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Sonia and Adrian

Jun 2011

Burgans Albarino
"Dry, crisp and a lovely light white" "Goes down like loose undies" "Flat without complexities" "I like it - is it a chardy?" More>>

Burgans Albarino $16.14
Gosset Excellence Brut Champagne
"Apricot" "Lovely light, crisp, fresh" "Tangy" "Beautiful, quite smooth and almost buttery but with bubbles" "Ah C'est bon" More>>

Gosset Excellence Brut Champagne $65.00
Grosset Polish Hill Riesling
"Fruity, crisp, fresh" "It has legs with fruit" "Kero / chalk" "Think syrup, peachy" "Euro Reio" "OK for a riesling" More>>

Grosset Polish Hill Riesling $38.00
Pazo Senorans Albarino
"Very sweet - so not Aussie" "Still a bit light but a lot better than the last one" "A bit basic" "Euro white - like it, don't love it" More>>

Pazo Senorans Albarino $34.99
Peterson's Armidale Pinot Noir
"Tangy red - but what is it" "Uro I think, not sure" "Very nice - reddy" "A classic of the variety - delicate but dedicated" "Part-like" "Nice fairly smooth" More>>

Peterson's Armidale Pinot Noir $26.00
Riesling 'Hugel'
"tastes awfully like a domestic chardy" "Riesling, gone bad" "Bright sparkling apricot juice" "smelt wood - bad chardie" "I like it" "OK" More>>

Riesling 'Hugel' $35.10
Willamette Valley Argyle Pinot Noir
"Noice" "Beautiful" "The pick of the bunch" "Lost it" "Average Pinot" More>>

Willamette Valley Argyle Pinot Noir $45.00
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