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Clare Wine Co Watervale Riesling
"Struggling to match the wasabi on the jalapeño bread. But most would.", "Not my favourite a bit green", "Nice first taste. Hits with a punch. Let’s you know it’s there.", "Exceptional As per MB, oysters please", "Super limey", "Dry crisp bring on summer", "Liking it better than the previous one" More>>

Clare Wine Co Watervale Riesling $24.50
Eden Road P3 Noir Meunière Gris
"Good big Aussie rose with fantastic drinking from the jump. Drink this till my sides are red like the plucky mountain pony.", "A lovely soft but deep in flavour", "Sensational. Unusual burnt flavours.", "Get a bottle ASAP", "Interesting - a slight bitterness", "Beautiful very easy to drink", "Great ... More>>

Eden Road P3 Noir Meunière Gris $32.00
Elephant Hill Merlot Malbec
"This is the dogs bollocks. GSM ish", "Deep and smooth to the end", "To be taken with chocolate.", "Ordering up some now", "Falls away a bit", "Excellent to finish. Yummy", "Ooh la la this is classy shit" More>>

Elephant Hill Merlot Malbec $34.50
First Creek Botanica Pinot Noir
"Goddam lovely pinot.", "Hangs on in tanan way", "Grenach llllllll", "Sticky on the tongue ~ predictable", "Light colour and a little sweet.", "Light Pinot noir", "Good starter on the reds…but I’m drunk now and having trouble uven seeing the keys I’m meant to type on this too fycken fancy casual win ... More>>

First Creek Botanica Pinot Noir $37.00
Fresco Frizzanti
"A very convivial bubbly of the times.", "A great starter and not so goof after a few", "Refreshing, a little sweet at the end", "Fruit tingle bliss- would love to conceive of a good food pairing", "Beautiful. Sweet but limey. ", "A little sweet. And what Megan said.", "Frizzy froo froo, but pleasan ... More>>

Fresco Frizzanti $15.00
Gaba do Xil Mencia
"Not too fussed about this. Slightly odd.", "Has a lingering tasre", "Tobacco/", "Fruity dry a reasonable vino", "Leather spiced away.", "Nice", "Very smooth and easy as well as simple and smooth but nice ¿" More>>

Gaba do Xil Mencia $36.00
La Boscana
"Interesting blend from our man sommelier. Go son.", "Unusual but nice", "Light flavour, pleasant to drink. Unusual taste. Worth a try.", "Lovely", "Not my cup of tea.", "Very nice", "Great smooth white" More>>

La Boscana $14.00
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