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Annies Lane Coppertrail Shiraz (8.6)
"great nose, great berry flavour" "Oi Oi Oi - red for the hoi polloie" "Flavoursome boofy" "Aroma - magnificent" "Blackberry with legs" "Chewy chutney flavours" More>>

Annies Lane Coppertrail Shiraz $49.99
Yallock Stephanie's Dream Chardonnay (8.5)
"A Spirity essence. Neutral and Flavour - Nice" "More body than the last one" (Cape Crest) "Very smooooooth" "Slightly zesty" More>>

Yallock Stephanie's Dream Chardonnay $39.95
Chateau Moncontour (8.3)
"As good as it gets for me" "Pleasant and explosive" "Nice euro - small bubbles" "Rich character - mouldy leather" "Gorgeous tiny bubbles" More>>

Chateau Moncontour $19.99
Cassegrain Biodynamic Chambourcin (8.3)
"Brownish, earthy shady aroma" "Strange and hot wine" "mushroomy nose" "great taste, slightly bitter" More>>

Cassegrain Biodynamic Chambourcin $22.25
Garden Gully Sparkling Shiraz (8.3)
"Rooley noice" "This I like - lots of Berry" "Drink anytime" Peppery aniseed" More>>

Garden Gully Sparkling Shiraz $32.95
Westend 3 Bridges Durif (8.2)
"Lovely minty taste, lots of legs" "Delish, old, bold, gold" "Very blackberry, loved it" More>>

Westend 3 Bridges Durif $25.00
Longhop Boomerang Shiraz (8.0)
"Rich, deep red with blackberry" "Another good one guys, nice flavour" "Quite bold. Good middle class red wine" More>>

Longhop Boomerang Shiraz $18.00
Beelgara Estate Promenade Chambourcin (8.0)
"A bit thin on the back palate - nice brick red colour" "Lovely flavour - good after taste" "Nice, precious" "Boofy red, socko" "Yes!!" More>>

Beelgara Estate Promenade Chambourcin $19.00
Cape Crest Te Mata Sauvignon Blanc (8.0)
"Full of flavour and viscious" "Not much of a nose" "Grassy nose, drisp, clean" "Great finish" "Well balanced" More>>

Cape Crest Te Mata Sauvignon Blanc $32.95
"R" de Ruinart Champagne (8.0)
"Strangish flavour and smallish bubbles" "Really well-balanced - helical bubbles" "Soft on the taste and the after-tang - almost creamy" "I am still nervous about having spent so much on this. I liked it - maybe not worth quite this much" More>>

"R" de Ruinart Champagne $119.85
Seppelt Shiraz Tinta Molle (7.9)
"Choco-happy - a fortified that is not over sweet" ""great!" "A port that doesn't taste like a port." More>>

Seppelt Shiraz Tinta Molle $9.20
Stella Bella Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (7.9)
"Herbaceous, tropical, floral, delicious" "Very light with a lot of body" Fabbo - limes and mustard" More>>

Stella Bella Semillon Sauvignon Blanc $17.99
Cumulus Wines Climbing Pinot Gris (7.9)
"Dark gold colour, buttery taste" "Fair cop, guv. Lime delights" "great taste, love it" "Nice light and crisp" More>>

Cumulus Wines Climbing Pinot Gris $18.99
Pepper Tree Latino Vino (7.9)
"Back to basics, good standard red" "The longer it lastes, the better it gets" "Interesting" "a bit tart" More>>

Pepper Tree Latino Vino $20.00
Dal Zotto Arneis (7.9)
"Crisp, Lime and Edible" "Bright crisp aroma" "Fruity with a weird after taste" "What he said" More>>

Dal Zotto Arneis $23.95
Cape Mentelle Zinfandel (7.9)
"Beautiful berry nose, great taste" "Nice and plummy" More>>

Cape Mentelle Zinfandel $42.75
Pommery Champagne - Springtime (7.9)
"Nice pink blush colour - crisp, clean" "Pink - a little bitter" "Peachy - gets the taste buds reacting" "Pretty in Pink" "Nice and Comfortable" More>>

Pommery Champagne - Springtime $74.99
Maglieri Shiraz (7.8)
"Deep red, leather and mint on the nose" "Delicate, hammered by the Annies Lane" (tasted after the Annies Lane Coppertrail Shiraz) "OK" "Smooth as well" "A lovely wine" More>>

Maglieri Shiraz $20.99
Zilzie Viognier (7.7)
"Gorgeous" "Floral nose, colourless, complex gear" "Smoky leathery aroma" "Lychee flavour" "Bargain" "Well balanced and a happy one" More>>

