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2022 Adrian and Sonia 

Bress BresseccoNew Product
"Extremely sweet", "Soft bitter sweet", "Lovely bubbles", "Green apple fresh. I like it a lot.", "Well I think euro bubbles." More>>

Bress Bressecco $28.80
Brown Brothers ProseccoNew Product
"A sweet bubbles", "bubbles, soft, nice.", "Sweet and bubbly", "Very soft", "French I think. Nice.", "Delicious" More>>

Brown Brothers Prosecco $14.25
Covalli Amarone della ValpolicellaNew Product
"Old age faved flavours", "Bitter, tannin,", "Mouthy, ambitious and then empty", "Superb and then settles. Would be great with an rustic Italian stew.", "Nice twist on theme. I can feel a spat bol coming on." More>>

Covalli Amarone della Valpolicella $57.72
David Hook Pinot GrigioNew Product
"Very unusual", "Sour notes with light acidity", "Tart", "Lime and lemons. Would be great with fish.", "A bit green. Can’t identify grape. Don’t love." More>>

David Hook Pinot Grigio $15.60
Margan Timbervines Tempranillo Graciano ShirazNew Product
"Smooth rich red", "Vanilla, berries, purple edge,", "Light", "Super rich and big berries. An Italian variety I reckon.", "Tasty. Grape unknown.", "Choc berries" More>>

Margan Timbervines Tempranillo Graciano Shiraz $33.00
Soumah Yarra Valley Pinot GrigioNew Product
"I know what it is nice", "Acidic base", "Interesting, a little floral", "Great with blue cheese", "Very pleasant. Pinot gris maybe?" More>>

Soumah Yarra Valley Pinot Grigio $23.90
Three Ponds Holman Nero D’AvolaNew Product
"Not as rich as the other", "Old and deep.", "Nice", "Probably too sweet for me.", "Good nose. Kind of light but big." More>>

Three Ponds Holman Nero D’Avola $37.10
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