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Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs (8.2)
"Golden flavour" "So different! great amount of bubbles" "Flavour" "Delicious - sweet, light, bubbles ... what's not to love?" More>>

Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs $19.95
Yarrabank Cuvee (7.9)
"Like this better than the Italian job" "Magical sparkles. Great" "Very crisp, very nice" "Lovely and brutty" More>>

Yarrabank Cuvee $38.00
Jansz Brut Rose (7.6)
"Nice light, pale, pink, orange colour. Not much aroma. Pleasant taste" "Crisp. Strawberry flavours" "Sweet, yeasty - a strong, nice tart" "Blush Beauty" More>>

Jansz Brut Rose $24.99
Montenisa Franciacorta Brut (7.4)
"Sophisticated" "A bit 'cowy'" "What more on a moonlit night could I ask for?" More>>

Montenisa Franciacorta Brut $45.00
Mionetto Prosecco (7.3)
"Sweet and not so bubby" "Tasty smooth" "Quite sweet, but OK to drink" "Easy drinking" "tasty starter" "Very smooth" "Very different, bordering unusual" More>>

Mionetto Prosecco $21.99
Yarraburn Vintage Sparkling (7.2)
"Brutty and Creamy and Yummy" "Yum, not too sweet" "Very sour" "Slightly bubbly" "Slightly flat" "Not for me" More>>

Yarraburn Vintage Sparkling $30.00
Ciao Bella Prosecco (7)
"Fine small bubbles, not sure if I'm fussed" "Light in taste" "great" "Tight bubbles" "Really good" More>>

Ciao Bella Prosecco $23.99
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