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Sheila - Around the World in One Night

Aresti Reserva Carmenere
"Good", "Great nose. My learned friend suggests South Africa?", "I think it’s a shrimp nice", "Red syrup", "Brilliant! Subtle smell, soft flavours,", "Light and overborn by the Zinfandel", "Coffee nose? Nice drop.", "Nice and smooth", "Ok" More>>

Aresti Reserva Carmenere $25.00
Bollinger Special Cuvée
"V. Nice in these unprecedented times.", "Very creamy yum", "Not many bubbles but not bad", "Best wine ever at a wine tasting this year", "Fresh and pleasant to drink", "Nice limey bubbles.", "French I think? Nice", "Light on bubbles. Great summer champers", "Crisp fresh and very nice ¿" More>>

Bollinger Special Cuvée $80.00
Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc
"Crisp and tart", "Unprecedented nose. Perhaps Sav Blanc?", "Not my cup of tea", "Sweet, very fruity nice", "Passion fruit x 2", "Huge frontal smell. Followed by distinctive taste leading to a great wine.", "Very Lucious with super passion fruit smell", "Agree re passion fruit. Sav Blanc?", "Very fr ... More>>

Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc $29.00
Paco & Lola Albariño
"Fresh. Semillon.?", "Unusual I cannot pick the variety", "Nice after taste, very drinkable", "Not Bollinger Not passion fruit", "Softer unique flavour. Nice.", "Nice crispy very well made . Barely oaked but that’s a good thing.", "Hmmm. Euro. Not really my thing. Has a “high alcohol” taste.", "Nice ... More>>

Paco & Lola Albariño $35.00
Temata Awatea Cabernets/Merlot
"Astringent", "Good gear.", "This one might be a shirz", "Smooth", "Acidic. Not aromatic as such.", "A little pale and needs bodies", "Earthy. Robust. Euro.", "Nice wine to finish", "¿" More>>

Temata Awatea Cabernets/Merlot $38.00
Wente Zinfandel
"Nice aroma, smooth lingering taste", "Very berry.", "Has a mature taste", "Strong berry flavours not bad", "Red berry tasty", "Soft red with light flavours", "Wonderful smoky and barrel aged taste.", "Yep like it. Overseas. I was thinking cab sav or Zinfandel.", "A chemical after taste ?", "Very mu ... More>>

Wente Zinfandel $22.00
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