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Rolene and John
All Saints Estate Chardonnay
"A bit of body and more going on" "A little petroleum" "Nice tropical fruit note. Peaches for me" More>>

All Saints Estate Chardonnay $22.00
All Saints Estate Pinot Grigio
"Very crisp, goes well with the prawn sliders" "Freshish" "Nice and Limey" "Tangy light and tasty" More>>

All Saints Estate Pinot Grigio $22.00
All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz
"Like the direction these reds are taking us" "Bit rough" "Wine, red" "Has some depth" More>>

All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz $50.00
All Saints Marsanne
"Too much wood for me" "Great structure and wood" "A bit of age, very nice" "Nice, tastes a bit like a charddy" More>>

All Saints Marsanne $30.00
All Saints Pierre
"Bold" "Berries, dances with you" "Peppery and dry - nice and berry finish" "Nice and peppery" More>>

All Saints Pierre $30.00
All Saints Rutherglen Tokay
"Full on butterscotch" "Liquid pudding" "Gorgeous" "Gorgeous - and the wine is too. Also great with ice cream" More>>

All Saints Rutherglen Tokay $19.99
All Saints Sangiovese Cabernet
"Very soft" "Tobacco!" "Berry, licorice, smooth" "Lovely, rich and light" "Great wine. Give me some vino!" "Very earthy" More>>

All Saints Sangiovese Cabernet $22.00
Ciao Bella Prosecco
"Fine small bubbles, not sure if I'm fussed" "Light in taste" "great" "Tight bubbles" "Really good" More>>

Ciao Bella Prosecco $23.99
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