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November 2018

Chateau Pâto Shiraz
"Fruity tannins bold wine ¿", "Quintessential Hunter Shiraz in one of the great years. Say no more", "A shuttle Shiraz love ¿ it", "Fantastic sensational is the other word", "Wow", "Yum, more like a Grenache.", "My favourite red of the night.", "Ripper", "Awesome", "Very nice" More>>

Chateau Pâto Shiraz $38.00
Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique
"Sweet", "Licorice and a glass", "Unusual red", "What can I say Pete absolutely fantastic", "Very strong", "Chalky and unusual", "Bold and beautiful", "Slight sweetness towards the end of the palate", "Big bold beautiful", "Can’t guess the variety", "Shiraz" More>>

Cooks Lot Iconique Barrique $41.95
Hawkesbury Estate Akitu A2
"Very pleasant Pinot", "Great drinking. far!", "A great one usually a bit and miss for quality", "Amazing flavours¿", "Sweetish", "Absolutely lovely", "Bold for a lighter style red", "Nice and slight bitter, alcoholic finish.", "Pinot ! .?.NZ", "Very nice pinot", "Delicious Pinot ¿" More>>

Hawkesbury Estate Akitu A2 $59.95
Marchand & Burch Cremant de Bourgogne
"Pleasant bubbles with some depth", "Very pleasant, easy to drink. No bells and whistles though.", "Has the bubbles that delight", "¿ nice fruity flavours", "Bruty", "Fresh", "Sweet bubbles", "Tastes familiar. A classic.", "Citrus I think", "Nice bubbles", "Nice and crisp , fruity and bubbly ¿" More>>

Marchand & Burch Cremant de Bourgogne $34.95
Moss Wood Amy’s
"Fruity", "Richman luscious best one so far for me .", "Not bad", "Beautiful wine and 8 out of 10 should be more of that Pete", "Totally covering the tongue", "Taste nice, but looses its complexity fast.", "Hearty", "Wonderful big powerful red", "Growing on me", "Very nice smooth to drink", "Nice li ... More>>

Moss Wood Amy’s $38.95
Paringa Estate ‘Estate Pinot Gris’
"Another pleasant wine", "This is very nice. I’d happily drink this any day.", "Excellent loved it", "Loved it to, good price", "Very fresh", "Flavoursome, with character", "A really lovely creamy white", "Dry and tasty", "An easy drinking white", "Great summer wine", "Great goes really well with ch ... More>>

Paringa Estate ‘Estate Pinot Gris’ $28.95
Printhie MCC Chardonnay
"Very industrial", "So different to the last wine. Little bit thin?", "So Chardy", "Chardy, nice and crisp flavours", "Unsure", "A beautiful wine with a Industrial after finish", "A hint of pineapple. Very pleasant", "Tastes murky and musty", "Dry white maybe, not me", "Easy to drink", "Chardy ?" More>>

Printhie MCC Chardonnay $29.95
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