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Michael and Lee-Anne 2022 - The Strange and Unusual

Cassegrain Fromenteau Reserve ChardonnayNew Product
"Not my style of this type of wine", "One of my favourite flavours", "Bitter verging on sour", "Semillon me thinks.", "Maybe blend from europe" More>>

Cassegrain Fromenteau Reserve Chardonnay $60.00
Cassegrain Reserve FalerneNew Product
"Nice", "Getting bolder", "Bitter/bland", "Nice on the nose. Variety???", "Maybe Shiraz but a bit mineral in taste" More>>

Cassegrain Reserve Falerne $55.00
Tbilvino Alazani Valley Red Medium SweetNew Product
"Not bad", "The brother of the previous wine", "Easy drinking. Chalky", "¿¿ wrong. Can’t identify.", "Nice sweet Pinot Noir ?", "Sweet" More>>

Tbilvino Alazani Valley Red Medium Sweet $20.00
Tbilvino TbilisiNew Product
"Sherry like", "Unusual cannot pick the wine not bad", "Light flavoured. Woody", "Bitter initially. Not sure of variety.", "Very different not sure but not chardy", "¿¿¿¿¿" More>>

Tbilvino Tbilisi $17.00
Usher Tinkler Death by SemillonNew Product
"Very bad aroma, taste got a bit better after a while", "The most different wine ever the smell is on the nose", "Dull bitter. Unique smell.", "Love the taste. Not the smell.", "Sorry not for me" More>>

Usher Tinkler Death by Semillon $30.00
Usher Tinkler EnneagramNew Product
"A bit to sweet", "Very nice clean and fresh", "Fresh with raspberry flavours", "A quite red rosè", "Enjoyable summer drink maybe rose with a hint of floral", "Nice fresh and rosey ¿" More>>

Usher Tinkler Enneagram $30.00
Usher Tinkler La Volpe ProseccoNew Product
"Light fruity and bubbly", "Overseas", "Sweet and sour", "Tough to Where from as has small bubbles but not exactly the taste of toast.", "Lots of bubbles, French ?", "Very unusual", "Delicious" More>>

Usher Tinkler La Volpe Prosecco $38.00
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