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Wallington Cabernets (8.8)
"Excellent Fav!!!" "Spectacular" "Berrylicious. Very tasty." "Deep flavours with some chalk" More>>

Wallington Cabernets $30.00
Vasse Felix Heytesbury (8.7)
"Musky. big, smooth, curious" "So different their anything we have had in a long" "The age is fantastic" More>>

Vasse Felix Heytesbury $60.00
Teusher Joshua GSM (8.3)
"Very fruity, easy to drink" "Full bodied, rich berry" "Rich, a bit too much tannin" More>>

Teusher Joshua GSM $24.90
"Fruity velvet. Cab Sav?" "Big Aussie red. Fantastic" "Very fruity and rich flavours" More>>

Mollydooker Estate Blue Eyed Boy (8.3)
"Exceptional" "Fantastic" "Velvety smooth. Best of the night" More>>

Mollydooker Estate Blue Eyed Boy $43.40
Orlando Lawsons Padthaway Shiraz (8.2)
"Vanilla, honey, red & fantastic" "Still dark but a light taste" "Not a lot of late palate. Vanilla x 3" More>>

Orlando Lawsons Padthaway Shiraz $55.00
Pepper Tree Shiraz Wrattenbully (8.1)
"Cracker. Berry rich & peppery" "Wow! Big & bold" "Could drink it all night" More>>

Pepper Tree Shiraz Wrattenbully $19.99
La Boheme Act Four Syrah Gamay (8)
"Smooth, full bodied red" "Liquorice & smoky" "Good tannin - good drinking" More>>

La Boheme Act Four Syrah Gamay $15.90
Zuccardi Q Malbec (8)
"Sensational nose. The Hayne Plane is flying" "Big legs, bold but still smooth enough" "Earthy, Rusky red" More>>

Zuccardi Q Malbec $23.80
Douglas Vale Heritage Red (7.9)
"Smoky, horse poo aroma, taste better then smells" "Beautiful. Cedar smells not hard." "Berryish" More>>

Douglas Vale Heritage Red $20.00
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