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June 2015

Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz
"Very drinkable" "very berry, mulberry." "Deep red sparkling" "Fizzy reddy" "Its been a long time since our last sparkling red" "That is a good wine for me. Any day" More>>

Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz $16.00
Crowded Hour Shiraz
"Don't know" "Best red of the night" "Great wine" "Has attention" More>>

Crowded Hour Shiraz $7.50
Head Red Shiraz
"Very nice" "Berries. Very nice" "Berry, berry nice" "great depth, murky delight" More>>

Head Red Shiraz $19.99
Hentley Farm 'The Marl' Shiraz
"Rough, dusty" "Nice for its age" "Roughy" "Dry as a nun's nasty" More>>

Hentley Farm 'The Marl' Shiraz $20.90
Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Yarra Valley
"Bitter, strong smell" "Very refreshing Charddy" "Cést Magnifique" "Tangy and tasty" "Big chardonnay" More>>

Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Yarra Valley $39.99
Macon-Chaintré Dominique Cornin
"Not much flavour :-( " "Light and creamy" "Not a lot of depth" "Bit watery" "Sort of sweet, but not" "Slight lime, not bad" More>>

Macon-Chaintré Dominique Cornin $29.99
Milton Vineyards Clos de Ste Anne Les Arbres Viognier
"Honey and toast" "Honey, honey, how you thrill me" "Interesting mouth feel. Nectarine-ey. I like" "Lovely flavours - good in front of a fire" More>>

Milton Vineyards Clos de Ste Anne Les Arbres Viognier $74.00
Mionetto Prosecco
"Sweet and not so bubby" "Tasty smooth" "Quite sweet, but OK to drink" "Easy drinking" "tasty starter" "Very smooth" "Very different, bordering unusual" More>>

Mionetto Prosecco $21.99
Yalumba Voignior
"Has a turning flavour" "Getting better and buttery" "Gone" "Crap" "Not sure what they were trying to achieve" "Odd taste, strong perfume. Bitter. Ick!" More>>

Yalumba Voignior $10.45
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