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2021 Rolene and John.

Arras Brut EliteNew Product
"Pleasant bubbly", "Nice", "What a starter to meeting in person!", "Acidic, though nice and fresh", "Light and a little citrus", "Limey. Small smooth bubbles", "Nice. Reckon it’s French.", "Excited the taste buds… I mustn’t have Covid!" More>>

Arras Brut Elite $47.50
Deep Woods Hillside ChardonnayNew Product
"Woody chardy", "Another crisp but more astringent great wine.", "Best chardy for a long time", "Chardy", "Bitter sweet", "Gorgeous", "Lovely classic Chardonnay", "Young. A bit of sweetness. Chardy but not very woody.", "Chardy for sure" More>>

Deep Woods Hillside Chardonnay $23.95
Heritage Estate Club Red Shiraz MuscatNew Product
"Very odd. Sweet but sour", "Great…….tokay…..okay!", "A port type wine", "Very sweet", "Porty, sweet, dates!", "Interesting sweetness", "Semi sweet, Cherry and sultanas.", "Late harvest? Light. Can’t pick it.", "Muscat" More>>

Heritage Estate Club Red Shiraz Muscat $19.00
Little Yering Pinot NoirNew Product
"Smooth", "Smooth Pinot", "It’s very clear with a smooth flavour", "Nice & soft", "Mono flavour, lacks caracter", "Light and a little French in flavour", "A pinot of some type. A bit light for me.", "Light. Thinking Pinot. Victorian.", "Great red to start" More>>

Little Yering Pinot Noir $19.95
Majella Coonawarra Cabernet SauvignonNew Product

"Nice", "Rich and luscious.", "Nice", "Chocolate has enhanced the flavour!", "Awesome red", "Deep red and smooth red. Obvs Canberra. Gorgeous.", "Divine. Nothing like a big bold red.", "Bold"


Majella Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon $29.00
Scarborough SemillonNew Product
"A bit tart after taste", "Tropical fruits , young, fresh, but great.", "Sav Blanc", "Noice", "Bitter initial palate, needs food", "Smooth", "A bit light and watery for me.", "Tricky. Young. A bit grassy. Semillon?", "Sav Blanc when I don’t know what it is" More>>

Scarborough Semillon $19.95
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