Zilzie Viognier $12.95
Cumulus Wines Climbing Merlot (7.7)
"Cherry and light" "Soft but full" "Lovely smooth wine" "Beautiful chocolate nose, yummy" More>>

Cumulus Wines Climbing Merlot $18.99
Seresin Sauvignon Blanc (7.7)
"Citrous flavours" "Good gear" "I liked it even though its quite young" "fresh and crisp" "Sweet and un-bridled - like a good horse" More>>

Seresin Sauvignon Blanc $21.25
Brut Farnito Carpineto (7.7)
"Bizarro - but yummy" "Easy to drink" "Beautiful bubbles" "Na, I don't do comments" More>>

Brut Farnito Carpineto $21.99
Silverwood Pinot Noir (7.7)
"A little acidy but good" ""A bit lacking in body" "Cherry, berry flavours" "It reminds me of our trip" "Beautiful mouth feel" More>>

Silverwood Pinot Noir $31.20
Chandon Blanc de Blancs (7.7)
"Tasty, well controlled and good" "Effortless elegance" ""Great way to come back to wine club" On the dry side - nice" "Yeasty beady aroma, clear colour" More>>

Chandon Blanc de Blancs $31.95
Taylors St Andrews Merlot (7.7)
"Strong aftertaste" "The full flavour of a big red" "Bitter" "Cigar box complexity, smooth" "Great mate - better than bonox" More>>

Taylors St Andrews Merlot $61.00
Balnaves 'The Tally' (7.7)
"Reasonable balanced - great nose" "Burning sensation. Having difficulty in deciding if I like it" "Red on the edge" "Very good but I think it needs time" More>>

Balnaves 'The Tally' $80.00
Pizzini Arneis (7.6)
"Yellow / green - a bit sharp" "Smooth, like it a lot" "Can't vote" More>>

Pizzini Arneis $20.90
Setanta Cuchulain Shiraz (7.6)
"A bit weak / watery, bitter" "So much cherry" "Smooth easy drinking - great" "Ok, a bit scummy" "Almost good enough for me to start drinkg reds again" More>>

Setanta Cuchulain Shiraz $24.50
Browns of Padthaway Edward Malbec (7.6)
"Almost black, jammy, chutney flavours" "V. Nice" "Good gear" "Some sweetness in the taste" More>>

Browns of Padthaway Edward Malbec $25.00
Coriole Sangiovese (7.5)
"Cracker" "V. Nice - ozzie" "RFed brick colour, mintiness, slightly musty nose" Very dry finish" Big Sangiovese" More>>

Coriole Sangiovese $17.00
Jacobs Creek Steingarten (7.5)
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" "Luscious" "Crispy and Tangy" "Has something that makes it green" "Kerosene nose, fine rich flavours" More>>

Jacobs Creek Steingarten $24.99
Yalumba Virgilius Voignier (7.5)
"Sensational aroma - yellow / green yumness" "Great interesting wines" "Very nice and unusual" "Rich and subtle, burnt aroma" More>>

Yalumba Virgilius Voignier $35.15
Hochkirch Shiraz (7.5)
"A complete wine - not bold" "Fizz, mold - different" "Nice and dusty" "Musty, dirty,yuk" "Pucker Power" "Saddle sore" More>>

Hochkirch Shiraz $35.95
Primo Estate Shiraz Sangiovese (7.4)
"Crimson - cool gear" "Lovely" "Smooth with legs , a great drop" "Sweet and comfortable" More>>

Primo Estate Shiraz Sangiovese $16.65
Craneford De La Rouge (7.4)
"Muscat / cognac flavour" "Very refreshing and light" "Sweet cherry and very unusual" "Maxican, here we come" More>>

Craneford De La Rouge $25.00
McWilliams Mount Pleasant Lovedale Semillon (7.4)
"This is NICE" "Not complex, but soft to drink" "Slightly past it" More>>

McWilliams Mount Pleasant Lovedale Semillon $36.90
Tulloch Shiraz (7.4)
"This will do me" "A bold wine for a shiraz" "Strong and Cherished" More>>

Tulloch Shiraz $38.85
Margan Botrytis Semillon (7.3)
"Bloody sweet - lollies" "A nice semillon" "Very sweet" "not bad but didn't tickle me" More>>

Margan Botrytis Semillon $25.00
Wayne Thomas Petit Verdot (7.3)
"Pinky red, nice aroma of cherries and other stuff. Easy drinking red" "Plummy nose, chutney flavours" "Soft, very drinkable" "Yum bum, a litter filler, a little verdough" "Good gear" More>>

Wayne Thomas Petit Verdot $26.00
Nivole Michele Chiarlo (7.3)
"Floral nose, slightly frizzant, orange flavour" "Yummy, didn't make my teeth scream" "Ligt for a stickey" "Impressively light" More>>

