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April 2015

Brokenwood Friends Selection Shiraz
"Have no idea - very subtle" "OK" "Very nice - slightly sweet" "Nice drinking" "A bit bitter, but not bad" More>>

Brokenwood Friends Selection Shiraz $28.00
Leasingham Classic Clare
"GMO. LMFO. Great" "A minogue of poofs" "Much better than the other reds" "Berry - best wine of the night" More>>

Leasingham Classic Clare $60.00
Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon
"Young Wood" (Sally?) "Mother's milk Charddy" (NOT) "An old chardonnay" NOT More>>

Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon $15.00
Penfolds Grange Hermitage
[Sadly the bottle was poorly stored over the years and had lost about 150ml and oxidised] "This is shot, still..." "Very porty" "Amazing - not good drinking but quite interesting" "Smells like teen spirit/vintage port. Muddy waters/colour" "Old, old, old" [Price is indicative as the original b ... More>>

Penfolds Grange Hermitage $700.00
Taylors Riesling
"Bit of citrus but easy drinking" "Strong" "I like this but struggling with the variety" "Crsipness that sparkles - R or S?" More>>

Taylors Riesling $16.00
Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs
"Golden flavour" "So different! great amount of bubbles" "Flavour" "Delicious - sweet, light, bubbles ... what's not to love?" More>>

Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs $19.95
Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir
"Pinot. Smooth and fruity, like me" "Depth and big chunks of love" "So love this one. My kind of red" "Tobacco" "Red" More>>

Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir $32.00
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