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Sally and Campbell

2 - September 2008

Cloudy Bay Pelorus
"Light without the butter taste" "Sally's slushy sparkles" "Very swish - good choice" More>>

Cloudy Bay Pelorus $57.30
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc
"Lychee flavour, tangy and interesting" "Love it" "Great SB - the best I've had" More>>

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc $49.99
Vinden Estate Alicante Boushet
"Red water almost wine" "Way too sweet" "I think Sally got the kids drinks mixed up with the wine club drinks" "I give it 4 out of 10 for the label and bottling" More>>

Vinden Estate Alicante Boushet $22.00
Vinden Estate Chardonnay
"Has legs with a touch of class" "True to the grape - Great!" "Just a trickle of a chardonnay. Noice" "not much nose" More>>

Vinden Estate Chardonnay $22.00
Vinden Estate Ice Wine / Late Harvest Semillon
"tastes better than it smells" "creamy, bold flavour" "OK sweeties" "Nice Ice!" More>>

Vinden Estate Ice Wine / Late Harvest Semillon $23.00
Vinden Estate Verdelho
"No colour with an unusual taste" "Yuk" "Very young" "The best verdelho I've had" "Good for summer. Nothing bad" More>>

Vinden Estate Verdelho $23.00
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