Throsby Creek Fondue


throsby creek fondue

Never know what to do with all those leftover bits of cheese from the cheese platter?

Too good to throw away, but not ok to serve to your next guests - here's what to do:


Throw all the cheeses, any kind, into a double boiler.
You'll probably have a cup of champagne or white wine left too - Add that to the cheese.
One cups enough, unless there is lots of cheese.

Heat/Melt the cheese over medium heat until its all melted & mixed up with the wine.
Now use about tablespoon of white wings gravy flour to thicken.
Keep stirring while adding the flour - you can use a whisk.
You can adjust thickness, but it should be neither too thick or too runny.
You can add pepper in to taste and a pinch of nutmeg.

Now pour this into a fondue dish with heat under it, but it's ok in just a bowl.
Serve with melba toast or bread.


It's a quick easy cheese fondue & everyone loves it!