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Wines from July 2013 to June 2014


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Kalleske Clarry's GSM (9.3)
"Deep berry, magnificent aroma. Tastes like a winery" "Smooth, easy, very easy drinking" "Luscious start to the serious stuff" "Fantastic. Very smooth" More>>

Kalleske Clarry's GSM $19.00
Mitolo G.A.M. Shiraz (9.2)
"Wonderful big berries" "Bellissimo - or Am I Pissed?" "This is the wine of the night" "Berries and very smooth" "I love it" "Beautiful bright and tasty" More>>

Mitolo G.A.M. Shiraz $59.00
Travertine Wines "The Capital" Chambourcin (8.9)
"Excellent gear" "Voluminous, lovely red" "Excellent / fruity" "Unusual , lovely" More>>

Travertine Wines "The Capital" Chambourcin $30.00
Reschke Bos Cabernet Sauvignon (8.9)
"Smooth, berry, smokey" "Big berries" "Quite technical" "Lots of fruit" More>>

Reschke Bos Cabernet Sauvignon $37.00
Some Young Punks "Passion has Red Lips" Cab Shiraz (8.8)
"Good" "Love it" "Ideal for me" "Nice and red" "Nice, although a little bland" "Red and ..." More>>

Some Young Punks "Passion has Red Lips" Cab Shiraz $20.89
Some Young Punks "Lust Collides" Mataro (8.8)
"Very nice - with red meat" "Heaps of body - nice" "Smooth velvety berry - tempranillo?" "Big Ruby taste" "Meaty/solid" "Nice. Changing taste over time" More>>

Some Young Punks "Lust Collides" Mataro $30.39
Wild River Sparking Brut (8.6)
"Light and lime bubbles" "Delish" "Nice and fruity" "Splendid start" More>>

Wild River Sparking Brut $12.61
Pérez Crux Cabernet Sauvignon (8.6)
"Well rounded, fruit driven" "Generous red" "Coffee, tobacco, nice" "Toast, chocolate flavs, not bad" "Beautiful and full bodied" More>>

Pérez Crux Cabernet Sauvignon $27.95
Chalkers Crossing Chardonnay (8.5)
"My type of white" "Chardy? Slightly woody" "Love it, very tasty" "Too much bitter wood for me" "Very young wine, nice" More>>

Chalkers Crossing Chardonnay $27.00
Cattier Premier Cru Champagne (8.5)
"Bubbles dance on the palette" "Gorgeous, soft bubbly" "Fruity and dusty" "Nice" "Lovely" More>>

Cattier Premier Cru Champagne $33.00
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