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Lavender Ridge Semillon (9.2)
"Smooth, slightly oaky" "Punchy. Flavour and smells great" "Lucious" "Well rounded, good fruit" More>>

Lavender Ridge Semillon $4.20
All Saints Rutherglen Tokay (9.2)
"Full on butterscotch" "Liquid pudding" "Gorgeous" "Gorgeous - and the wine is too. Also great with ice cream" More>>

All Saints Rutherglen Tokay $19.99
Moorooduc Estate Shiraz (9.2)
"Double points" "A sweet smooth shiraz" "Tina Arena is crap" "Powerful. Let's you know it's here" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Shiraz $35.00
Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs (9)
"Golden flavour" "So different! great amount of bubbles" "Flavour" "Delicious - sweet, light, bubbles ... what's not to love?" More>>

Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs $19.95
Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz (8.9)
"Very drinkable" "very berry, mulberry." "Deep red sparkling" "Fizzy reddy" "Its been a long time since our last sparkling red" "That is a good wine for me. Any day" More>>

Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz $16.00
McLeish Estate Semillon (8.9)
"Lovely and golden" "Mellow yellow" "Beautiful and very drinkable" "Smooth, full of flavour. Thumbs Up!" (tasted side-by-side with the McLeish 2012 Semillon) More>>

McLeish Estate Semillon $25.00
Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir (8.9)
"Clear to dark, nice" "Tastes a little Victorian" "Perfect" "Soft fountain flows of grapes" "Smooth velvety pinot" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir $35.00
Moorooduc Estate Chardonnay (8.7)
"Cracka. Love it" "Gorgeous!!!!" "Very smooth - not hard" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Chardonnay $35.00
Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir (8.7)
"Burning" "Refreshing for a red. Lovely" "A nice pinot" "Nicest Pinot I've every had" "Nice and light. Easy drinking" More>>

Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir $47.90
Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir (8.6)
"Pinot. Smooth and fruity, like me" "Depth and big chunks of love" "So love this one. My kind of red" "Tobacco" "Red" More>>

Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir $32.00
All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz (8.6)
"Like the direction these reds are taking us" "Bit rough" "Wine, red" "Has some depth" More>>

All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz $50.00
Hewitson "The Mad Hatter" Shiraz (8.6)
"Wonderful depth" "Great stuff" "Nice Texture" "My favourite" "Strongish" "Well rounded bold red" More>>

Hewitson "The Mad Hatter" Shiraz $55.00
All Saints Sangiovese Cabernet (8.5)
"Very soft" "Tobacco!" "Berry, licorice, smooth" "Lovely, rich and light" "Great wine. Give me some vino!" "Very earthy" More>>

All Saints Sangiovese Cabernet $22.00
All Saints Pierre (8.5)
"Bold" "Berries, dances with you" "Peppery and dry - nice and berry finish" "Nice and peppery" More>>

All Saints Pierre $30.00
Moorooduc Estate Pinot Gris (8.5)
"Now that's smooth. Excellent" "Young but nice" "Quite smooth" "A little dry" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Pinot Gris $32.00
Yarrabank Cuvee (8.5)
"Like this better than the Italian job" "Magical sparkles. Great" "Very crisp, very nice" "Lovely and brutty" More>>

Yarrabank Cuvee $38.00
Clean Skin Tasters Choice Shiraz (8.4)
"Sweet for a red" "Luscious" "Intense but bitter on back palate" "Not bad" "A 'read-a-good-book' red, no food needed" More>>

Clean Skin Tasters Choice Shiraz $9.00
Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon (8.4)
"Young Wood" (Sally?) "Mother's milk Charddy" (NOT) "An old chardonnay" NOT More>>

Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon $15.00
Jansz Brut Rose (8.4)
"Nice light, pale, pink, orange colour. Not much aroma. Pleasant taste" "Crisp. Strawberry flavours" "Sweet, yeasty - a strong, nice tart" "Blush Beauty" More>>

Jansz Brut Rose $24.99
Crowded Hour Shiraz (8.3)
"Don't know" "Best red of the night" "Great wine" "Has attention" More>>

Crowded Hour Shiraz $7.50
Head Red Shiraz (8.3)
"Very nice" "Berries. Very nice" "Berry, berry nice" "great depth, murky delight" More>>