Nivole Michele Chiarlo $28.00
Cullen Mangan (7.3)
"A real nossie job" "Big powerful nose, cherries and cedar" "Earthyt sulphur nose"Jammy" More>>

Cullen Mangan $50.00
Meursalt Clos du Chateau (7.3)
"Nice nose - tasty" "OK, now we're talking" "Lovely strong chardy" "Well composed, light peach and oak" More>>

Meursalt Clos du Chateau $90.00
Elliot Rocke Estate Ice Wine (7.2)
"Goes well with the great chockies" "Sweet" "Noice, bootiful" "Sweet but watery" "Bloody great its made of ice" More>>

Elliot Rocke Estate Ice Wine $20.00
Pizzini Sangiovese (7.1)
"Deep colour, but light on taste" "Sweetish, reddish" "Well balanced" "The Italian stood on the burning deck ...." More>>

Pizzini Sangiovese $22.95
Pirramimma Petit Verdot (7.1)
"Smooth, light, medium bodied" "Soo McLaren Vale - a little green perhaps" "Smooth and different" More>>

Pirramimma Petit Verdot $25.00
Katnook Estate Merlot (7.1)
"Big, tannic, lots of potential" "Top" "Beaut" "Gorgeous and smooth" "Sensational" More>>

Katnook Estate Merlot $40.00
Carpineto Chianti Classico Reserva (7.0)
"Light on, but with a bit of a tang" "Cherry fruits" "Tight" "Well balanced" "Very reddish" More>>

Carpineto Chianti Classico Reserva $34.95
Seppelts St Peter Shiraz (7.0)
"Not a big impression" "Okay, but not really exciting" "Actually like it" "Easy to drink, not complex" "Seems a bit thinner than I remember" More>>

Seppelts St Peter Shiraz $54.99
Pennys Hill Malpas Road Merlot (6.8)
"earthy, musty" "Bright, earthy, pleasant" "A bit spicey" "Easy to drink" More>>

Pennys Hill Malpas Road Merlot $24.95
Don Nicola Masseria Old Vines Zinfandel (6.7)
"Not sure but not the greatest" "OK" "So, so" More>>

Don Nicola Masseria Old Vines Zinfandel $22.95
Eugene Klipfel Tokay Pinot Gris (6.7)
"Quite spirity" "Unusual, grew on me" "Super toasty, tangy" "Spirit + H2) - not what I'm used to" "No after taste - mouthful of nothing" "A bit green , but rather nice" More>>

Eugene Klipfel Tokay Pinot Gris $31.99
Negro Perdaudin Roero Arneis (6.7)
"Sweet and Fruity" "Green after taste" "Astringent - metho like" More>>

Negro Perdaudin Roero Arneis $35.95
Domaine De La Rouletiere Vouvray (6.6)
"Slight muddy taste" ""Hmmm, there are no words" "Sweet and weird, gets better with air" More>>

Domaine De La Rouletiere Vouvray $19.00
Montrose Sangiovese (6.5)
"Slightly peppery" "Torture" "Flat / Stong slightly bitter" More>>

Montrose Sangiovese $19.99
Smith and Cooper Wrattonbully Merlot (6.5)
"Lots of soft fruit, but not much else" "Interesting nose, fruity" "Fabbo" "Rubbish" More>>

Smith and Cooper Wrattonbully Merlot $29.00
Cleanskin Semillon (6.4)
"Drinkable but not memorable" "Crisp but not complex" "Bit thin" "insipid, lifeless" "Bitter sweet" More>>

Cleanskin Semillon $13.00
Pizzini Arneis (6.4)
"Heaps of fruit flavour" "Slight oiliness on palete" "Sweet - where's the chocolate" (or should that be "wears the chocolate" ) More>>

Pizzini Arneis $21.40
Brown Brothers Zibibbo (6.3)
"Fruity, very sweet" "Easy, soft, nice" "Too sweet for the school tuckshop" "Sweet as wiz fiz - orange iceblock" More>>

Brown Brothers Zibibbo $17.00
Evans and Tate Classic Dry White (5.8)
"Strongish" "Complex aroma - watery and non-impact taste" "Has flavour - not sure it's good though" "a flower taste without bode" More>>

Evans and Tate Classic Dry White $18.50
Cleanskin (5.0)
"Bitey and yucky" "Goes down like a cement balloon" "Metho at first, then became a little clouded" "Very off chemical nose, no colour, very lolly sweet" More>>

Cleanskin $8.75
Saddlers Creek Classic Hunter Semillon (4.9)
"Not my cup of tea" "Insipid" "Flat without any finish" "Strongy yukky taste" "Gone" More>>

Saddlers Creek Classic Hunter Semillon $22.00
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