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Wines from July 2021 to June 2022


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DogRidge Butterfingers Barrel Aged Bâtonnage Chardonnay (8.0)New Product
"Absolutely gorgeous colour. Tastes like a mid-old Chardonnay" More>>

DogRidge Butterfingers Barrel Aged Bâtonnage Chardonnay $30.00
Taylors Estate Label Chardonnay (7.7)New Product

Taylors Estate Label Chardonnay $15.10
Deep Woods Hillside Chardonnay (7.7)New Product
"Woody chardy", "Another crisp but more astringent great wine.", "Best chardy for a long time", "Chardy", "Bitter sweet", "Gorgeous", "Lovely classic Chardonnay", "Young. A bit of sweetness. Chardy but not very woody.", "Chardy for sure" More>>

Deep Woods Hillside Chardonnay $23.95
Dalwood Estate Chardonnay (7.7)New Product
"Nice full flavoured", "Average", "Chardy for sure", "Yummy smell. Pleasant drinking. Easy on the pallet.", "Lively white", "Great oaky Chardonnay", "Refined", "Very nice." More>>

Dalwood Estate Chardonnay $29.99
Soumah Yarra Valley Pinot Grigio (7.6)New Product
"I know what it is nice", "Acidic base", "Interesting, a little floral", "Great with blue cheese", "Very pleasant. Pinot gris maybe?" More>>

Soumah Yarra Valley Pinot Grigio $23.90
Cháteau Pâto Chardonnay (7.5)New Product
"A bit harsher than the previous Chardonnay", "Better Chardonnay", "Different chardy never knew", "Nice", "Very ¿ nice", "Limey and bit bitter for me", "Young", "Very smooth" More>>

Cháteau Pâto Chardonnay $38.95
Scarborough Semillon (7.4)New Product
"A bit tart after taste", "Tropical fruits , young, fresh, but great.", "Sav Blanc", "Noice", "Bitter initial palate, needs food", "Smooth", "A bit light and watery for me.", "Tricky. Young. A bit grassy. Semillon?", "Sav Blanc when I don’t know what it is" More>>

Scarborough Semillon $19.95
Martinborough Home Block Chardonnay (7.4)New Product
"A big woody buttery chardy . Good but not for me. ¿", "Interesting…. I like.", "Chardy", "Scarborough chardy", "Tangy, burnt butter flavours", "Delicious", "Great classic Chardonnay. Nice oak.", "Buttery" More>>

Martinborough Home Block Chardonnay $50.00
Tyrrell’s Belford Hunter Valley Semillon (7.3)New Product
"Ok but not outstanding", "Not distinguished by anything really.", "Nice chardy", "Sooo Vermentino", "A substantial acid base. Very fresh.", "Ooh very nice", "Cardy. Limey. Fresh.", "Got to be a chardy" More>>

Tyrrell’s Belford Hunter Valley Semillon $38.95
Penfolds Bin 311 Chardonnay (7.3)New Product

Penfolds Bin 311 Chardonnay $53.20
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