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Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne (8.4)
"Yummy and balanced lime and goodness" "Bit spesh" "On your marks, get set, go" "Very smooth, but not too much flavour" More>>

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne $60.00
Pierre's Wines Sparkling Rose (926) (8.1)
"The rose with semillon" "Nice and pink" "Bitter sweet" "Blushing" "Ready-to-drink. Not intricate but simple and nice" "Very nice" More>>

Pierre's Wines Sparkling Rose (926) $40.00
Commandeur Prestige Brut (8.0)
"Great taste and plenty of bubbles" "Smooth" "Honey, butter, very nice" "Very smooth and sweet. Lovely." "Liquid gold or do I just NEED a drink?" More>>

Commandeur Prestige Brut $8.00
Yarra Burn (8.0)
"A great Sally flavour" "Brutty and Yummy" "Beautiful, just like Sally" "Sweet level is perfect" "Yummy, delicious, fabulous - just like Campbell" More>>

Yarra Burn $28.95
Pierre's Wines Sparkling Shiraz (927) (7.8)
"My fav - but was it the (accompanying) chocolate" "Great - its taste isn't overly strong" "Great red balloons" "Good, but not great" More>>

Pierre's Wines Sparkling Shiraz (927) $40.00
Pierre's Wines ZD Sparkling (7.8)
"Burnt honey - a bit stranger this time" "Very bright and lovely" "Very nice" "Apricot tastes - great trad fizz" More>>

Pierre's Wines ZD Sparkling $40.00
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin (7.8)
"Could drink all day - like lemonade" "Yummy, refreshing" "Younger with style" "Fruity, yum, curls your toes" More>>

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin $80.00
Petersons Sparkling Cuvee Methode Champenoise (7.7)
"Buttery and lots of bubbles" "Fresh and a it fruity" "Nice and Fresh" "Brutty" "Straight up and down. Good drinker" "Good first drink" More>>

Petersons Sparkling Cuvee Methode Champenoise $26.00
Celebration Sparkling (7.6)
"Old, V. nice - Euro?" "Aged, burnt butter with bubbles" "very yeasty and great aroma" "raisin and bubble, sweet" "Old, a bit past its prime" "on the edge - heaps of flavour though" (bought as a Grays special) More>>

Celebration Sparkling $11.00
Yalumba D Black Sparkling (7.4)
"Interesting and complex" "Spirity, strong" "Deep liquor taste in the bubbles" "Full bodied sparkling" More>>

Yalumba D Black Sparkling $22.00
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