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6 - March 2009

Grant Burge RGSM6 Reserve Grenache Shiraz
"very drinkable" "The smell is very delicious" "Strong and healthy" "Lots of legs, great colour - a nice 'bite' on the mid palette" More>>

Grant Burge RGSM6 Reserve Grenache Shiraz $30.00
Jansz Sparkling
"Gorgeous" "Middle of the road" "Easy drinking, lively sparkling wine" "Well structuired - nothing exciting" More>>

Jansz Sparkling $35.00
Margan Verdelho
"Greenish" "Under age - fruity" "Light and youngish" Tropical, luscious fruity. Developing quickly" More>>

Margan Verdelho $15.00
Montes Alpha Merlot
"Slight tannin only" "A berry with this nose" "Not bad, tangy. A bit bolder in flavour" "So plummy and yummy" More>>

Montes Alpha Merlot $19.00
Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling
"Nice riesling" "Average drinkable wine. Relatively OK" "A nice well rounded easy to drink riesling" More>>

Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling $35.00
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