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4 - November 2009

Allandale Semillon
"Slight fizz" "Belts the palate" "Not so complex - young" "Solid and constrant - lime, without gin" More>>

Allandale Semillon $30.00
Brown Brothers Sparkling
"Quaffable" "Very nice" "Budget Bubbles" "A bit acidic" More>>

Brown Brothers Sparkling $26.00
Capercaillie Gewurztraminer
"A bit moth-bally" "Too much fruitiness" "Dont like it" "Not doing it" "Not much chop" More>>

Capercaillie Gewurztraminer $19.00
Sandalyn Pinot Noir
"Settles down well after arid start" "This AOK" "Musky mold - not to my taste" "Porty - like a port" "Lots of alcohol - not sure" More>>

Sandalyn Pinot Noir $40.00
Torbreck - The Stuie
"OK" "This is it for the night" "Great glam" "Great plums - excellent" "Beautiful nose - rich bold flavour" More>>

Torbreck - The Stuie $60.00
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