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Angove Chardonnay (8.0)
"Lot going on here. Like a Chardonnay but not.", "Conversational, convivial, just perfect.", "Light on smell clear taste", "Light on smell. Light flavour, though pleasant drinking", "Delightful", "Chardy party", "Chardonnay (Chris?) Yummo!" More>>

Angove Chardonnay $14.95
First Creek Chardonnay (7.9)
"Much better with food but still not Me", "Chardy", "Lots of spicy flavour.", "Tastes like an unoaked charddie. Like it.", "A nice chardy & the food pairing yum.", "Sweet but easy to drink", "Chardy, Chris?" More>>

First Creek Chardonnay $17.50
St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml (7.7)
"Easy drinking, better once a bit warmer", "Very fruity nice", "Unusual unique flavour. Lovely", "Lovely and slightly sweet", "Sweet then dry. Strange and unique.", "Hmmm. Euro. Kind of Sauternes like but guessing vermentino?", "Fruity and dry" More>>

St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml $4.75
Domäne Wachau Riesling (7.7)
"Bold", "Complex Chardy. V good.", "Chardy, nice", "Older", "Lovely and full bodied", "Nice vibrant Chardonnay Bitey and young.", "Younger of the two. Think mayb Semillon.", "Older & tastier", "Excellent reisling", "Wundarbar" More>>

Domäne Wachau Riesling $28.50
Colpasso Fiano (7.6)
"Nice but a bit watery.", "Interesting, great legs, shame about the.........?", "Another great wine", "Not sure what white it is, but very drinkable", "Soft, easy drinking", "Delicious", "Interesting and complex white. Nice bitter and yum.", "Can’t guess the grape. Masanne?", "Chardy ?" More>>

Colpasso Fiano $13.30
Coriole Piquepoul (7.6)
"Nice, long after taste", "Generous and delicious!", "Love this wine", "Very subtle", "Very soft drinking:", "Lovely ¿", "Quiet lime. Very nice.", "Awesome oysters AND wine", "Dry and fresh" More>>

Coriole Piquepoul $28.00
Heirloom Vineyards Riesling (7.6)
"I should know this? Sadly my memory fails me!", "It’s has a Lemmon Swist", "Unusual taste - not a chardy", "Typical Chardonnay. Slightly industrial, though a nice example.", "Super lime. Perfect to cut through a creamy tart.", "Likely a sav Blanc?", "Nice cab sav I think ?", "Beautifully paired wit ... More>>

Heirloom Vineyards Riesling $30.00
Xanadu Chardonnay (7.6)
"Nice complex", "Big Hunter Semillon. Mothers milk.", "Not sure has a different taste", "Bitey & different", "Smooth with tank. Nice", "Interesting fruity white", "Very acidic and crisp. Possibly too green apples.", "Can’t guess grape. I like it. Euro I’d say.", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Xanadu Chardonnay $32.00
Josef Chromy Pinot Gris (7.5)
"Simple easy to drink", "Soft, light flavoured", "Fresh and lively", "Nice. Oily. Good.", "Very nice chardy me thinks", "Refined !", "Very nice", "Interesting with lovely taste & mouth feel.", "Dry" More>>

Josef Chromy Pinot Gris $26.40
Bunnamagoo Riesling (7.4)
"A little acidic", "Clean and crisp. A little time left to develop.", "Not as good as 1", "Younger", "Soft, easy an d flavoursom", "Lovely", "Nice and subtle", "Same wine different older vintage.", "A bit young", "A little light" More>>

Bunnamagoo Riesling $24.00
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