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Chalmers Nero D’Avola
"Tannins", "Pales against the Grenache. A mere featherweight .", "Nice", "Acidly taste and aftertaste", "A fruity red", "Wonderful and deep currents. Yum.", "Cheap wine?!", "Nice red", "Nice ¿" More>>

Chalmers Nero D’Avola $27.95
Coriole Piquepoul
"Nice, long after taste", "Generous and delicious!", "Love this wine", "Very subtle", "Very soft drinking:", "Lovely ¿", "Quiet lime. Very nice.", "Awesome oysters AND wine", "Dry and fresh" More>>

Coriole Piquepoul $28.00
Stephano Lubiano Chardonnay
"It tastes like something", "I think it’s a chardy for the tenth time", "Very drinkable", "Has character with a nice flavour", "A little bitter", "Lemony. Ok. But kind of odd.", "Does not compare to the 1St one", "A bit like a semillon" More>>

Stephano Lubiano Chardonnay $60.00
Teusner G Grenache
"Chocolatey", "Delicious", "Excellent", "Sweet drinkable", "A complexion of flavours. Georgous after flavour!", "Perfect", "Outstanding. Light in colour but tastes massive.", "Sophistocated", "Very smooth", "Lovely drinking. Fantastic", "Chocolatey ¿¿" More>>

Teusner G Grenache $29.95
Tyrrell’s Old Hut Hunter Valley
"Big bold red ¿", "Very dry but nice", "Petroleum trend on flavour. With right food, it will work well", "Dry red, merlot?", "Nice and peppery" More>>

Tyrrell’s Old Hut Hunter Valley $45.95
Zontes Footstep Violet Beauregard Malbec
"Cherries?", "Great nose, but,,,,,less on the palate,", "Sweet delight", "Soft red", "Light red with after tannin burn.", "A great stand alone red", "Smell is outstanding 10/10. It fades a little on the taste.", "As good as the 1St white", "Grenache", "Delicious ¿" More>>

Zontes Footstep Violet Beauregard Malbec $24.95
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