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Pete and Sean's Pierre's Spectacular
Petersons Sparkling Cuvee Methode Champenoise
"Buttery and lots of bubbles" "Fresh and a it fruity" "Nice and Fresh" "Brutty" "Straight up and down. Good drinker" "Good first drink" More>>

Petersons Sparkling Cuvee Methode Champenoise $26.00
Pierre's Wines Sparkling Rose (926)
"The rose with semillon" "Nice and pink" "Bitter sweet" "Blushing" "Ready-to-drink. Not intricate but simple and nice" "Very nice" More>>

Pierre's Wines Sparkling Rose (926) $40.00
Pierre's Wines Sparkling Semillon
"Smooth, less bubbles. Nice" "Viscous, flavoursome" "Musty on the tip of the tongue" "Light bubbles and citrus finish" More>>

Pierre's Wines Sparkling Semillon $40.00
Pierre's Wines Sparkling Shiraz (927)
"My fav - but was it the (accompanying) chocolate" "Great - its taste isn't overly strong" "Great red balloons" "Good, but not great" More>>

Pierre's Wines Sparkling Shiraz (927) $40.00
Pierre's Wines ZD Sparkling
"Burnt honey - a bit stranger this time" "Very bright and lovely" "Very nice" "Apricot tastes - great trad fizz" More>>

Pierre's Wines ZD Sparkling $40.00
Whispers Sparkling White
"Very fresh and likely but a bit too sweet after taste" "Nice and fruity - great as an aperitif" "Lolly water" More>>

Whispers Sparkling White $5.00
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