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Marsh Estate Merlot (9.8)
plummy, jammy, smooth - very drinkable, wonderful, fruity spicy number, rich, fantastic, good gutsy wine More>>

Marsh Estate Merlot $40.00
McGuigans Personal Reserve Chardonnay (9.4)
"Gorgeous" Absolutely gorgeous" "Very nice, I want more" "Tremendous - go you good thing" More>>

McGuigans Personal Reserve Chardonnay $15.00
Wyndham Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (9.2)
beaut colour, damn yummy - strong boots, very tasty - smooth & smokey, great quality wine More>>

Wyndham Estate Cabernet Sauvignon $9.90
Seven Hill Jesuit Wines Merlot (9.1)
pepper - smooth & young, sensational smooth drinker, fabbert, very smooth & gorgeous More>>

Seven Hill Jesuit Wines Merlot $24.95
Dolium Malbec (9.1)
"The trunks of a small exotic shrule" "complex fruit and licorice" "Very Aussie" "Great body and well rounded" More>>

Dolium Malbec $25.95
Taylors St Andrews Riesling (9.1)
lemon butter with toast, honey overtones, risp & refreshing, cut lawn & limes More>>

Taylors St Andrews Riesling $33.95
Montes Sauvignon Blanc (9)
pineapple, fruity really nice & drinkable bring it on.... More>>

Montes Sauvignon Blanc $7.90
Cloudy Bay Pelorus (9)
beautious wonder of toasted butter, golden colour golden flavour excellent More>>

Cloudy Bay Pelorus $34.00
Penfolds Bin 407 (9)
fruity smooth - very easy drinking, ok - bit peppery, this was an easy red to drink - excellent More>>

Penfolds Bin 407 $40.00
Peter Lehman Mentor (9)
"Strong and has a body" "Well rounded - full of flavour" "Very well balanced - like a high Johnny Peard bomb" "Get some more of this stuff" More>>

Peter Lehman Mentor $59.95
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