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FSW8B Botrytis Viognoir
"Sweetie, sweetie" "Smell the botrytis" "Very sweet, a little cloying" "lovely and sweet" More>>

FSW8B Botrytis Viognoir $24.68
Grosset Chardonnay
"Buttery chardonnay" "Slightly sour after taste" "Big malolactic smash" More>>

Grosset Chardonnay $50.35
LaZona Arneis
"Very light and tasty" "Nice - slightly grassy" "Very fresh - great for this steamy weather" More>>

LaZona Arneis $15.15
Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir
"Mmmmm smooth" "Is this a 'Fickle Mistress?'" "Couldn't drink a bottle though" More>>

Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir $54.15
Pooles Rock Semillon
"Dunno what this is - white blend?" "A mystery wine" "Unsure, nice tasting" More>>

Pooles Rock Semillon $35.15
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