2014 Wine of the Year Awards

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The 2013 Kalleske Clarry's GSM has taken out the Throsby Creek Oenological Phalanx Wine of the Year Award for 2014 in our Annual Awards Dinner, this year held at Paymasters Cafe in Newcastle.  The Wine of the Year Award is based upon the 'blind' ratings given by the Phalanx throughout the Year and then weighted based on price.  Rolene and John presented this wine at their hosting and accepted the trophy.

The very, very gorgeous 2006 Mitolo G.A.M. Shiraz was our Red Wine of the Year. Adrian and Sonia served this classic It our-rated all other wines for 2013/2014 and was just pipped at the post for the overall Wine of the Year due to the cheaper cost of the Kalleske.   Thanks very much to Fleur from Mitolo Wines for arranging a couple of bottles of the 2006 for our Awards lunch.

The White Wine of the Year was the 2009 Chalker's Crossing Chardonnay. This was also served at Adrian and Sonia's hosting event.

The Sparkling of the Year was the Pierre Gimonnet Special Club Champagne served by Sheila. It's a pricey one, but well worth the dollars.

The Pieroth Award for Worst Wine of the Year was snatched from the hands of Lee-Anne and Michael's Promenade Shiraz by Campbell, who completely lost all tasting notes from his hosting event - and hence ended up with an average of 0 for his wines.

The Host of the Year was granted to the might Throsby Creek for our Octover hosting events on it's banks.

A full list of the Year's wines is listed in our 2014 Wines of the Year listing.

Thanks to Randolph and Rodney at Paymasters for a great venue, food and service!

We then kicked on to sample a number of the great wine bars in inner-city Newcastle. Then it got blurry!

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