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"Battle of the Vines"

March 2019

1. Daosa Blanc de blanc
"Light", "Beautiful bouquet. Well better than my armpits!", "Loved it", "Great strong sparkling", "Punchy and acidic slightly", "Raisin on the nose", "Big malo and then a bit watery", "The most french", "Not my taste", "Sweeter and nicer than b" More>>

1. Daosa Blanc de blanc $42.50
10. Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon
"Much smoother", "Haven’t thought much about this one, but it’ll do .", "Older I think less berry flavour", "A little acidic. Club wine", "Agree with peppery, enjoyable, would purchase 2 bottles", "Gorgeous fat pepper. I like.", "So equally good.but the extra 1:2 point is the quintessential part. ", ... More>>

10. Xanadu Exmoor Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00
2. Tyrrell’s HV Chardonnay Pinot Noir
"First taste quite firm but second taste a bit lighter.", "It’ll get ya where ya wanna go if ya don’t hafda share it!", "Nice", "lighter than previous & not as strong ", "Pleasant drinking ", "Drinkable and Light", "Lovely soft finish. Lighter oak", "Less French to me. ", "More for me", "Ok a bit w ... More>>

2. Tyrrell’s HV Chardonnay Pinot Noir $28.80
3. Voyager Estate Chardonnay
"What Michael said. A big fat woody hunter Chardonnay.", "This is great chardy. Bring it on.", "A little industrial but still nice", "Gorgeous chardy", "Traditional chardy", "Lime and a mystery undertone", "Big fat classic Chardonnay. Probably Hunter", "Great Aussie example", "Growing on me", "Nice ... More>>

3. Voyager Estate Chardonnay $38.25
4. Tapanappa Tiers 1.5M
"Wow woody woody woody", "Leave me off this one.", "It’s a very steel vat flavour", "Bit yuckyish", "Unusual flavour, though interesting", "Funky , b.o on the nose", "Very strange. Bitterness and not right.", "Unusual & I liked it.", "Not me", "Different . Unusual", "Yuk" More>>

4. Tapanappa Tiers 1.5M $42.50
5. Just Red Merlot
"A bit tart", "Cheeky little number. Good value", "Very smooth I like", "Lovely smooth merlot", "Smith drinking", "Nice", "Nice gentle quaffer", "Hard to pick varietal", "Turning?", "A bit dry", "Nice berries Shiraz ?." More>>

5. Just Red Merlot $12.75
6. Watershed Shades Merlot
"Smooth a little acidic", "That’s better. More complex, good with food. Where’s my lasagne.", "Another nice wine", "Not quiet as nice as other", "Chalky dry red", "Lovely and I’m not a fan of this variety", "Extra rich flavour with great berries.", "V nice", "Dry", "Smooth", "Ok a bit boring" More>>

6. Watershed Shades Merlot $17.00
7. Ocean Eight Pinot Noir
"Great with schezuan a bit too spicy for a Pinot", "Liked it", "Punchier than a.", "Not a fan", "Slightly sweet Pinot", "Def the other. I’m not a big fan of Southern Hemisphere pinots.", "Medicinal", "Preferred B but it was close", "Cloudy looking but a nice drop ¿" More>>

7. Ocean Eight Pinot Noir $46.75
8. Picardy Pinot Noir
"Much smoother than the other one", "Nice", "Smother than b", "Lovely", "A little more complicated", "More depth to my palate", "Not a fan", "The winner", "A bit like cough medicine" More>>

8. Picardy Pinot Noir $33.90
9. Blue Pyrenees Shiraz
"Not my best", "Not quite up to scratch sorry, for my favourite Shiraz variety.", "Lots of berries", "Typical flavour ok drinking", "Lovely, rich but not decadent- would buy a bottle or three", "Berry good.", "Shiraz but not quintessential to me. Nice wine tho. I’m getting berry notes. ", "Good", "N ... More>>

9. Blue Pyrenees Shiraz $18.70
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