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Chandon Vintage Brut (7.6)
"Easy drinking with a hint of residual fruit", "¿¿this. Uber start to proceedings.", "Very nice", "Bubbles", "Fresh , buttery yum", "A lovely bubbles", "Nice. Big bubbles.", "Liked it. Think French very pleasant", "¿good & easy drinking", "Nice bubbles" More>>

Chandon Vintage Brut $41.00
1. Daosa Blanc de blanc (7.5)
"Light", "Beautiful bouquet. Well better than my armpits!", "Loved it", "Great strong sparkling", "Punchy and acidic slightly", "Raisin on the nose", "Big malo and then a bit watery", "The most french", "Not my taste", "Sweeter and nicer than b" More>>

1. Daosa Blanc de blanc $42.50
Peterson’s Sparkling Shiraz (7.4)
"A little musty a little sweet", "Exceptional. to get back to drinking it.", "A punchy old sparkling red love it", "Red bubbles", "Bold with a touch of anasead and licorice", "Muscat style sparkles-an interesting experience", "Raspberry sparkles.", "Always a fav. Aussie. Peterson’s.?", ... More>>

Peterson’s Sparkling Shiraz $45.00
2. Tyrrell’s HV Chardonnay Pinot Noir (7.3)
"First taste quite firm but second taste a bit lighter.", "It’ll get ya where ya wanna go if ya don’t hafda share it!", "Nice", "lighter than previous & not as strong ", "Pleasant drinking ", "Drinkable and Light", "Lovely soft finish. Lighter oak", "Less French to me. ", "More for me", "Ok a bit w ... More>>

2. Tyrrell’s HV Chardonnay Pinot Noir $28.80
Marchand & Burch Cremant de Bourgogne (7.3)
"Pleasant bubbles with some depth", "Very pleasant, easy to drink. No bells and whistles though.", "Has the bubbles that delight", "¿ nice fruity flavours", "Bruty", "Fresh", "Sweet bubbles", "Tastes familiar. A classic.", "Citrus I think", "Nice bubbles", "Nice and crisp , fruity and bubbly ¿" More>>

Marchand & Burch Cremant de Bourgogne $34.95
Akarua Rosé Brut NV (7.2)
"A meaty ‘rose’ bubbles", "Cheeky little rose pinky. Very fine bubbles", "Sweetly starter", "Tasty - refreshing", "Lively Rose bubbles", "A bit like soft drink", "Bubbles that disappear. I like it.", "A rosy start", "Delicious fruity bubbles" More>>

Akarua Rosé Brut NV $41.95
Ashton Hills Piccadilly Valley Rosé (0)

Ashton Hills Piccadilly Valley Rosé $43.00
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