Head Red Shiraz $19.99
Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Yarra Valley (8.3)
"Bitter, strong smell" "Very refreshing Charddy" "Cést Magnifique" "Tangy and tasty" "Big chardonnay" More>>

Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Yarra Valley $39.99
LaZona Arneis (8.2)
"Very light and tasty" "Nice - slightly grassy" "Very fresh - great for this steamy weather" More>>

LaZona Arneis $15.15
Taylors Riesling (8.2)
"Bit of citrus but easy drinking" "Strong" "I like this but struggling with the variety" "Crsipness that sparkles - R or S?" More>>

Taylors Riesling $16.00
All Saints Estate Chardonnay (8.2)
"A bit of body and more going on" "A little petroleum" "Nice tropical fruit note. Peaches for me" More>>

All Saints Estate Chardonnay $22.00
Leasingham Classic Clare (8.2)
"GMO. LMFO. Great" "A minogue of poofs" "Much better than the other reds" "Berry - best wine of the night" More>>

Leasingham Classic Clare $60.00
Eileen Hardy Pinot Noir (8.2)
"Great depth and control. Light pepper" "Lots of legs and heavy looking" "Colourful arom - is alive in flavour" "Nice and strong" "Expensive one" More>>

Eileen Hardy Pinot Noir $72.00
Tomich Vineyards Up, Up and Away (8.1)
"Interesting" "Another pink something" "Bright and cheery" "Very drinkable" "Aromatic rose" "Lovely jubly" More>>

Tomich Vineyards Up, Up and Away $18.00
Burnbrae Voignier (8.1)
"Sweetish" "This is good. Lucsious agree with, oaky chardonnay (Ed: NOT)" "Very unusual, easy to drink" "Excellent drop" "Bit green and vinegary" More>>

Burnbrae Voignier $20.00
Ernest Schuetz Estate Wines Chambourcin (8.1)
"Strong, strong, strong" "Lots of alcohol in this one. Bold" "Not sure of variety. Not bad" "Heavy red" "Rich, fruity" More>>

Ernest Schuetz Estate Wines Chambourcin $20.00
Mionetto Prosecco (8.1)
"Sweet and not so bubby" "Tasty smooth" "Quite sweet, but OK to drink" "Easy drinking" "tasty starter" "Very smooth" "Very different, bordering unusual" More>>

Mionetto Prosecco $21.99
Stone Bridge Rosé (8.1)
"Sickly, syrupy colour" "A little sweet" "Not bad" "A hint of strawberry" "Grenache has panaché!" More>>

Stone Bridge Rosé $22.00
Rosa de Solana (8.1)
"Nice aroma, bold punch flavour" "That's pretty big for a rosé" "Very roséy" "Tokyo Rose" "Tokyo Kid" More>>

Rosa de Solana $25.00
Pooles Rock Semillon (8.1)
"Dunno what this is - white blend?" "A mystery wine" "Unsure, nice tasting" More>>

Pooles Rock Semillon $35.15
All Saints Estate Pinot Grigio (8)
"Very crisp, goes well with the prawn sliders" "Freshish" "Nice and Limey" "Tangy light and tasty" More>>

All Saints Estate Pinot Grigio $22.00
Ernest Schuetz Estate Wines Family Reserve Chardonnay (8)
"Subtle and pleasant" "Light, not exciting. Is it chardonnay?" "Very drinkable" "A real 'Chris' drink - chardonnay?" More>>

Ernest Schuetz Estate Wines Family Reserve Chardonnay $26.00
All Saints Marsanne (8)
"Too much wood for me" "Great structure and wood" "A bit of age, very nice" "Nice, tastes a bit like a charddy" More>>

All Saints Marsanne $30.00
Montenisa Franciacorta Brut (8)
"Sophisticated" "A bit 'cowy'" "What more on a moonlit night could I ask for?" More>>

Montenisa Franciacorta Brut $45.00
Ceravolo Sangiovese Rosé (7.9)
"Malbec Rosé?" "Grenache Rosé?" "Nice and dry" "Smoother than the previous" More>>

Ceravolo Sangiovese Rosé $18.00
McLeish Estate Semillon (7.9)
"Aged, understated, elegance. Audrey Hepburn" "Some age, bit tart" "Passionfruit tones" "Bit watery" More>>

