiraz" More>>

Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique $41.95
Moss Wood Amy’s (7.9)
"Fruity", "Richman luscious best one so far for me .", "Not bad", "Beautiful wine and 8 out of 10 should be more of that Pete", "Totally covering the tongue", "Taste nice, but looses its complexity fast.", "Hearty", "Wonderful big powerful red", "Growing on me", "Very nice smooth to drink", "Nice li ... More>>

Moss Wood Amy’s $38.95
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