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John Duval Affinis Shiraz (8.6)
"Getting some blackcurrent" "Another great red" "Luscious - rich crimson" "Smooth and fruity" "Very good. Very smooth" More>>

John Duval Affinis Shiraz $26.99
Rockford Rod & Spur (8.5)
"Nice and smooth" "Splendido" "Bloody terrific - tobacco and pepper spice" "Good legs. Very nice" "Smooth, very berry. Best of the night" "Fantastic" More>>

Rockford Rod & Spur $38.00
Mockingbird Hill Reserve (8.4)
"Wow - velvet on the tongue" "The best of the night" "Rich, full, lovely" "Smooth and fruit-driven" "Bit spesh" "Very smooth. Loved it!" More>>

Mockingbird Hill Reserve $18.99
Rockbare Shiraz (8.3)
"very berry, velvety smooth" "Soft, easy drinking entry with a nice after taste" "Pretty great" "Very soft" More>>

Rockbare Shiraz $17.00
Langmeil Orphan Bank Shiraz (8.2)
"An Aussie Red" "A bit chocolatey" "Pretty great - Easter time!" "Great gear" More>>

Langmeil Orphan Bank Shiraz $42.00
Oakridge The Parish (of Gruyere) Shiraz (8.1)
"Amazing raspberry taste. Great" "Very fruity" "Love it!" "Ab fab - great flavour" "Excellent blackberry" More>>

Oakridge The Parish (of Gruyere) Shiraz $33.00
Cape Campbell Pinot Noir (7.9)
"Very nice" "Quite nice. Berry flavour" "Top Gear. Slips easily in the tank" "Yummy. Easy to enjoy" "Good stuff" "Light and lovely" More>>

Cape Campbell Pinot Noir $17.95
Bimbadgen Hunter Valley Shiraz (7.9)
"Deep old leather" "A little porty, a fair bit of age" "Bigger than Ben Hur - Go Charleton" "A beauty. Smoooooth shiraz" "Big Red" More>>

Bimbadgen Hunter Valley Shiraz $25.00
Galli Sunbury Shiraz (7.8)
"The middle age red" "Lots of sediment, but not bad" "Big and Dirty" "Snazzy" "One of the best tonight. Well done. " V.Good.Too" (A MB Grays Auction Special) More>>

Galli Sunbury Shiraz $2.67
Redemption Orange Merlot (7.8)
"A little rough" "Lovely, thanks." "Spiffy" "Beautiful, great drinking" "Very good, good flavour" More>>

Redemption Orange Merlot $18.95
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