McLeish Estate Semillon $38.00
Grosset Chardonnay (7.9)
"Buttery chardonnay" "Slightly sour after taste" "Big malolactic smash" More>>

Grosset Chardonnay $50.35
Nocton Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé (7.8)
"Crisp, dry, elegant" "High alcohol rosé" "Strong - but gets better" "So so" More>>

Nocton Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé $18.00
Ciao Bella Prosecco (7.8)
"Fine small bubbles, not sure if I'm fussed" "Light in taste" "great" "Tight bubbles" "Really good" More>>

Ciao Bella Prosecco $23.99
Brokenwood Friends Selection Shiraz (7.8)
"Have no idea - very subtle" "OK" "Very nice - slightly sweet" "Nice drinking" "A bit bitter, but not bad" More>>

Brokenwood Friends Selection Shiraz $28.00
Yarraburn Vintage Sparkling (7.8)
"Brutty and Creamy and Yummy" "Yum, not too sweet" "Very sour" "Slightly bubbly" "Slightly flat" "Not for me" More>>

Yarraburn Vintage Sparkling $30.00
Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir (7.8)
"Mmmmm smooth" "Is this a 'Fickle Mistress?'" "Couldn't drink a bottle though" More>>

Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir $54.15
Milton Vineyards Clos de Ste Anne Les Arbres Viognier (7.8)
"Honey and toast" "Honey, honey, how you thrill me" "Interesting mouth feel. Nectarine-ey. I like" "Lovely flavours - good in front of a fire" More>>

Milton Vineyards Clos de Ste Anne Les Arbres Viognier $74.00
Hentley Farm 'The Marl' Shiraz (7.6)
"Rough, dusty" "Nice for its age" "Roughy" "Dry as a nun's nasty" More>>

Hentley Farm 'The Marl' Shiraz $20.90
Pierre Naigeon Pinot Noir (7.5)
"Not much tannin, good think" "OK, very light" "Nothing special" "Insipid" "Sweetish" "A bit tart" "Smooth, lovely red" More>>

Pierre Naigeon Pinot Noir $10.00
FSW8B Botrytis Viognoir (7.5)
"Sweetie, sweetie" "Smell the botrytis" "Very sweet, a little cloying" "lovely and sweet" More>>

FSW8B Botrytis Viognoir $24.68
Long Rail Gully Rosé (7.4)
"has a fuel taste" "Strong and bitey" "Rosé with more flavour, not too bad" "Bit fuller than the previous two" More>>

Long Rail Gully Rosé $18.00
McLeish Estate Semillon (7.3)
"Grassy" "Grassy and green" "Young. Good cellaring potential" "Too bitter" "Sour" "Bit green, acidic. Not my bag" More>>

McLeish Estate Semillon $25.00
Macon-Chaintré Dominique Cornin (7.3)
"Not much flavour :-( " "Light and creamy" "Not a lot of depth" "Bit watery" "Sort of sweet, but not" "Slight lime, not bad" More>>

Macon-Chaintré Dominique Cornin $29.99
Emperors Prize Chardonnay (7)
"OK, not brilliant - a bit smelly" "Clear - little flavour" "Flowery" "Yuckey" "Smelly, not nice" More>>

Emperors Prize Chardonnay $16.00
Oakridge 864 Chardonnay (6.7)
"Very oily" "Clear has a distinct smell" "Middle of the road" "Bad smell. Not sure if its the glass though" "Smelly but nice" "Opening up" More>>

Oakridge 864 Chardonnay $65.00
Yalumba Voignior (5.9)
"Has a turning flavour" "Getting better and buttery" "Gone" "Crap" "Not sure what they were trying to achieve" "Odd taste, strong perfume. Bitter. Ick!" More>>

Yalumba Voignior $10.45
Penfolds Grange Hermitage (3.9)
[Sadly the bottle was poorly stored over the years and had lost about 150ml and oxidised] "This is shot, still..." "Very porty" "Amazing - not good drinking but quite interesting" "Smells like teen spirit/vintage port. Muddy waters/colour" "Old, old, old" [Price is indicative as the original b ... More>>

Penfolds Grange Hermitage $700.00
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