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Moorooduc Estate Shiraz (8.6)
"Double points" "A sweet smooth shiraz" "Tina Arena is crap" "Powerful. Let's you know it's here" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Shiraz $35.00
Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir (8.3)
"Clear to dark, nice" "Tastes a little Victorian" "Perfect" "Soft fountain flows of grapes" "Smooth velvety pinot" More>>

Moorooduc Estate Pinot Noir $35.00
Hewitson "The Mad Hatter" Shiraz (8.2)
"Wonderful depth" "Great stuff" "Nice Texture" "My favourite" "Strongish" "Well rounded bold red" More>>

Hewitson "The Mad Hatter" Shiraz $55.00
Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz (8.1)
"Very drinkable" "very berry, mulberry." "Deep red sparkling" "Fizzy reddy" "Its been a long time since our last sparkling red" "That is a good wine for me. Any day" More>>

Bleasdale Sparkling Shiraz $16.00
Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir (8.1)
"Burning" "Refreshing for a red. Lovely" "A nice pinot" "Nicest Pinot I've every had" "Nice and light. Easy drinking" More>>

Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir $47.90
Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir (8.0)
"Pinot. Smooth and fruity, like me" "Depth and big chunks of love" "So love this one. My kind of red" "Tobacco" "Red" More>>

Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir $32.00
All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz (8)
"Like the direction these reds are taking us" "Bit rough" "Wine, red" "Has some depth" More>>

All Saints Family Cellar Shiraz $50.00
All Saints Pierre (7.9)
"Bold" "Berries, dances with you" "Peppery and dry - nice and berry finish" "Nice and peppery" More>>

All Saints Pierre $30.00
Leasingham Classic Clare (7.8)
"GMO. LMFO. Great" "A minogue of poofs" "Much better than the other reds" "Berry - best wine of the night" More>>

Leasingham Classic Clare $60.00
Eileen Hardy Pinot Noir (7.8)
"Great depth and control. Light pepper" "Lots of legs and heavy looking" "Colourful arom - is alive in flavour" "Nice and strong" "Expensive one" More>>

Eileen Hardy Pinot Noir $72.00
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