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Adrian and Sonia's Christmas Spectacular

Chateau Sauvageonne Volcanic Rose

"It's strong" "Alcoholic" "Harsh finish - not so fruity" "Not the best - a bit dry" "Not real good" "The spirit of Christmas - it a bottle" "Got a kick"


Chateau Sauvageonne Volcanic Rose $30.90
Louis Perdrier Brut Excellence

"Easy to drink - just a few bubbles" "Musky" "It's on the fresh site - but nice" "Peachy" "Seven bucks, tops"


Louis Perdrier Brut Excellence $15.00
McWilliam's 842 Tumbarumba Chardonnay

"Crisp Chardonnay" "Jumper" "Sweety for the variety" "Buttered toast - Chardy" "Bold, soft yet powerful flavours" "Home at last" "Nice, crisp, oaky"


McWilliam's 842 Tumbarumba Chardonnay $64.60
Moutard Pére et Fils Rosé Champagne

"Audited and OK" "A slight touch of pink" 'Marshmellow - tastes good" "Beautiful berry taste" "Smooth nice bubbles - easy to drink"


Moutard Pére et Fils Rosé Champagne $38.96
Seppeltsfield DP57 Grand Tokay

"Musk flavour" "Sweet and syrupy" "A perfect finish to a Christmas TCOP" "Lovely with the maltesers" "Tokay" "Perfect with de-coconutted rum balls"


Seppeltsfield DP57 Grand Tokay $29.99
St Hallet Barossa Old Block Shiraz

"A bit of age - nice, smooth" "Locked in a winery - smell it all" "Bit too dry" "Nice to end on" "very smooth" "Good gear" "Nice and Berryish"


St Hallet Barossa Old Block Shiraz $80.90
Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz

"Love a sparkly red" "Excellent!" "Awesome - pink bubbles" "A strong bubbly red" "A beaut wine"


Teusner MC Sparkling Shiraz $21.50
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