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March 2015

Ceravolo Sangiovese Rosé
"Malbec Rosé?" "Grenache Rosé?" "Nice and dry" "Smoother than the previous" More>>

Ceravolo Sangiovese Rosé $18.00
Jansz Brut Rose
"Nice light, pale, pink, orange colour. Not much aroma. Pleasant taste" "Crisp. Strawberry flavours" "Sweet, yeasty - a strong, nice tart" "Blush Beauty" More>>

Jansz Brut Rose $24.99
Long Rail Gully Rosé
"has a fuel taste" "Strong and bitey" "Rosé with more flavour, not too bad" "Bit fuller than the previous two" More>>

Long Rail Gully Rosé $18.00
Nocton Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé
"Crisp, dry, elegant" "High alcohol rosé" "Strong - but gets better" "So so" More>>

Nocton Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé $18.00
Rosa de Solana
"Nice aroma, bold punch flavour" "That's pretty big for a rosé" "Very roséy" "Tokyo Rose" "Tokyo Kid" More>>

Rosa de Solana $25.00
Stone Bridge Rosé
"Sickly, syrupy colour" "A little sweet" "Not bad" "A hint of strawberry" "Grenache has panaché!" More>>

Stone Bridge Rosé $22.00
Tomich Vineyards Up, Up and Away
"Interesting" "Another pink something" "Bright and cheery" "Very drinkable" "Aromatic rose" "Lovely jubly" More>>

Tomich Vineyards Up, Up and Away $18.00
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